1. Joseph L. says

    I always thought she was more like the monster from the Jeepers Creepers movie, with those big freakin jowls.

  2. christopher says

    Brewer should just step down and spare everyone the spectacle of having her wrinkly old ass handed to her in an election. What an embarrassment she must be to the people of Arizona.

  3. Thomasina says

    @Christopher: Since Brewer is polling over ten points ahead of her Democratic opponent despite her clear and stunning incompetence, unfortunately I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only thing her ass will be handed to is the governor’s chair.

  4. Tom in Long Beach says

    Seems like she is suffering from early alzheimer’s. She should at least keep her key points in front of her on a note pad. Perhaps she needs to practice in front of the bathroom mirror before her next appearance. Looks to me like she cannot admit she made stuff up. Otherwise she could quote at least one example of a headless body. Why do conservatives feel like it is O.K. to lie and sensationalize to make their viewpoints sound valid ?

  5. john says

    It’s pretty clear that the retired republican senior citizens that do all the voting in Arizona will just give her a pass and reelect her again. They don’t care what she says, retiree’s are scared to death of the world, anyone not white and just want to play golf and sue eachother for petty crap. Arizona will reelect her. count on it.

  6. Frank S says

    Thomasina: Rasmussen is a right-wing owned company. Their questions are skewed to the right, so trusting an “impartial” poll from them is whack.

  7. Visitor says

    Understanding America. I sometimes watch Rachel and realize she is preaching to the choir. We get her, we love her, and we agree with her. Which is why when you take moment to take in the “other side” it is nothing less than astonishing. On Breibarts blog the same incident is raisied about the Arizona governor and the response is more like:
    Well I guess we need to ditch her too.. after Arizona is completely taken over by the illegals ..somewhere along the highway
    we will see a billboard of Jan Brewer that says “Miss me Yet”.

    This just makes me like her even more..because she’s real not fake and doesn’t need a teleprompter for every speech.”
    I don’t know if this is a news item (her reaction to being asked about “headless bodies” being found was news) or just an embarassment. I only that both sides of country are extremely zealous in their thinking they are right. And the future feels bleak.

  8. FreddyMertz says

    I couldn’t take Rachel’s advice….it was brutal…strange guess I am human after all. lol

  9. Michael says

    Ok so she forgot her key points so??? haven;t you ever frozen from time to time before an interview or presentation, what a useless “gotcha” moment………..

  10. says

    “Ok so she forgot her key points so??? haven;t you ever frozen from time to time before an interview or presentation, what a useless “gotcha” moment………..”

    Um, but I/we aren’t governor of a state or running to be governor of a state. Being able to speak semi-coherently in public is like part of the job. Anyone this obviously incompetent for the task should NOT be in public office. It’s so obvious, it seems silly even to point it out. Yet the stupidity of many voters cannot be underestimated.

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  12. Jeff Kurtti says

    Jan Brewer has no problem lying, but when confronted with the lie, has a problem simply saying, “I was misinformed about that fact and i regret having said it.” It is a moral inverse.

    The problem is just like the Palin problem: No matter how many times these people prove themselves to be inept liars and frauds with a self-serving agenda, there are people who feel that calling out these faults are “picking on them.”

    The angry, frightened, and uniformed see these people as their surrogates, and the more these public figures are called out, the stronger the defense of their supporters will be–in spite of the facts.

  13. says

    I love the Rachel Maddow Show, in fact I watch it almost everyday. However last night’s episode was dull, it seemed as though Rachel was bored and literally had nothing better to talk about. Not her best.

  14. EJ says

    Has anyone consider the fact that the Governor truly is the reincarnation of Lotta Lenya without the talent or brains, wait no one asked her to sing as of yet have they?

    They must be a song in her about headless bodies in the desert that could be very Kurt Weill, what a marriage that would be !

  15. mad1026 says

    I’m moving to Arizona next month. Hope I’m able to register to vote in November. This bitch is capital S Scary!