1. Ryan says

    I always say this: I am disgusted. I am glad this hasn’t passed, because I would NEVER want to give my life for a country that doesn’t respect me.

  2. JJ says

    I’m kinda with RYAN. I absolutely believe that DADT is wrong and absolutely applaude Lt. Choi and everyone’s efforts. But if anything this whole thing has showed me that a lot of people don’t respect us, honestly I don’t get it. What the hell is the big deal?

    Although a little selfish I think everyone who is part of the lgbt community and interested in serving our country should just not. It’s apparent they don’t want us, and honestly there’s no point because being in the military with DADT you’re no longer fighting for Freedom and Equality. You’ll be fighting for “everyone else’s” freedom and equality while they deny you of your own.

  3. TonyJazz says

    It is pathetic to see the Log Cabin Republicans award anything to bigots, but they are so desparate to justify their existence…. (and everyone knows GOProud is just a joke and an embarrassment)…

    Isn’t it sad that these people really believe they are being logical? (It shows you how twisted some human minds can become…)

  4. TANK says

    Bottom line: The LCR’s lawsuit against the constitutionality of DADT carried a federal court, and represents the most promising avenue for its repeal. That’s more than these bobbleheads have achieved. Results, children…results… This isn’t about trying, this is about winning.

  5. says

    “can u imagine lcr suing bush (or mccain) over dadt?”

    You don’t have to even imagine it. It really happened. Log Cabin Republicans v. United States was filed in 2004.

  6. Bob R says

    RYAN and JJ: Let me respond to your posts this way. I am an honorably discharged Vietnam veteran. I loved my military service and would not trade that experience for anything. It’s the experience of a lifetime, especially during a time of war or conflict.

    As an honorably discharged veteran, the VA paid for my college degree. When applying for a state or federal government job, you have a hiring advantage. Now that I’m older, and ill and before I was able to qualify for Social Security Disability and Medicare, the VA literally made it possible for me to not become deathly ill and homeless. I was able to qualify for not only VA medical care but a non-service connected VA disability pension which helped me survive until I won my SS disability claim.

    So, selfishly, there are advantages to military service beyond the rewards of having learned a trade or education and visiting many interesting places throughout the world. Granted I had to live a lie and deal with some sexual stress for 4 years of active duty. The 7 years I did as a reservist were very gay and I met my first partner in the USMC reserves! But, I will grant you, the military is not for everyone.

    Life is what you make it. In America the system is gamed to benefit the elite, the heterosexual and the white race. You must learn to game the system to work for you. If you can be celibate or at least very sexually discreet for a few years, there are rewards for your service. Almost everyone I knew and know goes into the military for a reason, usually economic or personal or to get away from home, or jail but contrary to popular belief and propaganda, very low on that list is to “fight for my country and freedom” or for “mom’s apple pie.”

    That, I think is even truer today. When the economy is bad, the military has no problems filling its quotas. When the economy is good and jobs with health care and benefits are available, the military recruiters suffer and have to start paying bonuses to attract people. What does that tell you about patriotism and fighting for freedom?

  7. Bobby says

    Every gay American that is a member of the military should leave the military immediately.

    You should no longer serve a country that isn’t willing to give you full and equal rights.

    The Log Cabin Republicans are the biggest bunch of hypocritical self-loathing assholes to ever exist.

    They should stop calling themselves homosexuals.

  8. von lmo says

    I joined up to take advantage of the excellent benefits that the Dept of VetsAffairs offers. I used them. So what if I was closeted for my hitch. I fucked the US Govt & I have no regrets.

  9. ty says

    @ Von Lmo too bad it has to be phrased that way. @ Bobby- No, stay in, stay closeted for now and GAIN RANK !!

  10. Up Here says

    LGBT Americans lack basic rights and are second class citizens. Your own President doesn’t believe you have the right to legal marriage. I am always surprised there isn’t a movement to emigrate to Canada. Come up, check us out and see what freedom, healthcare and respect is like. Hey–you might like it!

  11. Matthew says

    I’ll play devil’s advocate. Maybe by giving this award to two wildly anti-gay politicians, it simply shines a light on their anti-gay voting record. Or maybe it’s an attempt to get them to consider gay rights a little more closely in the future.

    I know these are pretty weak arguments, but maybe there is more to it than meets the eye.