1. J says

    what’s sad is that there is little to distinguish this parody from the hate being spewed in real life-its just that hateful and that outlandishly unfounded.

  2. kansastock says

    Although I’ve never seen Phred lookin’ pertier, he’s all kinds of pissed off because he missed the hate (publicity) on the quran thing.

  3. bobbyjoe says

    Is this the Terry Jones that likes to dress up like a woman and say outrageously comedic things, or is it the one from Monty Python?

  4. says

    I liked it until the ‘secret love’ part. I’ll never understand the instinct to call our opponents ‘gay’ as an insult. The same thing happened with Jan Moir’s hateful trash in the Daily Mail, where people started calling the Daily Mail a closet case and a fag. These people don’t deserve nice things; let’s not call them gay.

  5. says

    “Don’t talk to me about these weak-ass so-called Americans destroying my freedoms, brother.

    I wore the American uniform and cashed the check America gave me to carry an M16 and defend the freedoms you’re talking about. I went overseas so these idiots can talk tough ’bout burning someone else’s book of fables.

    I like you, Poon. You’re a good dude. But these fools? They really do hate our Constitution. They hate our Bill of Rights. They hate our Statue of Liberty. They hate our Freedom. And if you don’t agree with them on every single point? They will hate you. No one should align with these chumps. They’re foolish cowards who think burning a book from behind their gated HOA is even close to standing up for Freedom in the scary real world.

    No, I say they’re truly dangerous because they’re an anathema to those of us like you and me who hold dear the wise principles our forefathers brought to this land in crafting our great nation. Don’t let these lowest common denominators destroy our ideals.”