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Accused Stonewall Attacker Refuses To Apologize: 'I Don't Know What I Should Be Sorry For'

Amd_benjamin_carver-1 Matthew Francis, one of the men accused of attacking Ben Carver, pictured, at the Stonewall Inn last week, refuses to apologize for his alleged actions, because he has no regrets.

"I'm not going to say sorry, because I don't know what I should be sorry for," said Francis, who also insisted he's not a homophobe. "I don't hate gay people. I don't hate anybody."

According to target Carver, however, Francis and his friend, Christopher Orlando, asked him whether he was gay and then allegedly used that as an excuse to pummel him. And, not surprisingly, Carver's astonished by Francis' latest remark: "I'm very surprised to hear that. [Francis] was the one who was hitting me, and then the other young man was the one who pinned me."

Francis, meanwhile, has decided to use his lesbian sister as part of his defense: "I'm not a thug," he said. "My sister's a full-blown lesbian." Not like those half-blown lesbians...

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  1. why us ut after these attacks the family and friends always say the attackers are not homophobic and wouldn't do such things but they do.like the lawyer for the women at rutgers.she is a nice girl wuth a great future. too bad the young man doesn]t have that chance

    Posted by: walter | Oct 8, 2010 12:00:42 AM

  2. they should have left the stonewall on strechters with broken bones

    Posted by: walter | Oct 8, 2010 12:14:43 AM

  3. He's not sorry and doesn't know why he should be? Textbook definition of a Sociopath. Lock him up.

    Posted by: wirrrn | Oct 8, 2010 4:12:13 AM

  4. I was Christopher Orlando"s high school teacher last year.
    He was always complaining about Gays and anyone who disagreed with him on anything he would call them a "faggot".
    I contacted his mother and she felt that it was not her concern and brushed me off by saying "Well, he is just saying names and he didn"t hit anyone." She reported me to the Principal stating that I was harrassing her by contacting her about her son.

    Posted by: Kyle | Oct 8, 2010 12:40:22 PM

  5. "I'm not racist! Some of my best friends are black!"

    FREAKING HOMOPHOBE! He is going to pay big time, just wait and see. He basically is giving the prosecution enough to have him pay.

    Karma always gets these jerks, trust me you.

    Posted by: FunMe | Oct 9, 2010 1:17:16 AM

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