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AP Warns That Angry Gay Voters Could Spoil Election for Dems


A new AP article notes both the lack of enthusiasm and anger of gay voters as midterm elections approach, and warns that the mood could affect many races.

If Democratic candidates are counting on long-standing support from gay voters to help stave off big losses on Nov. 2, they could be in for a surprise.

Across the country, activists say gay voters are angry — at the lack of progress on issues from eliminating employment discrimination to uncertainty over serving in the military to the economy — and some are choosing to sit out this election or look for other candidates. President Barack Obama's hometown of Chicago, with its large, politically and socially active gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, offers a snapshot of what some are calling the "enthusiasm gap" between voters who came out strong for Obama and other Democrats in 2008 and re-energized Republican base voters, including tea party enthusiasts who say they are primed to storm the polls.

It didn't help that the controversy over the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy for gays erupted less than two weeks before the election, when a judge overturned it, then Obama's justice department decided to fight the judge's decision. On Thursday, the Defense Department declared that "don't ask, don't tell" is official policy but set up a new system that could make it tougher to get thrown out of the military for being openly gay.

"It's all talk and nothing's happening, and I'm just over it," said Coatar, 62, a church business manager who said she's as concerned about health care and homelessness as about gay issues. "I don't know who to vote for and the election is a week away."

However you might feel about what has been accomplished thus far, not to vote would only be more damaging.

Joe Jervis makes another point: "Folks, you must vote. And yes, you should vote Democrat, even as disappointed as you may feel, if for no other reason than this is the year that we vote in the candidates that will control post-census redistricting. Are you so angry about DADT that you'd put the fucking teabaggers in charge of redrawing the boundaries of your district?"

Today, Save Dade, Miami-Dade County's leading organization dedicated to fighting anti-gay discrimination put out a PSA making a few more good points.

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  1. The AP article is a piece of crap and is nothing more than setting up the LGBT Community to be scapegoats if the Dems lose big.

    The gay community has no such voting block power. If we did would we be in the situation we are today? And there are many many other facors to why the Dems might lose other than the LGBT vote.

    ALL LGBT Bloggers like Jervis and McEwan of Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters to name a few need to bo be VERY CAREFUL runnion g with this story because it can validate it.


    Posted by: Jeff | Oct 25, 2010 6:40:56 PM

  2. I find it very unfortunate that poorer black Americans regularly vote against their own best interest in the name of God (drumed up by the Karl Rove's of the world).

    I think it is equally sad the GLTB community does the same thing by voting for Dem over and over again, knowing that we are a pawn. Obama believes that marriage should only be "between a man and a woman"....a position no different than most Republicans. I might as well vote to keep my money rather than let it be taken away in taxes and bailouts to someone other than me!

    Posted by: Trev | Oct 25, 2010 7:08:34 PM

  3. Trev, the Republican positions on all gay issues are significantly different than their Democratic counterparts. Look at the voting records and compare. Compare the Democratic and the Republican platforms. NOT THE SAME. Someone's lying to you, and you're trying to pass the lies on.

    If you're a pawn of the Dem's, then you're pure garbage to the Repub's. And why this continuing myth about taxes and bailouts? The bailouts started under a Repub administration, and no one is even talking about raising taxes on anyone but the super-rich. So, unless you're in the top 2% income-wise, voting Republican only benefits the fat cats who got the bailouts.

    THINK before you regurgitate FOX talking points, and THINK before you vote, people. Voting Republican is in no sane gay person's "best interest."

    Posted by: Ernie | Oct 25, 2010 8:08:12 PM

  4. This sounds so famaliar. When Dan Savage blamed black people for Prop 8.
    I'm disappointed in Obama for not making an executive order and stopping DADT. I honestly think that he wants to make it “his” issue and not something that the courts decided for him. I’m also realistic; With Obama in office worst case scenario is that DADT will be struck in 2 years before Obama leaves office especially if he doesn’t run or doesn’t win reelection. There is not one major Republican who says definitively that they DADT to go away.
    In my heart I truly see a President Palin or Romey in 2012 because we’re pissed at Obama. We’ll win the battle and prove to the people that our vote counts but to what we’ll lose the war. I’m in a red state but I will be damned in I let the Republicans get the joy of me not voting or wasting a vote on a third party.

    Posted by: dpbfeb | Oct 25, 2010 8:37:08 PM

  5. ...The Dems are only paying attention to gays at this moment in time because the upcoming midterms look disastrous for them. They are FORCED by circumstance to fall back on, and once again suck up to, their base support, the usual suspects, like gays. Also, gays, voting as a block, are capable of swaying a few important local and congressional elections. And as always they (like the Republicans and others) are trolling for $.

    ...The Republicans of course really don't give a fuck about gays or gay civil rights issues period.

    ...Ultimately numbers matter, and gays ultimately don't account for much looking at the big picture, but are useful locally and in a pinch as true believers willing to get out and vote on election day when every vote counts.

    Gays are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. This is how I see it. Under such conditions, it's difficult for any self respecting homosexual to get exciting over the any of our viable political choices.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Oct 25, 2010 10:55:48 PM

  6. To paraphrase Wimpy, the Moocher: I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for your support today.

    Posted by: Natira | Oct 25, 2010 11:17:54 PM

  7. When the Republicans are in power, I know I'm F*****. I expect at least a kiss from the Democrats before I'm F*****.

    Posted by: Weston | Oct 25, 2010 11:20:00 PM

  8. What's sad is that the House did what Obama promised. It's the Senate and the White House that failed. But most of them aren't up for election.

    Posted by: Randy | Oct 26, 2010 12:38:29 AM

  9. African-Americans fought in WW2,fighting in segregated units, despite the fact that they were still second class citizens at home. And they were still fighting for their civil rights twenty years after the end of WW2. But, according to the thinking of many gays, they should have refused to fight until all of their demands for equal rights had been met. According to you guys, African-Americans should have said: Fuck the country in time of crisis, we want our rights now. What the fuck do we care if Hitler wipes out the Jews and takes over all of Europe, we're being lynched and discriminated against right here at home. Fuck 'em!
    Sound familiar?

    And if you don't think this country's in a state of crisis right now, you need your eyes and head examined.

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 1:32:03 AM

  10. It sickens me every time I hear a fellow gay claim that gays are the new Blacks. African-Americans fought and died for this country during two World Wars, while still second class citizens. And they were still fighting for equal rights 20 years after the end of WW2. Some of you guys can't even bring yourselves to hold your nose and vote democratic, even if not doing so turns the country over to fascist ideologues who will do their damndest to drive the entire country over the cliff. New Blacks my ass! You're punks!

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 1:38:40 AM

  11. @Bronxboy47 Based on your opinion, I think that you think AA's should continue to be placed on a pedestal. We get it. Blacks suffered. Big deal? Other minorities suffered as well. Where is your support for them? Unlike Blacks, Gays are still fighting for basic rights that AAs currently enjoy. 50 years and still fighting.

    Stop acting like a whiny victim, especially when the mistreatment of blacks 50 years ago does not apply to you. The only reason why you can't understand the similarity between the CRM and GRM is because the AA community doesn't want to start taking responsibility for their actions. Instead, they continue to blame the "white man for keeping the black man down".

    You have a black president. Enough said.

    Posted by: BlueMoon | Oct 26, 2010 5:11:46 AM

  12. "African-Americans fought in WW2,fighting in segregated units, despite the fact that they were still second class citizens at home."

    Well they don't even want us in the army at all, so your example actually drives home the point of how badly we're treated. You think that in the 40's we should have been sewing parachutes while they had us locked up in mental institutions? Go fuck yourself and come back when you have a REAL argument for supporting a party of do-nothings.

    Posted by: gaylib | Oct 26, 2010 9:26:49 AM

  13. @Bluemoon
    You have sidestepped the point of my post entirely. If you weren't such an obvious bigot, who automatically translates anything a Black person says into grievance, grievance, grievance, you would see that. There was nothing in my posts about African-American suffering. My point was, despite being second class citizens during two world wars, African-Americans would have been equally justified in turning their backs on this country in a time of crisis as some in the gay community appear ready to do. The theme song goes like this: I don't have my rights, so why should I care what happens to the country, let the republicans tear this country apart--fuck everybody. Can you deny that's the tune you're singing?

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 9:31:34 AM

  14. @gaylib

    That's right, focus on that one sentence and ignore the point of my post. Who's doing the whining now? I don't deny that we're being treated badly, but you seem to think that justifies turning our backs on the entire country. You're behaving like a child. Politics is not a game for angry children.

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 9:58:08 AM

  15. If you don't want me to focus on something you wrote...Oh nevermind. You'd think the DNC could afford better stenographers. And I'm not turning my back on anyone, you sanctimonious prick. Just because I don't do what you want to that means I'm a traitor to my country? Now tell me WHO is acting like a child? please. If you stomped your feet any harder you'd break through the floor. Politics isn't a game for angry children? It's not even a game you dipshit. for some of us it is a very real factor in our lives. Your whining is symptomatic of the Democrats' feeling of entitlement to our votes. Here's a novel idea for you to take back to your masters: EARN IT!

    Posted by: gaylib | Oct 26, 2010 10:36:50 AM

  16. @gaylib

    I repeat, can you deny that's the tune you're singing?

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 11:01:00 AM

  17. And if you don't thing politics is a game--not unlike chess--with life or death consequences, then you're even more naive than I thought.

    That is, assuming of course, your not a GOP troll.

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 11:10:32 AM

  18. And I repeat, can you deny that's the tune you're singing?

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 11:14:40 AM

  19. Sorry if this is posted more than once. There's something screwy about the posting system right now.


    If you don't think politics is a game--not unlike chess--with life or death consequences, then you're even more naive than I thought. That is assuming, of course, that you're not a GOP troll.

    Posted by: Bronxboy47 | Oct 26, 2010 11:20:05 AM

  20. For a people who are reportedly quite vain, we sure seem to be ready to cut off our noses to spite our faces.

    Posted by: Brandon | Oct 26, 2010 11:44:03 AM

  21. Google reader just coughed up this series of posts from 2010, and I have no idea why. But, it occurred to me to look up some background information on person calling himself "Gaylib". Surprise, surprise (not really), Gary from Chapel Hill turns out to be a garden variety North Carolina anti-Obama bigot. I hope he's satisfied with the congress he and his bigoted comrades helped to elect.

    Posted by: bronxboy47 | Dec 29, 2012 11:32:53 AM

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