Arkansas High School Student Suspended for Gay-Supportive T-Shirt


A lesbian student at Ramsey Junior High School in Fort Smith, Arkansas was suspended for three days for wearing a gay-supportive T-shirt to school.

 NWA reports:

"15-year old Sommer Collins, a 9th grader at Ramsey Junior High in Fort Smith, is openly gay. On Tuesday, Sommer claims the school suspended her for three days all because of a t-shirt she wore pertaining to homosexuality. Now the shirt has no profanity or vulgarity on it, however according to Collins, one of her teachers told her mother that the word homosexual depicts sexual acts and that it was disrupting education. Collins says the whole reason she wore the shirt in the first place stems from the day before when a teacher asked her to remove a rainbow colored bracelet."

The ACLU should definitely take a look at this.

Watch the video (not embeddable), which has much more information here.