1. Soren456 says

    The initiative, referendum and recall, once considered progressive, have been used essentially only for mischief, as anyone who is gay knows well.

    This, however, is one time that the recall is not just appropriate, but demanded.

  2. jexer says

    With ignorant douches like this on school boards… this country is surely doomed.

    Yeah, yeah, go on blame ‘teh gays’ for all your troubles, while our kids grow up god-fearing, hateful and >STUPID<, then when the USA is sucking hind tit in the global economy you can blame gays some more. Won’t be any more true, but you’ll be too fricking stupid to know the difference.

  3. joe says

    Only in Arkansas could a school committee member be so stupid as to use the word “thereselves”. Cracker.

  4. alguien says

    on his crackbook page mariah carey is listed as one of his favorite singers…

    just sayin’

  5. kc says

    Someone reported this to Facebook, right? They say they want to know about this kind of thing when it happens, so.

  6. Clint says

    [personal phone information removed – tlrd]

    Midland School district:
    Superintendent: Dean Stanley
    Phone: 501-345-8844
    Fax: 501-345-2086

  7. TampaZeke says

    I don’t know if I should be more offended by his bigotry or by the fact that a man who is on a school board doesn’t know that “thereselves” isn’t a word. “Theirselves” isn’t even a word but you could see how people could make such a mistake, but “THERESELVES”? Really?

  8. voet says

    It is no wonder that so many kids have trouble learning when school board members cannot even write proper English.

  9. says

    In the fall of 1985, Pleasant Plains and Floral school districts combined to form Midland School district. The following spring, I was the Valedictorian of the first graduating class. I can tell you from first-hand knowledge that ignorance runs deep in rural America.

  10. ratbastard says

    Filthy ignorant sack of shit. I’d club him like a baby seal with that dead fish.

    Then I’d cook and eat the fish.

  11. ratbastard says

    It’s a cliche to say homophobic dudes are self hating homosexuals or have some other deep, dark secret, but in this case it’s true. Something pathological is going on in this dude’s head.

  12. Mac McNeill says

    Welcome to redneck America. In that area the religious right runs deep. There are even counties that are still dry back there. But Arkansas isn’t the only state with that same mentality. Nevada is right up on top with them.

  13. Eric Ross says

    How can someone so uneducated be on the school board? There is a difference between there, their, and they’re. Speaks a lot for the correlation found in the election polling where they found a person’s education was related to how that person voted on Prop 8. The more education the person had, the more likely they were to vote for marriage equality.

  14. David in Houston says

    “I don’t care how people decide to their lives. They don’t bother me if they keep it to themselves.”

    Aside from not knowing how to spell, the guy is a bald-faced liar too. Of course he cares how people live their lives. Otherwise he wouldn’t have spewed this ignorant homophobic diatribe. The fact that he’d disown his own children if they happen to be gay, speaks volumes about how truly unchristian these ‘family values’ douche bags live their lives.

  15. Chadd says

    He is too dumb to even notice the obvious when he says it: “I like it that fags can’t procreate”. Duh, clearly it is straight people who give birth to gay children. One way to prevent gay people from existing is to outlay heterosexual sex.

    AND – having been raised a devout Christian by a fundamentalist Baptist preacher (of the extremist variety), I can assure Mr McCance that no matter how strict the upbringing, a gay child will still become a gay adult….

    or commit suicide as a teenager to end the pain caused by the bigotry spewed by people like McCance.

    Which is entirely the FUCKING point of wearing a Purple shirt.

  16. david friend says

    Am I the only one here who thinks this story may be a hoax? Look at the image closely and compare to a real FB page. The image has been doctored, repositioning the header above the comments. Why not just take a full screen shot? Look closely at the last comment, it’s pasted in, you can see the right column doesn’t align. Its actually a repeat of a previous comment — FB comments are chronological … the comments in the image are 6 hours ago, 5 hours, 4 hours, then back to 6 hours (??). If the image is not credible, what does that say for this entire story?

    Also, why distort the other commenters names, other than to hide any trails leading to verifying the story?

  17. mikenola says

    This ip address seems to be the actual server the Midland School site is on.

    It contains a “copy” of the board members info that they deleted from the internet facing site had.

    It also contains their salaries and other semi-private information

    Dean Stanley
    Years at Midland: 2
    Phone: (501)345-8844

    Nancy Roberson
    Years at Midland: 38
    Phone: (501)345-2852

    District Treasurer:
    Linda Allgood
    Years at Midland: 12
    Phone: (501)345-2852

    High School Principal:
    Donna Clark
    Years at Midland: 9
    Phone: (501)345-2610

    Federal Programs Coordinator:
    Lela McChesney
    Years at Midland: 1
    Phone: (501)345-2610

    High School Secretary:
    Tonya Lamb
    Years at Midland: 4
    Phone: (501)345-2610

    Elementary School Principal:
    Lela McChesney
    Years at Midland: 1
    Phone: (501)345-2413

    Elementary School Secretary:
    Kerri Passmore
    Years at Midland: 4
    Phone: (501)345-2413

    This link was supplied by a poster at JMG and is an annual report from that school. The authors are the same as I just posted above.

    call write shout as these people to oust the bigot!

  18. Carlos says

    They call themselves christians, and then wish other people dead, I mean are they so stupid not to see the contradiction… We have to stay strong and proud…

  19. ratbastardh says


    This can best be answered by asking McChance if he did indeed post those comments. Judging by the comments tone, I doubt he’d have a problem admitting if he did. Otherwise, yeah, maybe it is a hoax. Local politics can be brutal.

  20. Brian B. says

    …and THIS is why we must continue to vote for politicians that will fight alongside us for equality. To just stand aside and do nothing allows people like this to fill in the vacuum and create a society where “fags” should die because they supposedly sinned.

    I would be VERY surprised if this douche didn’t turn out to be Republican, Christian, and in the Tea Party. Just saying…

  21. TANK says

    will you please stop with this “call yourself a christian,” bullshit? You do raelize that virulently antigay christians can and do say the same thing…that’s because “true christian” only exists in the feverish minds of true believers, i.e., make believe.

  22. obmitar says

    @mikenola — I’m guessing Midland’s website is down because most smaller school district’s web servers aren’t up to handling the load this one is getting. Also, the salary information is required by Arkansas law to be publicly posted on the district’s web site.

    Notwithstanding, this guy is doing a fine job of making Arkansas sound like the hick state that so many people consider us to be. I do hope he has a “change of heart” but I’m not holding my breath.

  23. obmitar says

    What great leadership this district has… they have no chance of fulfilling their mission statement: “The mission of the Midland High School is to provide all students with the opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to become responsible, productive citizens and to understand, nurture, and develop the abilities of the whole person because we know that everybody is somebody special.”

    Someone can’t be special when your leadership wants them dead.

  24. X says

    Does someone need to go up to him and SHOW HIM how it feels to be targeted by those in his community? He just does not get it. He should live while being harassed all the time, while having to hide all the time, and withotu being able to live a normal life — THEN we’ll talk.

    Or maybe someone ought to kick him out of any position of power he has. I sure don’t want HIM ruining any more gay kids’ lives. What a little douche.

  25. Dan says

    He’s waiting for all the gays to die so he can wear purple. I’m also waiting….for all the white trash maggots in the bible belt to stop breeding!

  26. Robert Derryberry says

    I find this posting by an official of ANY school district disgusting. Furthermore, it is sad that ANY voter would vote for someone who cannot even SPELL. “Thereselves” It makes you wonder what they really are teaching the young minds of Midland.

  27. Rea says

    *sigh* I’m from Arkansas and I swear we’re not all stupid. I’m working in conjunction with my university’s Gay-Straight Alliance, being one of those fagmosexuals that damn redneck hates so much, to make sure that he will no longer be in such a position of power over impressionable children and teenagers. There are many here who are outraged.

  28. rjp3 says

    the man is obviously a psycho … but that is what has been allowed to become acceptable in America …. or he would be off the school committee now

  29. rjp3 says

    will you please stop with this “call yourself a christian,” bullshit? You do raelize that virulently antigay christians can and do say the same thing…that’s because “true christian” only exists in the feverish minds of true believers, i.e., make believe.Posted by: TANK | Oct 26, 2010 10:29:56 PM

    Tank’s comment make me sad for him.
    Both my Southern Baptist Grandmother on side of the family and my Catholic Grandfather on the other side were TRUE CHRISTIANS.

    Oh they were not perfect. They even sinned.
    But they understood how to treat their fellow man as Christians.

    They would never allow those around them to condemn others this way. They both understood that their faith was personal and a relationship with God – that was not to be imposed onto anyone.

    They both lived until 1994 – living by the code, judge not lest ye be judged.

    They would not like the Southern Baptist Church or the Catholic Church of 2010…. both PROMOTE judgement of your fellow man now.

    That being said – there are still many true Christians. And that has nothing to do with dogma.

  30. Puckfaire says

    This bowl floater needs his life to be made very uncomfortable for a prolonged period of time before anyone flushes.

  31. TANK says


    You simply don’t understand what I said, and I haven’t the slighest inclination to deliver you from ignorance. Rest assured, you’re wrong…probly not the first time, as a believer. This isn’t about warm feelings, produce.

  32. mad1026 says

    This asshole is a crock of shit. The motherfucker should be removed bodily from any position of power, including parenting. He has threatened his children in writing and they should be taken from him immediately; they are in physical danger. McCance is the type of born-again xtian likely to use a gun on his family.

  33. says

    So, nothing on the network or cable news sites. They only picked up on the bullying after is was all over the web. Bet they won’t pick it up this story on Clint McCance, although it is possible that Rachel Maddow & Keith Obermann might on MSNBC. Ellen might have something to say on her show, and maybe “The View” ladies.

  34. please vote says

    ok, so you’re angry we haven’t made enough progress. then… just… don’t…vote…

  35. Disgusted American says

    Fuck Arkansas…wouldn’t go there IF someone Paid me…No thank you. I avoid the center & mostly south of this hateful,bigoted,discriminatory country….and when I hear stories of tornadoes,floods etc etc….I honestly do NOT feel sorry for them…cause’ thier “god” must be punishing them for something.

  36. JoeyO'H says

    I spoke with McCance’s father and the apple does not fall far from the tree. The man immediately spewed hateful remarks to me and went as far as calling me a “little faggot.”
    Sticks and stones…

    These are the reasons I fight for equality!

  37. moby323 says

    This jerk homophobe, Clint McCance, owns the following small business:

    Clint’s Carpet Cleaning

    7569 Batesville Blvd,

    Pleasant Plains, AR

    (501) 268-7360.

  38. mark says

    The only way you’ll wear purple is if we all commit suicide?

    Girlene, does that make any fashion sense whatever?

  39. KCin AR says

    My God what an embarrassment to my beautiful state! Please, please do not assume that all Arkansans are like this lame jack-ass. Unfortunately this man is a product of the bible belt. It’s not just AR, it’s most of the entire South! Men like him are the reason I don’t go to church and I used to feel guilty about it! I don’t feel that now. All my gay friends were BORN gay- God made them that way. The God that I worship loves everybody. Just because something is written in a book, doesn’t mean it’s true. The sad thing is I’m surrounded by people who think like this A hole. I feel like I have to be secretive about my support of my LGBT friends, because of where I live, to protect my job etc. I do however have other friends here that are supportive of the LGBT movement. Thank God for those SANE people in my life!

  40. bubba joe says

    well i think the gay community should be able to jump off clifs with grenads in ther hand with the pin pulled but im a christian so i say god made adam and eve not adam and steve so clint im with u on this one

  41. mike says

    Gee, Clint, I hate to disappoint ya, but gays can and do procreate. You’re living proof that people like youselves should NOT be allowed to procreate.

  42. Dave R says

    I think this man is dirt but no matter what you think of him he has the right to speak his mind. If I act like him I am no better than he is. I think I would rather know what kind of scumb bag he is than him keep it in and be fooled.

  43. Todd Andrew says

    I’m just so disgusted and saddened that people who actually have the clueless gall to call themselves “Christians” have this sort of mindset — on a school board no less. The idea that he said he would “Disown my own kids if they were gay” speaks volumes as to this man’s lack of compassion or humanity. I pity his children but, moreimporantly, he has no business being anywhere near a school board or other children. Shame on him!!!!

  44. says

    “I think this man is dirt but no matter what you think of him he has the right to speak his mind.”

    He has the right to speak his mind. He doesn’t have the right to be on the School Board. Free speech comes with consequences, DAVE R. And I am better than he is. We’re all better than he is. (Except for the troll.)

  45. swine says

    Someone should tweat Joy on this — she’d talk about it on her show or on The View. I wonder if Rachel & Anderson know bout this.

  46. Jason says

    Do not refer to him as “they”. Arkansas is not full of idiotic, mindless, god-fearing people like him. There are intelligent people in Arkansas that agree that this man is dumb to a new level. Do not lump all Arkansans to his side, doing so would be judgmental and wrong. There are actually many people from Arkansas that are outraged at this. It was, after all, a past student that had already graduated from midland that found this and sought to get him fired.

  47. says

    thats so messed up if your gay let it be it doesnt matter if ur gay a person is a person so get over it let us live are lives the way we want to ,if you have a problem with it then get the hell OVER IT.

  48. Honeybee says

    You know, people like this are the reasons why we have so much hate and ignorance in the world. They can’t open their eyes and see that what they preach is harmful and disrespectful to others. If you have an opinion that could offend others, I say keep it to yourself. But in the end God will be the one who judges him. No matter how many people this man condemns, God will have the last word.
    And I’m not even Christian…

  49. Patti Hudson says

    First, I am totally shocked that a “school board member” would say something like this, much less, put it on facebook. I would like to make it clear that Arkansas is full of intelligent, “christian” people. We are, for the most part, more old fashioned as a whole. There isn’t anything wrong with that as long as we don’t judge other people. I am happy to live in the “Bible Belt”. I am also proud of all of my friends, including the gay ones. I love them all. Please know that not everyone in Arkansas is so ignorant as McCance has proven to be; nor are all christians hypocrites and judgemental.

  50. Todd says

    Whoa. This guy’s bile is stunning with its poison and has left me otherwise speechless. McCance is HATE PERSONIFIED.

  51. Suzy says

    Midland is a town in Sebastian County, Arkansas, United States. It is part of the Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area. … Please – most of the people in Little Rock are liberal. Some of us were raised that way even back in the 50’s. I am for all Human Rights and proud of it. We need to start posting billboards all over America like the ones our pastors did against Vietnam War. “Mom & Dad your silence is killing me… at home, at school and abroad (in 2 wars). Please stand up and speak for me by speaking up for all.”

  52. says

    “I can’t believe the people of this world have gotten so stupid.We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed themselves because of thier sin.REALLY PEOPLE.”
    This man tries to prove his frankly unintelligent point in the most immature way. Also, his message is that gay people are sinners. Is it a sin to be who you are? And, since you believe in god, who is the decider of everything, didn’t god make gay people gay? His belief that gay people are sinners is not the result of a well thought out analysis but one of extreme bigotry and hatred. I think he should not be anywhere near schools because of this negativity and hatred he has, as it could promote more hate.

  53. PSSIXSIX says

    Why the surprise? This is, more or less, the attitude of nearly every good christian. They all seem to subscribe to the ‘if you aren’t exactly like me/us, you’re doomed & less than worthless’. A totally arrogant and insane attitude…at best! Recently another ‘good christian’ (oxymoron, yes?) said this to me ON THE DAY MY MOM DIED, “well, since she wasn’t saved she’s in hell right now, you know that?”. Needless to say we’ve never spoken again. Face it folks, there will be no peace, no harmony & no chance for humanity to survive until ‘religion’ is laughed at & no one believes in ‘god’ anymore. Until then, plan on wars, terror, murders…you get the idea.

  54. says

    Too bad. Seems the only people who can say what they feel are the ones going against everything that is good. Your president Barry Soetoro Hussein (The Little Muslim) can say almost anything he wants but when anyone else does it’s a bad thing. Well, I say Mr. Macance should have used better jugdgement. He is or was in a position where he shouldn’t have said anything, which he knows now. Let people like me express my feelings. I don’t worry about any backlash when I call a fag a fag or a queer a queer. I voted “YES” on prop 8 in California. I had to defend my opinion to only one person when he made the big mistake of trying to grab or hit me. I didn’t give him the chance. Too bad. I was in the car talking to my 90 year old mom when this guy expressed he dismay over my bumper stickers. It’s my right to display them. He approached me. I said nothing. Oh yes, I wear shirts that say, NO BAMA, No Immigration period, No Amnesty, Nuke Russia and Iran, No more foreign AID PERIOD. It’s my right. I am 65 years old and am tired of the B.S. So, I won’t change any time soon. By the way, when the FAG movie Broke Back Mountain came to Placerville, CA. (OLD HANGTOWN) ten people showed up to see it. They pulled it from the theater. Remember, all of us have an opinion and have the right to express it. My next shirt will say, It’s time to let Barry Soetoro HUSSEIN know, THE JIG is up. Concerned AMERICAN,
    Larry VELASCO