1. Paul R says

    So GOProud continues to abase itself publicly, and O’Reilly is a voice of reason against Ann Coulter.

    I’m still thinking the GOP advance next month might be more flurries than an avalanche.

  2. says

    “and independent and conservative is what the Tea Party is.”

    The tea party is not the Indies!

    2 polls now clearly show that the tea party is 80%+ so called “moral majority”/ republican religious right nuts who are registered repubs. that dangling up to 20% even if indie voters is not the majority by far of indie voters.

    Both recent polls also showed that the tea party is about 1/4th of the electorate at most with the rest/majority of america having either no opinion or a bad opinion of the tea party minority as well as overwhelmingly rejecting all tea party policies by 2/3 when presented each policy and asked to accept or reject it

    these are the jerry fallwells and pat robertson nutz who have always been repub are repub and will remain repub REBRANDED by dick armey’s $$$ group (particularly Kock brothers oil billions) to try to sneak their crazy, that didnt work before, past watchful americans

  3. walter says

    paladino’s remarks made one thing ertain i”m voting. this man is a total sumbag.and deserves to throw out with the rest of the garbage i don’t like cuomo but the alternative is far worse .

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