1. Rad says

    Rachel Maddow had an interview with the head of Patriot Majority PAC last night. That organization has been around for a while and is now going after the Tea Party with the ammunition that the Democratic party just does not want to use. It was a great interview, and worthy of further attention. The Patriot Majority PAC can be found at:

  2. patrick nyc says

    The gift that keeps on giving. Perhaps after she gets her ass handed to her she can get a spot with those other italian brain surgeons on the Jersey Shore.

    As for her idiot sister, the apples don’t fall far from the tree in that family, “Blood is thicker than politics,” Is that the blood of all the gay bash victims whose attackers are fed hate by your sister’s stupidity?

  3. princely54 says

    Blood may be thicker than politics, but even that can’t make up for how illogical it is to support someone who would codify into law you being a second class citizen. How ignorant and self-hating.

  4. gr8guyca says

    I love that Bill Maher can keep bringing out new clips every week. It keeps the media spotlight on her lunacy, rather than on her political positions, which some people might be attracted to. The desired result is for her to become a national laughing-stock. And no one wants to vote for someone who will bring ridicule to their state.

    If Delaware voters put her into office, she might be correct; evolution is a myth. Clearly, people are no smarter than monkeys.

  5. Joe L says

    She makes a compelling case for christianity- they let you eat meatballs. Unless, of course, you are a catholic and it’s a Friday during lent- then it’s No Meatballs.

  6. walter says

    if the tea party is the future of this country time to sell your bonds. this party holds as shining examples the likes of palin and odonnell.what does that say for education in america. you know why they are the tea party couldn’t spell republican.

  7. Micah J. says

    “if the tea party is the future of this country”

    The Tea Party is only the future of this country if we allow them to control the direction of it with their votes. There’s far more rational people in the country, the question is how many of them will actually come out to the voting booths even when there isn’t a president they adore at the top of the ticket.

    The Tea Party would be irrelevant if the people who cast a vote in the 2008 elections came out and re-affirmed their support with a vote for Democrats in 2010. Unfortunately many of them want to stay home, they’re not thrilled with the Dems and lack “enthusiasm.” They’re inadvertently casting a vote for the conservative agenda with their complacency.

  8. says

    This woman reminds me of Meg Griffin from Family Guy. I don’t believe she hanged with any of those groups of people or dabbled in anything. Like Meg, she likely just pulled up a chair behind the group and pretended she was with them, because nobody else would hang with her! LOL Anything being said at the table I’m sure was in one ear and out the other.

  9. james Brown says

    Dear Bill Maher: There’s only a few weeks left until the mid-term elections; PLEASE release 3 “Politically Incorrect” clips per week of Christine O’Donnell before the election! Derail this wing-nut!

  10. J. Thebeau says

    I am so at a loss of where to file this ignorant bigot in my head. Wait a min…..nevermind.

  11. Politics??? says

    “Blood is thicker than politics,” yeah, right.

    This is all about the money, just like Sarah Palin.

    Repubs are such dupes, they don’t know when they are being “show-bizzed.”

  12. FunMe says

    JAMES BROWN I am with you! But more importantly, Bill Maher should lend his tapes to Christine’s opponent, and run a POLITICAL AD showing all the tapes with her warped “opinion”.

    She’ll definitely lose the Christian vote, that’s for sure.

    Trust me, she’s not going to win.