Dan Choi Apologizes for Slur Used Against Harry Reid


Dan Choi tweeted an apology for a slur he used in a Village Voice interview when discussing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Said Choi: "I appreciate your criticism; I apologize for using the slur, and resolve to educate others in any capacity I'm afforded in the future."

According to Politico's Ben Smith, "'Harry Reid is a pussy,' Choi told the Voice, 'and he'll be bleeding once a month.' The comment apparently struck some readers as offensive and degrading to women. 'I am a feminist,' Choi wrote defensively on his Twitter feed Wednesday afternoon."

Pam Spaulding responds.


  1. oh no... says

    I’m going to use these sexist terms and then mansplain to you about how I’m not a misogynist. Bitches don’t know bout my feminism.

    I mean whatever I guess it’s good that he apologized lol.

  2. Rin says

    This is a classic example of why “intention” should be more important than the words used, but….everyone wants to be offended in America. Tyra said it right the other day, its like a victimization competition.

    IF I know some dude would have my back when it came to equal rights (like Dan) and then called another guy a pussy…I’m not going to be offended as a female. Intentions are important.

    Ironically he used “pussy” the way straight dudes use “gay” or “fag”…irony is a great teller of truths.

    Should we be upset when people use these terms if we know their intentions and their hearts?


    Are all words that are derogatory “bad” and reflective of inner emotions?

    Is Dan Choi a misogynist? Is Vince Vaughn a homophobe?

    I’ve called a dude a pussy before. Am I self-loathing?


  3. DR says

    People need to get their panties out of the twist. Dan was right, and shouldn’t have apologized.

  4. ratbastard says

    Unless you’re a saint, everyone uses the pejoratives ‘fag’, and ‘pussy’ at some point when angry. I’m fucking tired sanctimonious PC bullshit.

    Where’s the usual vitriolic posts from the usual suspects whenever someone [usually Republican, conservative, whatever] say something un-PC? If Choi was fit my previous description there would be 40 posts by now ripping him a new ahole.

  5. anon says

    This is a classic heckler’s veto situation, whereby a large enough audience will find someone who hates how you said what you said.

  6. jtramon says

    Sorry but Choi is beginning to become more and more an asshole.

    He started out with the best intentions, but has gotten caught up in the limelight and the attraction to the cameras.

    Yes-Reid may be an idiot – or a “pussy”. But seriously, the reference to bleeding once a month makes him look like a fool.

  7. jtaskw says

    It would be different if he hadn’t gone on to say the bit about bleeding once a month. There is the misogyny. Calling someone a pussy is not the same thing, at all, as calling someone a “woman” or “fag” or gay as a pejorative. It is certainly not “sanctimonious” to recognize the truth of all of this, and in my experience the ones who say it is inevitably expose themselves as a bigot who objects, ironically in their own appeal to political correctness, to be identified as such.

  8. justiceontherocks says

    No problem with calling the Mormon senator a pussy. Based on his record that’s accurate.

    Big problem with adding he bleeds once a month.

    Calling bullshit on “I’m a feminist.”

    Choi has some maturing to do if he wants to be an effective spokesperson.

  9. says

    “Pussy” has become commonplace now, but its misogynist intent is obvious without much thought. I’ve often wondered about the argument that even though “fag” is commonly used and people SWEAR it’s not about being gay (it is, it is), “pussy” gets away with murder.

    But grandfathering in “pussy” is one thng and the bleeding once a month thing is really misogynist and shocks me…it’s really weird! But at least he’s apologizing, I guess.

    I think JUSTICEONTHEROCKS says it best when he says Choi has some maturing to do if he wants to be an effective spokesperson; his recent tweet “We’re pissed at you @barackobama” was pretty un-MLKJr.ish as well.

  10. Shane says

    Give me a break. Are feminists now disputing that they menstruate? Screw the p.s. bullshit that plagues our nation (and community, it seems). Save it for when someone really says something offensive.

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    Can’t say “Fag,” then you can’t say “pussy.” Just like you can’t say the “N” word and turn around amd use a racial slur on a different ethnicity. Dan Choi is passionate, but without focus you lose the message. Switch to decaf Dan, and keep pushing.

  12. mike says

    Lt. Choi, why apologize? Harry Reid IS a pussy. He’s an asshole to boot.

    Don’t back down now, son. You’ve got the gay wind at your back. Your strong and resolute. You are a leader. You’ve walked the walk.

    Please, keep the heat on all of the Democrat pussies, Lieutenant. While you’re at it, shoot some flame Fancy Nancy Pelosi’s way.

    Reid and Pelosi are the two main reasons why the Dems couldn’t get the shit done right in Congress these past two years.

    He’s a pussy and she’s clueless. Not a great leadership combination that gets things done and done right.

  13. Robert says

    Hilarious! Who could think anything ELSE about Harry Reid?

    “Mr. Garrison: Well, your moms are just upset. They’re probably all on their periods or something.
    Gregory: Mr. Garrison, Wendy and I think that was a sexist statement.
    Mr. Garrison: Well, I’m sorry, Wendy. But I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.

    -South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut

  14. TANK says

    I read that dan choi is into some startling sexual practices that deviate from vanilla. I am greatly disappointed in his personal life…and think that it’s my business to convey this disappoint to him. If there’s one thing that jewish ethics has taught me, it’s that sex shouldn’t be good, interesting, or even remotely enjoyable, and anyone who asserts otherwise is a goddamn pervert.

    Harry Reid is a pussy. He is losing to an insane woman…if that doesn’t say it all, nothing does. Nut up, harry…angle is a whackadoodledoo, and if you lose this crazy bigoted demogague, IT’S YOUR FAILURE…YOU OWN IT…YOURS TO LOSE.

  15. says

    “Calling someone a pussy is not the same thing, at all, as calling someone a ‘woman’ or ‘fag’ or Gay as a pejorative.”

    As someone who, as a child, was called a p*ssy constantly and usually beaten up afterwards, I beg to differ with this opinion. “F*ggot”, “queer” and “p*ssy” are interchangeable terms where I come from; menstruation references aren’t necessary to make it offensive. Dan Choi was totally out of line, and he did need to apologize. I wonder if the apology was genuine, though, or if it was merely done so that his media popularity wouldn’t be threatened?

  16. TANK says

    “As someone who, as a child, was called a p*ssy constantly and usually beaten up afterwards, I beg to differ with this opinion.”

    Good. Wanda reference of the week.

  17. Toto says

    So does this mean that “dick” is offensive to men now? Is calling someone a “boob” the same as a calling someone a faggot? A feminist should understand she/he is the equivilent of their anatomy. He does sound rather immature, that I do agree with.

  18. gregv says

    I don’t read anything inherently misogynist into calling someone a “pssy.” (Though, I will say to Ratbastard that, no, we do NOT all use those words to describe people sometimes. I don’t.)
    It is NOT the same as “f@g”/n!&&3r” or a pejoratively-used “gay”/”black”/”Jew”/ “woman,” etc There is a huge difference between a word that is a nickname for a body part and a word that is a pejorative or descriptor for a human being’s IDENTITY.
    If “pussy” and “boob” are anti-woman, then, as Toto pointed out, “dick” would be anti-male. And “a$$hole” would be against the all humans and the animal kingdom.

  19. Randy says

    Well, there goes brilliant political career down the toilet. On the other hand, Fox will love him.

  20. Over him says

    Can we FINALLY stop wasting time on this childish, self-important punk? Wake the fuck up – Choi is bad for us and our efforts to achieve equality.

    Get a job at the Mall, Dan.