Dan Choi, Bad Lieutenant


Choi gets a major profile in New York's Village Voice:

Choi "has a public role and a private life," one friend tells the Voice. "In his private life, he sometimes exhibits behaviors that, I fear, if caught on YouTube by somebody who was a conservative spy, would reflect very poorly on him and, by extension, on the movement. On the other hand, I'm just kind of jealous. There's a lot of me wishing I could be out there and be as open as he is."

Choi is unapologetic. He says he resents it when anyone, especially those in the gay-rights movement, discourages him from exploring—well, sexually—his newly revealed homosexuality.

"I think our movement hits on so many nerves," he says, "not just for reasons of anti-discrimination and all the platitudes of the civil rights movement. I believe that it's also because it has elements of sexual liberation. And it shows people that through what we're trying to do, they can be fully respectful of themselves, without accepting the shame society wants to throw upon them."

Bad Lieutenant [village voice]


  1. rjp3 says

    A good 50% of America – LIKES the SHAME – it keeps them “in control” – they fear themselves.

    Freedom Of Choice Is What You Have.
    Freedom From Choice Is What You Want.
    In ancient Rome there was a poem,
    about dog that had two bones.
    He licked the one, he licked the other.
    And ran in circles ’till he dropped dead.
    DEVO – 1981

  2. Jack says

    Lt. Dan Choi has done as much as anyone (and more than most) to keep repeal of DADT on the front burner. Regardless of behavior in his private life, he remains a strong, brave and forthrightly honest advocate and role model in seeking equality for gay men and lesbians. His life is worthy of a biopic, and when the history of gays in the military is written, and the Obama deceptions are chronicled, he’ll have a prominent place.

  3. Martin Murray says

    I presume the implication is that he has slept with many people or has consumed illegal substances.

    If he has slept with many people then that’s entirely his own business and he should have no shame or regret or remorse about that.

    He is not responsible for the sexual puritanism of this country.

  4. Andalusian Dog says

    I adore Dan Choi. He is reminding us of what Stonewall was about: it was social AND sexual liberation, as he mentions. Amazing. This is what our movement can offer the rest of the world, and we seem to constantly lose track of it.

  5. JP says

    What sort of a ‘friend’ says something like that?

    I don’t care if Dan Choi smokes crack off the ass cheeks of 12 hookers a night. He’s not a family values candidate. He’s using his voice to oppose a law that is unjust, and that costs our government money it doesn’t have.

    He is a modern day American hero.

  6. Please says

    Right. Because everyone knows that people who have sex are bad and completely lack credibility. Why do our fellow Americans insist on being so fucking retarded?

  7. mike says

    Up next on FOX-5, an undercover video taken by Andrew Breitbart of homosexual-rights and pro-gays-in-the-military activist, Dan Choi, doing strange things with a photograph of Fred Phelps…but first a word from our new sponsor, Fair & Balanced Ass-Wipes.

  8. julie says

    OMG Dan Choi is a human being? leave him the heck alone. He is a hero sacrificing all he has worked for in the name of our cause. Dont you have aphone bank to man or something? Be useful instead of destructive.

  9. von lmo says

    So, you mean that Dan, shouldn’t play the field, like most/all people do? The biggest sex freaks these days are affiliated w the Republican Party.