1. Gregoire says

    I actually like this woman and think she’s really fascinating. However, no way I want her to be governor.

  2. Will says

    Vote for Cuomo, but not on the Democratic party line. Vote for Cuomo on the Working Families Party line. Cuomo still gets the vote, but the Democratic party does not. No self-respecting LBGT should vote on the Democratic party line, if they can vote for the same candidate on another party line.

    The Democratic party has done nothing for “teh gays,” and does not deserve our vote.

  3. TANK says

    Oh…I just noticed the incongruity of mentioning robert nozick in this post…this drag queen’s a…character. Pace!

    Course, nozick was no morgenbesser. Nope, sid morbenbesser taught nozick how to do it, and is the genuine article…and one of the best teachers of philosophy of the twentieth century. OH yah…the history of philosophy can indeed be explained through a series of jokes.

  4. says

    I think we should give her a chance. She has my support. But of course there will always be ignorant liberals who toe the party line.

    And for those who are voting for Cuomo, who used “homo” as a slur, are not grasping the reality that they are in fact toeing the party line, HE IS STILL A DEMOCRAT, geniuses. Oh BTW, the Libertarian Party actually SUPPORTS gay marriage and have it in their national platform… and the dems have… what were they called? oh yeah, “civil unions” because gays are not completely human according to the democrats.

    Cuomo is violating his party platform for supposedly supporting gay marriage even though he is only able to support “civil unions.”

  5. VAVA says

    oh, shut the fuck up @pepa and @will. I’m sick of you teabag apologists pretending the democrats are the enemy. Any self-respecting idiot knows the RNC and TeaParty crackpots are the clear target we need to focus our bitching towards. Come Nov 2 when/if the GOP takes over the House and/or senate I’d like to see just how much good your kicking the dirt and folding your hands in your pockets really did to prevent the most negatively-charged congress from taking power. Say goodbye to ANY chance of ENDA or DOMA repeal when the bigots take charge.

  6. Patric says

    Pepa, you do realize that Cuomo supports marriage equality and not civil unions, don’t you? Get your facts straight.

  7. please vote says

    the democratic party has done nothing against the gays. at worst, they don’t get it done. at least, they vote our direction. at best, they won’t appeal the constituion to make us criminals.

  8. Pira says

    After seeing this video, I decided to do a bit of research on her. She is a woman, and she served time in jail after the whole Elliot Spitzer scandal, as she ran the escort service he was using. She has this listed on her campaign website. Hell, I’d vote for her simply because she’s incredibly honest about her past and is basing part of her campaign on it.

  9. Natira says

    I don’t care for Libertarians but on character and issues, Kristin Davis is the only acceptable candidate.

  10. Dave says

    All progress that gays and our nation as a whole has made has been led by Progressives and Democratic leaders period. They were pushed by us and they represent us. They need us to hold their feet to the fire but they have accomplished much since 1969 for the LBGTQ’s and there is still a hell of a lot more work to do. If anybody thinks that the GOP, or worse the no government anarchistic libertarian Party is going do anything to help our cause, you are delusional at best and at worst sociopathic as many in that “Party” are.

  11. Clayton Moore says

    the part at :05 where she says “outrageous” is hilarious! she tries to look angry but her face won’t move. LOL

  12. freestuffffff says

    Democrats pander to African and Hispanic Americans by throwing gays under the bus every time. Or did you really think Barry Obama, Harvard Law 1991, was sincere in 2008 when he publicly proclaimed “my faith tells me marriage is between a man and a woman?”

  13. Dave says

    If by “pander to” you mean represent, African and Hispanic Americans, yes I agree, The Democratic Party does represent African and Hispanic Americans. It also represents White and Asian American, Native Americans, Arab Americans, Lesbians, Gays, Transgender and Queer Americans. The Democratic party represents Americans who labor for their livings and teach our children, police our streets and drive our buses, provide us with fire protection and those who defend our rights our courts. President Barack Obama represents more than one group of people with a vast array of opinions, faiths and beliefs; he has “sincerely” expressed his long before he was President and now he is. It is not a shock that he does not support gay marriage, it was his position to support civil unions during the election and that of his party, The Democratic Party. If you think that the GOP will embrace you think again and if you think that a vote for those libertarian corporate anarchists is anything but a vote for the GOP you are a fool. Why do you think you can live today as an out gay man or woman? Do you think that was due to the policies of the Republican Party? Get a clue. Read your nation’s history. Oh and by the way “freestuffffff” The President Of The United States is a man of mixed race, a black man, an African American; I know that bothers you, but I just like to point out that he is The President and you are not.

  14. Jerry6 says

    Any Gay who does not vote Democratic will deserve what they get from the Republicans. Unfortionatly, we will ALL suffer along with the fools who vote for the Republicans.