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Eminem Discusses Homophobic Lyrics With Anderson Cooper


Musician Eminem sat down with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes last night. And, since Cooper has become a champion against homophobia, the anchor asked Eminem to why he uses the word "faggot" so freely.

Eminem explains that he's always heard the word, and that it's not necessarily tied to homosexuality, "That word was thrown around so much, you know? Faggot was, like, it was thrown around constantly, to each other, like in battling, you know what I mean?" he asked, before insisting that he doesn't hate gay people. "I don't have any problem with nobody, you know what I mean. Like, I'm just whatever." Asked whether he needs to take responsibility for his words, Eminem puts the onus on parents to censor their children's lives.

As for criticism that's he a homophobe, brought up most often by the gay group GLAAD? Eminem plays the victim: "I felt like I was being attacked," he said. "I was being singled out. And I felt like, is it because of the color of my skin? Is it because that, you're paying more attention? Is it because there's certain rappers that do and say the same things that I'm saying. And I don't hear no one saying anything about that. I didn't just invent saying offensive things."

Watch Eminem discuss the "f-word," AFTER THE JUMP.

Relevant discussion at the 3:30 mark.

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  1. Really? It is funny how we declare people slanderous by slandering them. Funny the pedestal we perch ourselves upon. I listened to Judas Priest growing up. Judas Priest did not raise me or create my life's platform or direction, they were merely songs that I listened to. My person was built off my parents and their parents with a mix of my teachers and friends. I never once remember asking myself in a situation what would Rob Halford do? (<-- Judas Priest lead singer). No I held myself responsible based on my close interactions with 'real' people and models. Where I do agree that these singers need to be accountable for their lyrics whether it be good or bad, I really think as a society we need to start taking responsibility for raising ourselves and our kids and stop trying to blame musicians and actors. Accept the fact that we failed in ourselves or in our friends and family and fix something tangible. The whole society seems to lack responsibility of self. Lets start there and maybe it will trickle down to those you all seem to hold so dear. Eminem seems to be an idiot but he too is a victim of his surroundings. Lets start with the surroundings then work on eminem.


    Posted by: Josh | Oct 12, 2011 12:26:09 PM

  2. Ugh gays. So self-victimizing.

    Posted by: Monica | Feb 25, 2012 9:06:43 PM

  3. To the people saying eminem is stupid are obviously stupid themselves. Why don't you sit down and listen to an eminem song and hear how genius his songs are. He doesn't hate gay people and when he uses the word faggot it isn't to attack anyone. He said faggot so much because people like you couldn't look past the word faggot and actually listen to what he had to say. He is extremely talented and people who say otherwise are ignorant of hip hop music. His music is very intelligent. It takes an intelligent mind to read through the lines to understand where he's coming from.

    Posted by: Blah | Jun 15, 2012 12:57:52 PM

  4. Eminem may be insensitive and may be a bigot, but so are all of his critics, which also makes them hypocrites. Rap is a symptom of the devolution of civilization, and wiggers such as eminem make fools of themselves, but the same applies to people who take pride in and celebrate sex acts. Both are a spectacle viewed with amusement and disdain by a large majority of people.

    Posted by: Shucky | Jul 3, 2012 9:49:50 AM

  5. I don't know, I've been listening to him since I was around 13 and he is the last one who has ever offended me because most of his music doesn't have a serious note in it......

    Posted by: Justin | Oct 2, 2012 3:08:42 AM

  6. quit crying faggots. he's not a homophobe. in fact, he performed with that homo Elton John. it's just music. if it offends you, good, stop listening to it. sensitive little girls need to quit crying over rap lyrics

    Posted by: Me | Feb 24, 2013 8:33:44 PM

  7. Faggots are too sensitive.

    Posted by: Nicain | Dec 8, 2013 2:04:35 AM

  8. i like anderson copper. i think its important not to be biased or one sided. plus you cant blame eminem for using the fa word. if you grew up hearing that word you would probably use it. hes not a homophobic person. i truly think that glaad is racest because they expect black people to use homophobia but not a decent white guy. news to glaad white people can be homophobic too.

    Posted by: benjaminjacobi | Jan 1, 2014 11:31:30 PM

  9. I do not know if I should believe that Eminem is homophobic, because the word "Faggot" and "Gay" in a negative way is thrown out so much for nothing and does not always have anything to do with homosexuals.

    But I am surprised at his answer....
    He is apparently the "Rap god" as he call himself and we all have to agree that he has some amazing lyrics... that he write himself.. but still he can not answer in a more mature way than he did?

    If he wasn't homophobic and just threw that word around, I would think that he had come up with a new meaning to the word faggot, because that word has to mean something to him since he uses it alot in his songs... it might not have to do with Homosexuals and he might not be homophobic, but than I would think he has his own meaning to the word...

    No, I am not buying that answer from him at all, but I am still not sure if he is homophobic....
    But I don't follow eminem more than his songs... XD So I don't know how he speaks online and on alot of otheri nterviews and stuff, so I wouldn't really know anyway..

    Posted by: Sandra | Feb 7, 2014 6:06:56 PM

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