GetEqual Protests President From Land, Air And Sea In Miami


President Obama’s fundraising trip to Miami was overshadowed this evening by GetEqual activists launched an air, sea and land mission to protest the dinner, put on for Rep. Ron Klein.

Hoping to press the President on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, GetEqual activists first greeted Obama’s motorcade with signs reading “Stop the Discharges Now” and “We’ll Give When We’re GetEqual.” The President rolled down the window a bit and waved to the crowd, said participants.

Once Obama arrived at the event, his ocean view, courtesy of his host, Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning, was obscured by a weather balloon bearing the organization’s website address.

GetEqual’s ultimate action, however, was on the water, where they unfurled a 40-foot banner on a boat, blew air horns and demanded Obama end the discriminatory military policy.

According to the White House pool report, inside the event, where the President hammered the GOP “Pledge to America” and praised Klein, some attendees looked toward the noise, but overall the protest went down unnoticed. Via AMERICAblog:

As he is speaking, air horns can be heard across the bay, and pool is told by a GetEQUAL spokesman that they are activists protesting the administration on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Appear to have several small boats, at one point pool can hear some yelling. Some members of the audience look over but noise is not loud enough to disrupt and POTUS continues uninterrupted.

Meanwhile, Kerry Eleveld reports that Anthony Woods, a soldier discharged under DADT, and an activist named Itzel Diaz  attempted to by $5,000 tickets, but the Democratic National Congressional Committee denied them access.

Robin McGhee, one of GetEqual’s cofounders, insists they will continue to protest until the President makes good on his campaign promise: “If the president is going to travel around the country asking for our dollars and our votes, then we are going to travel with him and insist that he first give us some of the hope and change he promised.”


  1. veg says

    Why doesn’t GETEQUAL protest the Republicans who are the primary obstacle to LGBT equality in the House, the Senate, on the Supreme Court, and in every sector of State and city politics?

  2. Gridlock says

    1) LETSODOMRING: I actually LOL’d. You sir, are a wit.

    2) VEG: Obama’s DOJ is fighting against your rights in court. Considering they’re in power, how are they NOT a legitimate target?

  3. Apples says

    I’m bored with getEQAUL. They need to protest the senators that recently BLOCKED the DADT repeal in congress.

  4. Gridlock says

    Apples: that wasn’t even repeal. Seriously. It was the “compromise” legislation that basically handed all veto power to the Pentagon to say whether repeal ever happened, at all, at some point in the future.

  5. AndrewW says

    More stupid.

    Can anyone explain how this HELPS us? It is childish to think that if we piss off Obama enough times he’ll finally use his “magic wand” and change the votes in the US Senate. Trying to embarrass a politician into submission just alienates the friends we have.

    GetEQUAL keeps making us look stupid and trying to suggest it is somehow helpful – it is delusional and childish. If these attention-whores are receiving any donations for these stunts, it must be from Republicans.

    Many of us within the LGBT community have asked the media to IGNORE these silly stunts. Thankfully, they have. GetEQUAL does not speak for the LGBT community.

  6. says

    Where was the President when Gaga went to put pressure on Collins & Snowe before war funding bill (that included DADT repeal based on study, etc…)? getEQUAL are doing what Obama asked by keeping the pressure on him.

    “(Barack Obama) has told me, and he has told … staff in the White House that pressure’s a good thing, so people should continue to put pressure on him.” –Steve Hildebrand

    Obama at 2009 HRC dinner: That’s why it’s so important that you continue to speak out, that you continue to set an example, that you continue to pressure leaders – including me – and to make the case across all America.

  7. Name says

    Obama should use his influence on Democratic congressmen to repeal DADT just like he did to get Obama care passed.

  8. Gridlock says

    Andrew: YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE GAY COMMUNITY. Your constant Obama ass kissing and the ridiculous assertions that a legitimate protest organization must be taking donations from political opponents of your boyfriend in the oval office is idiotic at best.

    Take your alienated “friends”, you know… the ones that fight against your rights in court, and piss off. You’ve astroturfed this SAME response across the internet like you’re a paid shill.

  9. FunMe says

    Hey by the way folks, ANDREW is doing his “cut and paste” posts in many blogs, including Americablog, Miami news, etc.

    He’s a typical HRC, DLC, DNC, Obama administration flunkee who is being paid to post NONSENSE.

    HeShe is so stupid, because honestly, who’s going to care what that kunckle head has to say?

    But hey, thanks for the laughs Andrew!

  10. says

    AndrewW hasn’t had an original thought in months. He says the same thing over and over again. Hurling insults and calling people stupid. If anyone sounds like a child it is him. Andrew speaks for the privileged gays who are just afraid they’re going to lose access to their networks within the party. They are selfish sell outs, who are willing to throw the rest of us under the bus so they can have theirs. Well you can go fuck yourself andrew. No one who matters is listening to you anymomre. You are yesterday’s news. And please, dear god, go get a thesaurus and come up with some new things to call us. You REALLY are becoming a bore.

  11. David says

    “Obama’s fundraising trip to Miami was overshadowed this evening by GetEqual activists who took launched an air, sea and land mission” — WHO TOOK LAUNCHED?
    “said participiants.” — What’s a PARTICIPIANT???
    “Once Obama arrived to the event” — he arrived TO the event?
    “some attendees looked to toward to noise” — they LOOKED TO TOWARD TO noise???
    copyedit copyedit copyedit

  12. Michael @ says

    1. Where was SLDN and Servicemembers United?

    2. Since the second he was sworn in over 20 months ago, Obama has had the unilateral, unequivocal Congressionally mandated power to stop discharges in the name of national security under federal law “10 United States Code § 12305”— “Authority of the President to Suspend Certain Laws Relating to Promotion, Retirement, and Separation.”


    “Pelosi said the House WEAKENED ITS REPEAL LANGUAGE TO MOLLIFY THE WHITE HOUSE. Military leaders REFUSED TO ACCEPT LANGUAGE THAT WOULD BAR DISCRIMINATION, so the clause was dropped.” – “The Huffington Post,” June 3, 2010.

    4. Obama SABOTAGED EVEN “MAYBE REPEAL” [which still would no longer have guaranteed an end to discharges EVER] by refusing to pressure the two Democratic Senators from Arkansas to vote for cloture on debate of DEFAUTH, and refusing to use the proverbial bully pulpit to frame ending the ban in terms of national security in such a way that even the majority of Repugs would have been afraid to oppose for fear of being branded unpatriotic.

  13. TANK says

    ha ha ha…”You scratched my anchor!”

    I’m working on some really unflattering and borderline pornographic macy’s day parade floats of politicians who clearly don’t care about gay rights. Oh, IT’S ON! LOOSE THE DOGS OF WAR!

    Why you all bitchin’? I wanna protest and get a tan (well, in my case, a burn…but some vitamin D) and be on a boat and get served drinks by hotties in speedos…and watch baseball…and fish. Nah, at least he was in Miami–if he weren’t, then this would be entirely useless.

  14. says

    These protests are appropriate even if you support Obama in general. He’s the one who said to keep up the pressure. He surely hasn’t done enough, but even so, he doesn’t work in a vacuum.

    @ ANDREW BELONSKY: please do more copy editing, the typos are making it hard to understand the post. I’m sure you’re very busy, but you agreed to take on this role.


  15. Moo says

    Hey, Towleroad, great blog. Suggestion though, if I may? Whenever you batch-post articles like this with pictures, if you could actually hotlink the picture to the article it’s related to, it’d be extremely useful and more user-friendly. Otherwise, people sit there trying to figure out what picture relates to what article.

    Thanks for keeping us updated, keep up the great work!

  16. Ian says


    I’d change your comment as follows:

    “(The HRC) speaks for the privileged gays who are just afraid they’re going to lose access to their networks within the party. They are selfish sell outs…”

    HRC is a total joke anymore, they have little to no respect from me. Whenever I can I now send $$$ to GetEQUAL, at least they are DEMANDING for our equal rights, as opposed to the HRC who seem content to give proverbial blow-jobs in exchange for empty promises.

  17. Apples says

    getEQUAL is a joke and they’re acting like stubborn children. Seriously, by screaming at the President it isn’t going to make the Republicans stop blocking the bills. You’re all acting like the President is doing Nothing because he’s not holding rallies like Lady Gaga. Did it not even cross your dense brains how much deal making and backroom talks it takes to get Senators like Snowe and Collins to switch? Grow the F up and open your eyes.

  18. Calvin SF says

    I have had it with GetEQUAL. They are only trying to raise money for their insane salaries. I don’t think anything “grassroots” can be paid for. Plus, I think Robin is on an ego trip – a trip that is crashing in front of our eyes.

    Why is TR reporting on these people? They have hurt us. They work for the Republicans.

  19. Justin Activist says

    I am an activist. I do not get paid. I seek to change minds and hearts. I do the best I can. Nobody will ever pay me to do what I think is right.

    I hope Robin and Kip enjoyed Miami. I’m working in my town person by person and I think it’s working. GE is not. They have tarnished the word “activist.” That sucks.

  20. Landon says

    @AndrewW – Obama does have a magic wand to stop DADT: it’s called an executive order. It’s how Truman desegregated the military without any input from Congress. Obama could stop the enforcement of DADT tomorrow if he had the balls.

  21. Anonymous says

    Kids are dying and all these jews care about is their stupid jobs. Pathetic, get a real fucking job you selfish kikes!

  22. Tom says

    “The President rolled down the window a bit and waved to the crowd, said participiants.”

    Then went golfing for the fifty-second time…

  23. GRIDUNLOCK says

    2) VEG: Obama’s DOJ is fighting against your rights in court. Considering they’re in power, how are they NOT a legitimate target?

    Posted by: Gridlock | Oct 11, 2010 8:15:02 PM

    Miss Gridbitch can you prove that they’re in court fighting against D.A.D.T? hey’re NOT! until then faggot shut up and go join GOProud!

  24. jason says

    Obama is anti-gay. His sympathies lie with the Muslim religion. He lied to the GLBT community about repealing DADT so that he could get you to vote for him. He succeeded in tricking you into voting for him.

    This so-called “fierce advocate” is a fraud, face it.

  25. VAVA says

    Oh, look, Jason is back with his tea bagging right-wing lies. “Look, Obama is a homophobic Muslim!” … he’d be much more accepted by Glenn Beck and that band of crazy 80 year olds. You people make me sick.

  26. says

    You astroturfers are a joke trying to make hay out of GetEqual’s finances. As if any of them are getting rich off of this. Yet you are totally blind to the irony of Obama hosting a 10,000 dollar a plate fundraiser at the house of a man who gets paid obscene amounts of money for bouncing a ball up and down the floor. Not to mention the fact that the traitors at HRC are being paid outrageous salaries to lie to their own community on behalf of this administration. If you are gay, you are nothing but selfish, turn-coat, backstabbing scum. If not, your just money grubbing, bigoted sleazeballs. Either way it is a joke for you to be passing judgment on the protesters. You have no morals and no shame.

  27. Rob G. says

    Well, once again GetEqual musters a couple of dozen protesters whose main goal seems to be promoting GetEqual.

    Have to find a way to pay their CEO’s $90,000 salary.

    As for people being turned away from fundraisers with POTUS, it’s standard Secret Service vetting. If you disturb an event, you are not allowed back. Nothing complicated here. These are not public gatherings; no one has the right to be there.

    Besides, we’re not giving money to the Dems, so we protest by giving them money? What moron thinks of these things?

    And GetEqual barely coordinated with any of the South Florida Equality organizations.

    They never do.

    Such a bunch of asshats.

    Do they really think that a blurb in a White House pool report is in any way meaningful?

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

  28. Jason says

    I thought this was about the freshwater discharges on our reefs off SoFla(seriously). They are more important to me than the actual story. These outflows pump tons of phosphates and are responsible for the destruction of 10,000 year old coral reefs and screw up the fishing.

    I also think DADT sucks as well. When I talked to the military in 12th grade it was worse. They asked you straight away if you were a commie or a homO-sexual before the recruiter even talked to you. I wanted to talk to the FBI for employment and as I was just coming out law enforcement friends told me not to bother. Things have most certainly improved since the 80s.