1. Zlick says

    Well, that was better and worse than I expected.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the Rocky stuff. I was very disappointed with Glee as a show, and am not nearly as interested in watching the series from the start as I was before last night.

    But as an excuse to do some numbers from Rocky, I think they pulled it off nicely, and explained away the odd “casting” choices reasonably.

    Toucha-a-Touch Me was absolutely the highlight for me. So well done, cute, sexy, rather brilliant, imo.

    The other numbers came off pretty good, too. The Time Warp, which I saw leaked on the internet, was the worst of them – so I’m glad that was the spoiler. The odd take on Sweet Transvestite was rad, and Hot Patootie was wild fun.

    Alas, I was disappointed in cutie boy, Chord Overstreet. Oh, he’s better looking and more buff than I even anticipated – but I think he’s a terrible actor. Actually, perfect for Rocky in every respect. Maybe he’ll get some on-the-job improvements as the show goes on, but I thought he was awful – except for looking pretty. Perfect.Rocky.

    And it was, to my delight, a pretty perfect Rocky Horror homage. But I’m meh about the show and the characters. Maybe I’ll try and catch a “regular” episode, but I think it’s played a little too silly and yet not surrealistic enough for my tastes. Fantasy High School is a tough tone to tackle. It’s not fair for me to judge it based on one episode, I guess. But I’m not impressed.

    So for me: Glee=Huh? What’s all the fuss?

  2. Ryan says

    Chord has to be one of the sexiest people alive. He’s just perfect — and has a great voice to match.

  3. Christopher Marcacci says

    Zlick: start at the beginning. All of the characters have had pretty great character arcs to get them where they are now and starting in the middle doesnt do them justice. And, I have to say, the episodes that aren’t “themed” around one thing (Madonna, Britney, RHPS) are by far a million times better than the ones that are.

  4. mitchell says

    i guess my only question is… why is it okay for the word “trannie”; which is much despised in the trans community; okay to say…and yet they changed the word “transexual” into “sensational”??? Why is the pejorative acceptable and not the actual word???

  5. Justin says

    Cory Monteith is cute as he could be – love the glasses. Only thing that could be improved is a little hair on the chest, but I’m not complaining.

  6. says

    Very disappointed that GLEE, the gayest show on TV, felt the need to de-gay Rocky Horror. Their casting “choice” to have a girl play Frank? I did think that was a bit of a slap to the queer/genderfuck essence of Rocky Horror.

  7. Nick says

    Christopher Marcacci> I totally disagree. I started from the beginning, and the characters really haven’t progressed much at all. It was good through the first half of the first season. Then it became more about selling music than telling a story. People love it because they keep choosing iconic songs, but if they don’t always move the plot forward, then it might as well be karaoke masturbation….

    I still love it when people try to explain to me how the lyrics of “Pokerface” made sense as a duet between Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel. It has just become silly…

    This is going down the path of “Popular” and “Nip/Tuck” before it. Ryan Murphy cannot sustain his ideas without going off the deep end into lunacy.

  8. dixon says

    Seems like it would be hard to comment on the Chord’s acting ability ZLICK, if you’ve not seen the other shows. You admit he was perfect for Rocky, maybe he was clued in. You hit it on the head when you admitted that it wasn’t fair for you to judge from seeing only one episode. Take a look at the prior two episodes and I think you will be surprised. Admittedly, this week was not up to the previous standards.

  9. MammaBear says

    Yeah, the lyric changes were jarring. And melody changes to Time Warp didn’t do it any favours.

    The opening number was sensational, as were some of the others.

    In terms of story line and heart the show has multiple personality disorder, but I would (and I do) watch the cast do just about anything.

    Having Meatloaf and Barry Bostwick on at the beginning was a genius wink to boomer fans.

  10. Rob says

    Love the show (look forward to watching and taping it every Tuesday night) and loved the Rocky Horror episode. I thought the production team’s efforts about a show-within-a-show in a high school setting (how do we get away with performing RH in such a conservative community?) was terrific with interesting role casting choices. Kudos to Producer Ryan Murphy and Director Adam Shankman and the entire production team and cast for making an enjoyable take on this classic musical.

  11. Mike says

    Did anyone else get hung up on Sue’s: “go yell at some fags” statement? I stopped me cold, and I don’t think I heard anything for a few seconds after that.

  12. FernLaPlante says

    My understanding is that FOX made them de-gay the show. John Stamos said in an interview that he was supposed to play Frank-n-furter but Fox nixed it b/c they didn’t want him in fishnets etc. So I would bet that Fox put pressure on Glee to “mainstream” it a bit. They still get away with a lot, though.

    IRN: Mr. Shue wins hands down for best bod.

  13. pharmerandy says

    Matthew Morrison is the man of my dreams! I actually wet my panties… twice….

    Yes. Sue sad yell at some fatties.

    Surprisingly a good episode considering what a train wreck the Britney Spears episode was.

    Give me some chocolate or I’ll cut you.

  14. JD says

    @Mike: You didn’t hear anything for a few seconds before that either. She said “Go yell at some fatties.”

  15. Tim NC says

    Apparently this weeks episode was intended to get as many young boys into anorexia as there are young girls already. They spent the first half of the episode talking about how fat and pudgy Finn’s body was and there was nothing wrong with his body at all. Then toward the end, Chord manages to grab a tiny bit of skin from his stomach (no fat at all) between his fingers and laments about having eaten some doritos.

  16. Jon B says

    @ Tim NC: Umm… did you not pick up on the male body image theme? They weren’t trying to give kids eating disorders, they were addressing the upward trend in male eating disorders.

  17. Zlick says

    Ok, I’ll watch a few regular episodes, starting at the beginning and give it a better shot. But I’ll approach the endeavor less, well, gleefully.

    I, too, was initially bugged by the casting choice for Frank. But since it was just for a song, and the song was a soul-styled knock-out, all’s forgiven at this end. (Even allowing “Transvestite” while replacing “Transsexual” seemed stupid rather than sinister.)

    Oh, and I thought Chord’s bit about body fat was a great joke, and poked fun at slim-compulsiveness … but, yeah, also illustrated all too well the benefits of working at it compulsively. The boy did not look anorexic, just rarrwwrr.

  18. Tim NC says

    Gee Jon B,

    I don’t recall the part in this episode where, while addressing the trend, they made any effort at all to stop it or show any of the dangers of it.

    What message do you think “tweens”, who are likely the largest audience for this show, got from it?

  19. LADave says

    For me, the biggest sin was making Rocky Horror flat and boring. The ongoing ‘story’ of Glee has been a train wreck for a while. But the music has mostly been fun. But last night the whole production of Rocky Horror was (gasp!) bland and vanilla in the extreme.

  20. says

    maybe i’m missing something?

    the consensus seems to be that this show is something gays should like and support, but i really don’t get it.

    to be fair, i only watched the first two episodes. actually i stopped halfway through the 2nd (or maybe i watched 3? i forget. also a bad sign.) feeling like the show isn’t gay friendly at all. i mean, the gay characters were a stereotypical fashionista/shallow/musical loving teen and a creepy middle aged teacher accused of pedophilia (or pederasty, i guess). this is gay friendly?

    now they take an iconic queer film and castrate its best, most memorable, and queerest character?

    the nail in the coffin of my hate for this show has officially been pounded in.

  21. Sean R says

    I follow Glee regularly, and they’ve done some great episodes. But the ‘Rocky’ ep was awful, really ropey and – I’m sorry to say – the man flesh displays, the walk-on in a full biker leather outfit, and the woman as male protagonist – was just somewhat odd.

    The story was mistakenly all about the educator and adult intimacy rather than about the struggle of kids to be accepted and to find their way in the world.

    It really has to get the focus back. We want Kurt’s boyfriend to emerge soon – I don’t think it’s Chord’ character at all tbh. In light of the gay suicide coverage, a programme like Glee could address gay isolation and oppression. It could also end the frivolous use of “slushing”, which seems to say bullying is part of growing up. I want to get more about the lived experience of the Glee club members as “teens” and how identification with music helps them to develop and mature. I worry that it is beginning to drift a bit.

  22. anyway says

    @Mike re: fags/fatties

    Don’t sweat it, y’all. It sounded like “fag” to me too. I had to hit the skip-back button on the DVR to hear it correctly as “fatties”.

    Though, really, I’m not sure that’s much better.

  23. von lmo says

    Why is this show being shown on Fox? Don’t these producers enough balls to tell Rupert Murdock to get stuffed & take their show elsewhere?

  24. says

    I didn’t like it. The musical performances were not inventive and the lyrical changes were offensive. (I was wondering the same thing about “tranny” vs. “transsexual,” but wondered if it had anything to do with iTunes since one was spoken and one was sung to later be sold?)

    I didn’t like him as a her and didn’t think she brought anything to that bold reinterpretation.

    I also think it played a very phony game about how ROCKY HORROR is too much for the kids, yet they still let the kids perform it for themselves (is it too much or isn’t it?) and of course the show ITSELF is showing us all the shirtless “kids” and far worse innuendos on a weekly basis. And it all really is watched by kids even if the actors playing kids are mainly young adults. So the message was … messy.

    I love Matt M. without reservation. I just can’t get into this show.

  25. ed says

    As someone who’s been following this show from the very beginning, I just want to say: ENOUGH WITH THE TRIBUTE SHOWS!

    The characters hardly move forward at all. I’ve been waiting for Kurt to get himself a boyfriend and he’s still boyfriend-less. Same goes for Mercedes, which I think is underutilized. I swear on some episodes she just sits around and becomes background prop!

    As for the Rocky Horror episode, I thought it was meh. I’ve never watched Rocky Horror so some of the references must be lost on me, but overall the episode is just plain bland. Like the stage version in the show, I feel this tribute/mess shouldn’t be made in the first place.

    That said Glee can still be good sometimes, especially when it’s not hung up on the tributes. For that reason alone I’m going to keep watching but if Glee keeps churning out this kind of mess, I may just stop watching eventually.

  26. goody2shoes says

    If you watch the whole episode, A boy was cast to play franknfurter, but when his parents found out they made him quit. They then had to scramble to find a replacement for the lead role or be forced to call off the show. That is the reason a girl is franknfurter, because all the other boys in Glee club were already cast another part. However, I agree. The show was still very Meh.

  27. says

    Okay! Here we go!

    First, am I the only one who saw this entire episode as a metatextual address to the show’s critics who have claimed that the issues it addresses, and the way it addresses them, are too risqué? By the end, the episode basically appears to agree with those critics by saying, “Yes, there’s a line, so we’re canceling the Rocky performance!” but then subverts that entire concession by having the kids perform it “for themselves” and, of course, for us. Perhaps this is the old English major in me rearing its ugly head, but I loved that about this episode. It seemed to be all about appearing to cow to the conservatives while snickering to itself and getting its way in the end… which is an attitude I love.

    Second, for the few people who’ve said that the characters haven’t changed much over the whole season and a quarter… please, go back and rewatch last season again. Virtually every character changes drastically, even the universally hated Rachel. (I like her, by the way; I’m apparently the only one in all the world, though.) I loved the arcs of the first season, and I was initially put off by the second season when so many of the characters seemed to revert to their old ways. (Quinn, I’m looking at you!) Nevertheless, a reverting is still a change, as there has to be a change in order for there to be a return.

    Third, this is an ensemble show on a mainstream TV network. It’s easier, I think, to say what this isn’t: This isn’t a show on Logo all about Kurt. Every episode can’t feature his storyline, and considering where and when the show airs, it’s amazing how much of Kurt’s story we’ve already seen. (Please don’t attack me: I’d love an all-Kurt, all-the-time spin-off, especially since some of Glee’s storylines — *cough* Sue and Will’s rivalry *cough* — are tiresome. But that all-Kurt show’s not going to happen on Fox primetime, sadly.) Some of the shows best moments have centered on Kurt, and that’s a huge step forward for GLBT television.

    Along the same lines, simply because a character is stereotypical does not mean a show, or that character, isn’t gay-friendly. There are gay kids in this world who like fashion, are slightly more effeminate than their counterparts, and talk in a high voice. Refusing to draw a character with some stereotypical behavior is just as reprehensible as drawing only stereotypical characters.

    What the show has done is been honest in its portrayals of both gay support and homophobia. I still remember the episode in which two of the jocks call Kurt a “fag” — the way that word hit me was like a slap in the face. I remember thinking, “Why would they say that, be so harsh, on a show that’s supposed to be offering support?” But sadly, that’s the way the world is, the way kids can be, and I think it’s admirable that they’re showing it and still creating strong characters that rise above it. (I felt the same way with Rachel’s egging towards the end of last season; that still stings when I think about it.)

  28. MarkDC says

    The ONLY reason to watch this show is Heather Morris as Brittany.
    The ONLY reason to watch this show is Heather Morris as Brittany.
    The ONLY reason to watch this show is Heather Morris as Brittany.
    The ONLY reason to watch this show is Heather Morris as Brittany.
    The ONLY reason to watch this show is Heather Morris as Brittany.

    Best looking guys are Mark Salling as Puck (where the fuck is Salling?!) and Kevin McHale as Artie (clearly Gay).

    Chord Overstreet is gross. All lips and bangs. Boring poseur.

    Too much fucking singing. Shut the fuck up already. The first few epidsodes were good because the show was about something, not an excuse to sing shit…every five fucking minutes. In the beginning folks watched because the show was good NOT because they want to see singing.

    Jumped the shark.


  29. Yea says

    I am ashamed in Ryan Murphy, where the hell are all the hot gay guys???? Also, no gay relationships?

  30. Matt M says

    TJ: My pleasure. :-)

    TANK: Not really, since I think Sam is the youngest guy to show off his body in this episode, and he’s twenty-one. Also, none of them even looks like a boy. When I went to high school, the guys did NOT look like Finn or Sam… and I’m not *that* old. (Exactly one year younger than Cory Monteith, the actor who plays Finn, in fact.)