Hung Jury in Murder Trial of Satanist Killer of Gay NYC Newsman

The murder trial of a satanist hustler who murdered New York newsman George Weber after they met on Craigslist has ended in a hung jury, the NY Daily News reports:

Katehis "One lone juror was the holdout, refusing to vote with the 11 others who stood ready to convict 18-year-old John Katehis of murder. The broadcast journalist, 47, went online to hire Katehis, then 16, from craigslist to act out a smothering scene at his Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, home. Despite the 50 stab wounds Weber suffered, the unidentified female juror holdout 'didn't believe they proved intent,' said fellow juror Darryl Turner, 52, of Cypress Gardens, Brooklyn. 'There was a lot of fighting this morning, but she wouldn't budge,' he said. 'It is what it is.'"

Prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi says she'll pursue a new trial.


  1. tony x says

    You know — if the guy asked to be smothered – and the person he asked was an inexperienced kid and the death was an accident, maybe he should not be found guilty.

    HOWEVER — if the kid intentially took the job to kill a gay person — then he should go to prison for life as a threat to society.

  2. says

    50 stab wounds certainly seems to prove intent to me, and I think would in any reasonable person.

    Maybe the juror was simply someone who thought the murder of a gay man was justified.

  3. vegetablelollipop says

    50 stabs wounds and this one heifer can’t ascertain whether this killer intended to do this! They should release the juror’s name so she can be eternally embarrassed. She’s probably a vicious homophobe like so many of the people in this world.

  4. justaguy says

    Juror thinks victim deserved it: She blames victim for initiating gay encounter w/ 16 yo…even though she wouldn’t have judged a victim so harshly had it been a M/F situation.

    She simply would have ruled differently if the victim were a straight guy who had invited a 16 yo satanist girl over for the same scene… or, h*ll, if a straight girl had invited this 16 yo over for the exact same scene. This juror would be up in arms against this 16 yo then.

    Let it haunt her I guess. New trial needed.

  5. coolbearinmd says

    I’m guessing the juror held out for a more common reason. The one time I served on a jury, everything went fine until final deliberations. There was one guy who basically had no life who enjoyed having all the power in the room by holding out in an open-and-shut case. Despite the fact that we got the judge to send in a stern reminder that we had all agreed to follow his instruction that “reasonable doubt” means reasonable, not beyond all possibility of doubt if, say, you believe in miracles, this guy basically maintained that there was no way he’d ever convict anybody of anything, even though he’d denied that to the judge in our pre-trial interviews. He was having the time of his life, keeping us locked up for a day before a hung jury was declared. Most of us wanted him held in contempt for flagrantly lying and disregarding instructions, but the judge didn’t believe in punishing jurors.
    The prosecutor later told us stuff we couldn’t be told at trial: that the defendant had a long record of conning elderly women in dementia into signing over property and money, and quite possibly withholding medical treatment to hasten her death, because he got medical power of attorney. His own daughter had tried to testify against him because she thought he should be behind bars. But he’d been let go more than once because he was very good at covering his tracks and because an ingenious juror or two had thought of a way to interpret the evidence that made them feel clever.
    I don’t think jurors like that are especially sensitive to hardened criminals, or homophobic particularly. They’re just sociopaths in their own way who resent authority, enjoy attention, and refuse to consider the consequences of their actions.

  6. smokey says

    I think she may be arguing it was a case of gay panic — where the accused stabbed the victim 50 times (in defense, or in shock, perhaps) because the victim made an unwarranted advance on him. Hence, he had no intention of killing the victim, but did so because of circumstance.

    Which is absolutely stupid.

  7. TANK says

    something tells me that this juror was more concerned about mcnuggets than justice…another fat illiterate slob on a jury. Amurrica!

    So, going by her logic, if I were to oh…I dunno…hit her with a car, back up and do it again…sixty times…maybe I too didn’t intend to kill her…I kept on backing up to see if I could discover what that sickening noise was…more importantly, though, would be the damage my car would sustain…a lot more importantly, actually.

  8. Zlick says

    Um, it’s not the cream of society’s crop that gets stuck on juries. Some of us indeed do it out of civil duty and pride, but too many people don’t get paid for it, and thus find a way out of serving. Add in all the smart but selfish people who just don’t want to, and you’re left with too many unemployed idiots in the juror pool.

    That’s not to say all or even most juries are tainted with idiocy, but the $12 per day doesn’t attract great minds.

  9. mike says

    50 stab wounds and the prosecution failed to show intent? That female juror has some nasty karma gonna come her way. That kid intended all along to kill his victim. There’s so much about that kid that didn’t come out in the trial, but what DID come out should have gotten him life in prison. My guess is the juror had made up her mind before the trial even began. That little prick is a marked man. He will eventually suffer the consequences of his crime. He will pay. Period.

  10. SSCHIEFRSHA says

    Let this be a lesson to those who desire the young. Consensual? Perhaps. But young men on the net despite their age are still immature and fickle. One need be careful with this sort thing.

  11. irisgirl says

    I DON’T mean this as a comparison, but I was immediately reminded of the one hold-out juror who voted NOT to convict ex-Gov Blago of trying to sell Obama’s senate seat, despite the tape recordings of him negotiating the deal!

    And the O.J. jury, and the Robert Blake jury…

  12. ratbastard says

    This kid Katehis was obsessed with knives and swords, posted that he loved risk taking, and drinking. He also described himself as:


    Allegedly Weber gave him cocaine and vodka. Weber shares some responsibility for his own murder, but he obviously hooked up with a psycho.

    The 1st day this was reported on in the news in NY, I clicked a link in an article that opened a short xtube vid allegedly of Katehis [online name GreekSatan] … he didn’t show his face … he tried jacking off but couldn’t get it up.

    The Post reported 3 jurors were originally undecided [all female] and in the end 1 juror [female] refused to convict, resulting in a mistrial. Stupid bitch, the kid is guilty as sin.

  13. TANK says

    Uh huh…well, sure…16’s a little young, and I think there was definitely wrong with the victim-but this kid’s of murder, and needs to go to jail forever and ever…people like that don’t get better.

    I think that the jury system is pretty much over in terms of its serving the interest of justice. I’ve read so many great and seemingly definitive criticisms of it…it’s primitive.

  14. shannon says

    THIS is why I tell you all the time to STOP all this “OMG HE IS SO HOT BS”…because you will put yourself in some dangerous spots..

  15. Itsi says

    I was in the court each day of the trial. I was open minded and came to the conclusion that this death was a result of a knife fight were both parties where bleeding and seriously hurt. On top of the panic state they both were on drugs and fighting over the control of the knife. The cluster of cuts, some very small show the pattern of a knife fight, not 50 stab wounds. Katehis almost died as a result of his injuries. Self defense of a 16 year old who is being raped by a 47 year old sex freak who asked and paid to be smothered. Smothering is siting with your ass on the person face cutting off the air supply. Anyone who is asking a 16 year old to do this and giving him drugs, booze is asking for a problem,,, a big problem. Too bad katehis read and used Craig’s List also a party to this crime.