1. Zlick says

    Andrew, I know you took a lot of flak around here, but I think you did a swell job. There were a couple of typos (heheh, one word omission that made a BIG difference, but everyone knew what you meant to say), but I liked your choice of things to cover and enjoyed your point of view.

  2. EnigmaticAnswer says

    I thoroughly enjoyed you the last few weeks. I really like how you inject a bit of (rational) opinion and personality into the posts. I will definitely keep my eye out for your writing in the future.

  3. niles says

    There seems to be a lot of school marms on here. I think you did a great job and seemed to get in the flow nicely as time went on. You have a refreshingly even-handed approach and asked some good questions.

  4. castaway says

    Thanks Andrew for your stint in the drivers seat giving Andy a well-deserved break. We’re a tough crowd, particularly these days with the level of GLBT hate seemingly at an all time high. You had some hot items to report on. People are emotional and angry. I hope you’re feeling better. Many thanks!

  5. Tone says

    *thumbs up*
    All the best Andrew. You had big shoes to fill and yet you didn’t stumble once. I’d hate to have to take care of this place. I’m happier being among the rabble. Cheers and take care eh?

  6. Daya says

    Andrew — Thank you so much for your great work. You managed Andy-like coverage with Andrew style and flair!! Great! I hope if Andy asks to you cover again, you won’t think twice. I will be looking for your work.

  7. kenneth says

    Wonderful job. Smart, different and wonderfully entertaining. I was very impressed with how you handled the Rutgers suicide story etc. Best of luck and right…just a click away.

  8. mattman says

    Thanks so much for all your work! it has been a hell-of-a couple of weeks, but you were spot on with all the poltics of gay life and I appreciate your writing and point of view.

  9. Ron says

    You did a great job, and I’ve worked as a proofreader and felt no need to point out typos–it happens. You had a lot to cover and I forgot several times that Andy was gone. That means kudos to you and for Andy on selecting you.

  10. JT says

    P.S. Don’t you love the way the belonsky character hides from the Bronx gang bashings when summing up the week, yet in 2006 he screamed everyday from Queerty about those Duke lacrosse “rapists !!”” Towle is another out-of-towner who’s ALMOST as bad, but nothing like the belonsky.

  11. FunMe says

    Andrew you did a great job! I forgot Andy was gone since you have been holding the fort pretty well.

    And handsome face like yours make it even special!

  12. TampaZeke says

    Thanks Andrew. You did a great job under difficult circumstances and under the scrutiny of some of the most critical participants on the net. Towlies, god love us, can be brutal.

    You’ve got a new follower for your blog.

  13. wimsy says

    Many thanks, Andrews for a job well done. And thanks to the bitchy nitpickers who aren’t happy unless they’re…bitching. Here’s hoping they get a life.

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