1. Scott says

    Please correct this line:

    “The AK Dept. of Education’s statement, via The Advocate:”

    The state abbreviation for Arkansas is AR. AK would be Alaska.

  2. TommyOC says

    @Vauxhall02: Relax. Many of us had a period of confusion, consternation and doubt when coming to terms with our sexuality. I definitely would call that a “sexuality crisis.”

    But I’m glad you had a seamless transition with reconciling your thoughts with society’s expectations.

  3. One of the CA 36,000 says

    @vauxhall02: You DO realize the interviewer, Thomas Roberts, is GAY himself?! I doubt he thinks his own sexual reality is an “identity crisis”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.

    This redneck dumbass cracker Clint McCance, however, is a waste of air, water and food whose children hate him– if any of them have two living brain cells to rub together. Highly doubtful, as they’re probably the product of inbreeding like their “uncle daddy” and “aunt mom”. Eeewwwwww.

  4. says

    Good local reporting by Max Brantley.

    I can’t believe that a school board member couldn’t get recalled for this language, much less using Facebook (does he think he’s Sarah Palin) and using the word ‘THERSELVES’ ?

  5. ichabod says

    “Brantley spoke to McCance, who said he’s received hundreds of phone calls and is worried about his family.”

    Boo-fucking-hoo, you cowardly asshole. I’m not advocating violence against anyone, but really, you reap what you sow, pal…

  6. Jonathan says

    Changing topic: Has anybody else spoken to the guy on grindr who insists he’s Tom Roberts and sends pics he downloads off of the internet? It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  7. Michael says

    Many people have proposed a boycott of McCance’s business; he clean carpets. This would have limited effect. More effective I think would be to attack the water damage recovery service that is part of his business. That business is largely funded by insurance companies that must use his services. Protest to the insurance companies that recommend his company to policy holders or that make direct payment to McCance.
    This is a protest that could be made in every state and against large companies which work to maintain their image. McCance obviously doesn’t care what people think of him. Address the companies that do business with him. Call your local agent and ask if your insurer has made payment to McCance. Your agent won’t be able to answer, but the question will make the companies take a second look at McCance.

  8. Brian B says

    VOTE for progressive candidates! Not voting only makes people like this have a stronger voice, and gives them the means to make such views national instead of just isolated to some corner of Arkansas.

  9. steve says

    @vauxhall02: Thomas Roberts himself is gay– quite publicly. Duh.

    @craig: the man interviewed is NOT McCance. He’s the (quite admirable) reporter from the Arkansas Times who’s helping break the story! Double duh.

  10. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    JG and Craig: No, the real f*cks and lunatics are people who comment on videos they haven’t viewed. See that arrow-looking thing over the picture? Try clicking it! It’s magic!

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    LMFAO – McCance says “he has a family to consider” he has two young daughters” – What about the f*cking families of the kids who killed themselves? Or the other families that have nto made it on the news who have had their loved ones end their lives? What about their families, McCance?!

    I hope they nail this bigotted ratf*ck to the wall!

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