Obama Meets with Progressive Bloggers

President Obama met with a group of progressive bloggers. Among them was Joe Sudbay of Americablog, who asked the President a number of questions about gay rights issues including 'DADT'.

BloggersThe other bloggers were Barbara Morrill (aka BarbinMD) from DailyKos, John Amato from Crooks & Liars, Oliver Willis from OliverWillis.com, and Duncan Black aka "Atrios" from eschatonblog, according to Jake Tapper of ABC News.

Obama still wouldn't say whether he believes DADT is unconstitutional. Sudbay also asked about marriage equality:

"Joe's next question was about same-sex marriage. President said he's not going to make news today on the question, but that he agreed times are changing, and he said he's thinking about the issue (again, we need to see the transcript to get the nuance here). Joe told the President about Prop 8 in California, and how our people lost rights, and we are not equal."

Check out Sudbay's initial report HERE. A more detailed transcript is promised later.


  1. js says

    If Obama admitted he thought DADT was unconstitutional he would have to admit that other discriminatory laws such as DOMA would be unconstitutional as well. I don’t see him admitting that. Especially not before the mid-term elections.

  2. Joe says

    His answer on gay marriage is interesting – since saying he didn’t want to make news today is a strong indication that he is a supporter.

    However, because we now how he supports issues, this means he won’t act on it until 75% of americans agree with it, and then he’ll do so only with words and tepidly force it through congress.

    My goodness. If people with the conviction of Obama and Holder were running things during the 60s blacks would have been shit out of luck. I wish Ted Kennedy was alive to give Obama a piece of his mind.

  3. says

    As our self-annointed “leading advocates for repeal” rolled over for the Obama Mafia’s Vow of Secrecy we’ll apparently never know what was said at the latest Desperate Damage Control White House meeting yesterday as they, once again, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. We hope they at least got an extra box of Presidential Seal M&Ms on their way out the golden door. But three cheers for AMERICAblog Gay’s Joe Sudbay who dared try today to get unequivocal answers and accountability from Our Lord & Savior Obama Christ. SOME of us aren’t satisfied with just candy.

  4. ChimChim says

    Lisa Simpson: “President Obama, we’re grateful that less than 1 week before the election, you’ve agreed to meet with our meager group of progressive influencers and avoided answering several of our questions, even though it sends a powerful message about your disinterest in our issues. This brief self-admiring brush with power will energize us to return to our blogs and the voting booth and do as we are told using the key talking points given to us by your advisor Mr. Axelrod, however we will hope for something better.”

    Bart Simpson: “Don’t be a sucker, Lisa”.

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