1. Ninong says

    Well, let’s see. The newly elected senators from Delaware, West Virginia and Illinois are all elegible to be sworn in on November 3. That would be Joe Biden’s former seat, Robert Byrd’s former seat and Barack Obama’s former seat.

    Only the Delaware seat is safe for the Democrats. Illinois is leaning Republican and West Virginia is leaning Democratic; however, in West Virginia, Democrat Joe Manchin has said that he would not vote to repeal DADT until after he had a chance to hear from all of the “commanders in the field” and the chiefs of the various branches of the military that repealing DADT would not impact morale or troop readiness.

    Tell me again how the administration expects to have more votes in the lame duck than they had the last time?

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Because “NIMONG” in the lame duck, hence lame duck, the “former” senators are still in the congress. The newly elected ones don’t come until January. Some senators when not in an election fight will vote in favor of DADT repeal. That’s the way it is, politics.

    Should we have a minimum govt and political knowledge test before you’re allowed to vote?

  3. Grover Underwood says

    Nimong is correct-whoever is elected from WV, Illinois and Delaware will be seated before anyone else.

    Those three seats all have appointees currently occupying those seats.

  4. James says

    Actually, this meeting enrages me even more than I was before. Words, words, words. Empty words. I hesitate to say ‘lies.’ but certainly misdirection. I will send a message to Obama and the Democrats… when I vote next week….

  5. Ninong says

    All three of those senators will be seated just as soon after the November 2nd election as they can get to Washington and get Joe Biden to swear them in.

    And “Brain” in Texas, it’s Ninong, not “NIMONG.”

    Are you even old enough to vote yet?

  6. Bucky says

    When asked if Obama had reached out to individual Senators in order to change “no” votes to “yes”, Gibbs replied: “To my knowledge, it hasn’t taken place yet.”

    Doesn’t that tell us all we need to know about Obama in regards to his “fierce advocacy” for gay civil rights? He can’t even be bothered to pick up the effing phone and make a few calls to put a little presidential pressure where it might help.

    I’m done with him.

    I hate that the dems are going to lose the presidency in 2012, but I don’t see Obama as anything other than a one-term failed presidency.

  7. androjai says

    I am sick of talk talk talk talk talk. That’s all he ever does. I have had it! I am totally disenfranchised with Mr Obama.

  8. Ninong says

    There were 43 votes against cloture the last time: all 41 Republicans plus both senators from Arkansas, Pryor and Lincoln. Only Lincoln will be a lame duck. She has absolutely no chance to win re-election.

    So where are the votes for cloture coming from in the lame duck? Maybe from Lincoln because she owes Obama for supporting her in the primary over the much more progressive lieutenant governor. Maybe she will switch and vote for cloture in the lame duck but I don’t see how they can get Pryor to switch.

    Even if they do manage to get both Pryor and Lincoln to switch, they would still need at least one Republican. And they would need to get Manchin to vote for cloture. He could still vote against it on the floor when it came up for final passage but they would need his vote for cloture.

    So they will need a Republican, both senators from Arkansas, and Manchin. Then they have to hope Gianoulias wins in Illinois, otherwise they will need two Republicans. Maybe both senators from Maine?

    So it’s certainly possible but I wouldn’t put money on it. The president seems to think he has the votes but that’s what he thought before the last vote, too.

  9. Gregory says

    I just can’t believe that Americans are stupid enough to put the Republicans back into power. Gingrich, Bush, McConnell. Seriously, where do all these assholes come from? Why is the human species so damn rotten?

  10. LincolnLounger says

    Well, he bought off HRC again by inviting them to the White House. They will be even more silent than usual.

    Keep going back for more empty promises, meaningless words, and inaction and then be outraged when the Democrats deliver nothing.

    Obama is the biggest phoney that has occupied the White House.

  11. X says

    Finally! Too bad this comes only days before election time. And a series of highly publicized suicides. Gah.

    Look, it’s clear that equality still isn’t the Administration’s priority right now. So how do we respond? That’s my main problem.

    Frankly I have so much anger in me that I want everybody to fight, fight, fight, no matter how the elections turn out. Too many people in power have walked all over gay people for way too long, and this has to end now.

  12. Threedwill says

    Empty words from an empty suit. The failure of his leadership is epic given the opportunities afforded him in 2008.

    It is offensive to hear any democrat, especially this President whine about how the minority party prevents them from advancing legislation they claim to support.

    Is it better to have a foe whom you know to be a foe or a foe who claims to be your friend? Ultimately it means the same result – nothing advances for the GLBT community regardless of the party in power.

  13. Garrett in SF says

    I’m a “fierce advocate” of the Dems … if they appear on my ballot, I will probably vote for them (aka if it comes to my desk I’ll sign it). But don’t ask me to lift a finger to help one get elected unless they have put themselves out on a limb for us. They’re all party friends — they smile and say hi, but don’t ask them to bring you soup when you’re sick.

  14. Grover Underwood says

    all I know is that I will support nearly anyone who runs against Obama in 2012 in the primaries and if the republican nominee isn’t completely repugnant, I might vote for that person.

    I think that we need to send a message to Obama that we’re tired of him not being the fierce advocate he promised he would be.

  15. johnny says

    I voted for Obama because he was such a great talker. Looks like I got what I voted for: A lot of talk.

  16. TomG says

    Obama wants Congress to repeal DADT and DOMA so he can get credit. The problem is Congress will never repeal them whichever party is in control. At this point to many members are in the age group that believe gays shouldn’t have any rights and belong in the closet. That’s not going to change for another 10-20 years minimum. Legal challenges in the courts are our best bet of getting laws declared unconstitutional and getting some rights.

  17. FunMe says

    Did Obama have another STFU party for “the gays”? With Champagne and Caviar of course?

    Anyone who still believes this LIAR of a President who betrayed us all after we gave him money, time and our votes is living in FantasyLand. Words, words, words … that is all what that FRAUD offers.

    Meanwhile, I am enjoying this Election Time ever so beautifully:
    – No phone calls to make
    – No princinct work for the Democrats
    – No walking the neighborhoods for GOTV
    – No $$ MONEY $ to give

    What a great Fall! DON’T ASK … DON’T GIVE. gaytm has been closed for quiet some time!

  18. says

    Letting the Republicans win will only make it worse. Much, much worse.

    @FUNME: spend some of your time supporting progressive gay rights candidates—they’re out there. And for goodness sake, call the DNC and tell them how you feel. Doing nothing positive is abdicating responsibility.

    I’m very unhappy with Obama too, but bailing won’t help at all. And the man is trying to set a very different tone from the constitution-destroying Bush presidency.

  19. Mike says

    David R. No he isn’t. He’s shredding the Constitution even more. Expanding the power to search and snoop even more, wiretap even more, etc. etc.

  20. Ross says

    Any gay person in the United States that votes against this president or the Democratic party for that matter is ultimately voting against his or her own interest.

    Though, it is not uncommon for Americans to vote against their own interest – especially when they arrive at the voting booth already biased and then tricked based on that bias that they are voting the “right” way or the best way.

    The Obama administration is working to create a PERMANENT solution to DADT by doing everything – even things that seem like a betrayal – like the DOJ appealing the decision…it is only because Congress hasn’t voted yet and the Pentagon “study” is not complete.

    The administration is making the best choice so that when DADT is finally repealed it can’t be overturned on some ‘technicality’ that the legal and political naive are unaware of.

    You whiny assholes are just like toddlers that want what they want now regardless of the consequences.

    Consider that many people wish gay people did not exist. We have enemies like Ken Melhman who think it is okay as a relatively wealth and powerful gay man just six years ago to simply come out as gay and then apologize for helping to destroy the lives of countless people across the country by actively working to make anti-gay hate and discrimination the law based on the constitutions of many of the States.

    The Obama administration has done more for gay Americans in two years than ALL administrations have done for gays in the history of this country. Is it perfect – NO. Is it better than the alternative? Absolutely. It took 143 years for the USA to go from denying a person of color basic human rights to a person of color reaching the pinnacle of USA power (if not global). Gay human rights are moving at an exponential pace in comparison. We will see the end of DADT before 2012. I think if Obama is re-elected we will see full human rights for gay Americans by the end of 2016.

    If however, gay whiny assholes have their way…and that pendulum swings right…it’s gonna knock them down and the hateful right is going to literally put a foot on their head and neck to keep them down.

  21. says

    @MIKE: you may well be right on snooping—I haven’t heard enough about the latest proposals to be sure, but definitely concerned.

    That said, he is sticking by the rule of law.

  22. bobbyjoe says

    Robert Gibbs is saying “gee, we really wish these Senators would change their minds,” but I’m not sure how he then hopes this will happen: maybe either wishing really, really hard or osmosis? It sure doesn’t sound like Obama picking up the telephone.

    When Gibbs talks about how the administration wishes Senators would change their votes, but Obama hasn’t tried to convince a single one of ’em “to my knowledge” would read like something out of a funny dark comedy, like “Dr. Strangelove” or maybe a movie like “Network,” if it weren’t our rights at stake.

  23. TANK says

    The republicans aren’t an alternative (they are no option…the party of sharron angle and louie gomert…gone)…but the democrats aren’t an option. It’s time for a third party vote. Breaking is hard to do…but not that hard in this case, when the only way that they really care is when they need you to vote or donate.

  24. Dale says

    Blah, Blah, Blah…I am so tired of all these empty words coming from the President. Besides, it’s too little, too late. I was a huge supporter of Mr. Obama when he ran for President. Though he still is better than what we would have had if McCain-Palin had won, it’s time for him to hit the road if he can’t do the job that he said that he would do. If he at least was actually trying, I would cut him some slack. However, his actions now are so transparent, and insulting to the majority of the GLBT community that knows he is just trying to play us for fools.

  25. r says

    seems incomprehensible that the two most powerful men in the world (obama and the joint chiefs chair) can’t get this done.

    truly doesn’t seem that there’s been any real demonstration of commitment to doing so

  26. FunMe says

    DAVID R. I think you are a very sweet person and with all due respect (HONESTLY), challenge you to stop thinking of politics from the “PAST”.

    It is no longer about D are better than R just because. Our political parties have to DELIVER. And when we have our own Democrat party who caters to us and simply LIES to us to get our money, time and votes, but when they get elected they IGNORE us, INSULT us, and BETRAY US … it’s time to wake up like Rihanna.

    Remember Rihanna was physically abused by her bf Chris Brown? After the fact she was still with her “but I love him!” … eventually she opened her eyes.

    We all have to open our eyes and see that TODAY in 2010 there is no longer the politics of the past.

    There are the US and the THEM (the Ds and Rs and the rest of the DC clowns who have taken over our government) … and we need to remind them that it is of


    and the Ds and Rs who have are turning our country into an OLIGARCHY are wrong, plain and simple.

    I leave you with this:
    “The days for voting for a Democrat who has betrayed you … are OVAH!”

  27. FunMe says

    ROSS and the DNC, Obama administration, Blue DOG club, DLC, DSCC, and other “loser” groups . . .thanks for the LAUGHS!

    “Any gay person in the United States that votes against this president or the Democratic party for that matter is ultimately voting against his or her own interest.”

    You’re going to make me PEE in my pants. You are SO DELUSIONAL it’s not even funny!

    Voting against my OWN interests?
    Stop it! I am gonna pee again with your LIES!

    Thanks for the laughs!

  28. please vote says

    your choice is between ‘no progress’ and ‘no constitutional rights’. you choose.

  29. Martin Murray says

    I am incredibly to witness the death of American democracy.

    I won’t be voting.

    What’s the point. The only oprions are the Right (Democrats) and the Far-Right (Republicans) who are so locked into what their corporate sponsors tell them that they ignore the electorate.

    The hilariously primitive electoral system we have in the US means that this cannot change.

    Don’t bother voting.

    It merely gives credibility to a failed political system.

  30. Martin Murray says

    “American democracy dies only when you don’t vote.”


    American democracy died when it became irrelevant who you voted for as both parties are indistinguishable. And the fact that the electoral system is designed to ensure that nothing will ever change, I think it’s fair to remove our hats to honour the death of American democracy.

    Oh the US goes through the motions and gives a reasonable facsimilie of a democracy, but really – it’s a fraud.

    DADT will only be reprealed when the corporations who control out country decide it will happen.

    That puppet Obama or the puppets in the Dems or Reps have no control over it.

  31. william says

    Obama is a one term president and the dems will lose the senate. It’s no one’s fault but theirs. They both had their chance to fulfill all the promises made during the election and as usual they were all lies. Yes obama has done some good for GLBT people but too little too late. He’s trying to put out a fire that has grown from a camp fire to a entire forest.
    It wont work. You and the dems have lost our support. I will vote democrat not because i think they will do anything positive but because they are the lesser of two evils. I’ve had it with all of these jerks

  32. jason says

    Obama needs to be kicked out of office. We in the GLBT community have the power to help it along. If we maintain our rage into 2012, we can do it.

    Never have I been so enraged by a patent fraud as this poor excuse for a President.

  33. jason says

    There is not going to be a repeal of DADT. Obama has contributed to the very circumstances which will ensure that it isn’t repealed. For instance, he gave the green light to this bogus survey by the military, the results of which will be released in December. It isn’t a scientific survey based on a random sample, and will thus be loaded with negative responses. Just wait and see.

    Obama has trashed the Democratic Party brand and destroyed the relationship we had with it.

  34. Bucky says

    @Jason, the Dem brand wasn’t all that before Obama. Remember eight years of Bush Jr. when Dems rolled over and played Republican and gave Bush almost everything he wanted?

    But you are right that Obama hasn’t helped any. But perhaps he has done the GLBT community a favor by making us finally realize that the Dems are no friend of the gay community. They love our money and our votes, but they work hard to keep us as second class citizens.

  35. Tigerama says

    “You whiny assholes are just like toddlers that want what they want now regardless of the consequences.”

    I sat in a military jail cell for three months in 1990 because commanders back then could pretty much do what they wanted to gay soldiers – sorry you think that’s “whining,” but yeah, I’d like things like that to never happen again – and if you think they’re still NOT, you’re a fool.

  36. justiceontherocks says

    To Ross: I notice you put up your incoherent post at 1:26 a.m. Here’s a suggestion: don’t drink and type.

  37. Gerry says

    I’m certainly with you, ROSS. Best comment that I’ve ever seen and so very true. This is certainly no time to give up on the Democrats. We’ve seen alot of progress over the past two years and should NOT even want to consider going backwards with a return of the republicans. For all you whiners out there….grown up, grow some balls and fight for this cause that’s so important to not only you but for all of us.We just can’t expect everything to handed to us on a silver platter.

  38. Martin Murray says

    “….grown up, grow some balls and fight for this cause that’s so important to not only you but for all of us”

    Indeed – join GetEqual and other direct action groups and engage in civil disobedience and civil unrest.

    Do NOT rely on politics as that is a waste of time.

    Understand that the HRC and the Stonewall Democrats are utterly worthless.

    Understand that the Democrats are indifferent at best and downright homophobic at worst.

    understand that campaigning for, contributing money to or voting for the Democrats or Republicans will achieve NOTHING.

    The African American Civil Rights movement required a lot of of protest.

    The LGBT community can no longer rely on the pathetic liars of the Democrat Party. Direct action is required.

  39. Robert says

    Obama Scorecard:
    -Universal Health Care…..FAILED
    -End to Off Shore drilling…..FAILED
    -GLBT Equality…….FAILED

    Looks like I gave money and support to real FAILURE!

    I’m sorry Hillary. Please run in 2012. I won’t make the same mistake twice.

  40. Scott says

    @Ross: Perhaps we just took him at his word that he was a “fierce advocate.” Silly whiny us. Defend him if you wish…but don’t expect everyone to be pleased with his lack of progress.

  41. BobN says

    Authorization to repeal DADT passed the House with 85% of Dems and 3% (pardon me, 2.7%) of Republicans. The cloture vote in the Senate had 96% of Dem support and ZERO GOP support.

    Go ahead, vote for the party that gave you ZERO.

    I swear, THIS IS WHAT POLITICS IS LIKE. You don’t like it? Move to a country with a monarchy.