Pastor Plans Rally Against Eddie Long


The firestorm surrounding Bishop Eddie Long will get some fresh fuel later this month, when a South Carolina Pastor named Prophet H. Walker leads a rally in Georgia calling for Long’s resignation.

“[Long] has no right to assume the office of pastor at any Christian church. A pastor should be above reproach,” said Walker, whose rally against Long will be held on Halloween. Long, a homophobic conservative, has been accused of sexually assaulting four young men from his congregation.

The claims against Long come as no surprise to radio host Reuben Armstrong, who says someone came to him in 2006 and told him, “Bishop Long was allegedly grooming young vulnerable male members of his church for his own personal sexual use.” Armstrong has always been a voracious critic of Long, whom he included in his best-selling book, Crooks and Homos in the Pulpit.

Long, meanwhile, maintains his innocence and refuses to back down.


  1. princely54 says

    @ICHABOD — exactly my thought! I was thinking it was a good thing until I saw that title. I wonder if that radio host is just another ranting homophobe, even if he did call Long out.

  2. Steve says

    The problem is – this who situation reinforces (at least in the minds of black churchgoers) a stereotype of gay men as predators, and the way Long is handling this adds fuel to that view.

    If Long came out and fessed up, he might be able to educate his congregation. Instead he’s hiding and letting other people steal his thunder. A shame.

  3. arch says

    so much hatred and fear, say what you like about our “community” and its tendency to bitchiness and cat fights but at least we do not swim in the type of emotional stews that these religeous types do.

    they all need to take a leaf out of Desmond Tutu’s book and love a little more

    in the meantime – lets all sit back and enjoy the fighting – I think its called “cockbaiting” or is that something else…

  4. MadM@ says

    I’d hit it

    I hope that the Baptist church wastes a lot of time, money, resources, and credibility once all this is said and done. After that, I hope congregation members realize they could have instead used it on helping people that were down and out.

  5. gregv says

    Whenever yet another homophobe gets caught in a sexual scandal, we hear various media commentators referring to it in terms that suggest that it’s the opposite of what we would expect or saying he was leading “a homosexual/gay lifestyle.”
    That ignorance of the subject matter always really irks me. Psychologists know this is EXACTLY what we would expect.

    Jesus didn’t ever suggest that homosexuality was any kind of “sin,” so what other explanation would there be for someone being obsessed with attacking gay people under the guise of being “Christian,” while ignoring any number of issues Jesus actually did challenge? They’re trying to suppress something they are phobic about in themselves.

    I’ve seen a man talking at a microphone to a bunch of “believers” telling them about his former “homosexual lifestyle” of sneaking around behind his girlfriend’s back to find anonymous men to satisfy him. (And of course such people are always “backsliding” into such unhealthy behaviors as long as they are still determined they are the opposite of gay and that gay is bad).

    What I saw described as a “homosexual lifestyle” in never found among anyone who is counted among the gay community per se (for example, in surveys or according to the individual’s self-identification).

    It is a homoPHOBIC lifestyle.
    Maybe when these things are being sliced and diced on TV, the people being interviewed should be those who did the University of Georgia study on penile tumescence.

    Anyone who is “surprised” when a rabid homophobe gets caught in a sex scandal needs to get educated on how homophobia works.

    “Crooks and Homos in the Pulpit?” Oh, brother!

  6. says

    Yeah, great. Armstrong’s book groups homosexuals with “Pimps, Crooks, and Liars.”

    From the back of his book:
    “These leaders are whoring God’s people from the pulpit, while teaching legions of pimps, crooks, liars and homosexuals, who pose as pastors, to follow in their footsteps.”

  7. reynolds says





  8. Ryan says

    The fine Bishop Long apparently got his vowels mixed up. It is perfectly acceptable to PRAY with your hot young male congregation is is not however acceptable to PREY on your hot young male congregation. This little slip up just might have cost him his fancy clothes, expensive cars and big mansion … oh my, the penalty for the sins of the flesh.

  9. VIRTUOUS says

    Jesus said, if you look at a woman with lust it is a sin. All sex outside of marriage- a man and a woman- is sin, bottom line. But we all can repent and be forgiven. I thank God that I was, and I pray for all of the parties and their families. LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!

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