1. Name says

    Looks like a great day, too bad there won’t be any celebrating after Tuesday for years. We had our chance now we’ll get nothing passed. Obama will never be re-elected.

  2. Henry Holland says

    “they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire and then perhaps host a week of shows on the sudden, unexpected dangerous flaming ant epidemic”


  3. Mrs. Sippi says

    This was a mostly wasted opportunity. The emphasis on both sides being too strident, emphatic, etc. was an embarrassing mischaracterization of the current political environment. The left is not stomping heads, bullying people to death, denying families adoption and marriage, calling people Nazis or Hitler, yelling Fa* and Ni**er at people, enacting racist laws, and on, and on. To have the national stage and only tip that hat at calling this out while promoting a “we should just take turns and play well with others” myth was infuriating. If I wanted to see privileged folks telling a three hour joke through improv, I would go back to junior high drama class.

  4. Here's Hoping says

    It was mainly a chance for people of like minds (namely fans of liberals Jon S and Steve C) to get together and realize their strength and numbers. Numbers which greatly exceeded the crowd drawn by Beck and Palin.

    Now if only that will translate into going to the polls and voting it will have been worth it.

    It puts the Tea Party with its cracked tea pot into perspective. They are loud and get a lot of coverage but they are outnumbered by the sane. Let’s hope they are out voted on Tuesday.

  5. says

    This was weak and tired. Stewart and Colbert are funny, but they’re lightweights.
    Anything that comes from commercial media is a waste of time. Their job is to create an ignorant public, so their bosses can run Washington without interferance from voters too stupid and lazy to study policy.
    They don’t call it the boob tube for nothing.

  6. Leonard says

    As a person in attendance, I can’t say that the rally achieved anything (though how can you achieve something when you don’t have a goal?), but it allowed like-minded people to come together and realize their strength and destroy the myth that tea-partiers are the majority of Americans, they’re just the loudest.

    While the left isn’t nearly as vitriolic and hateful as the right (yes, I’m a liberal), we can be just as misinformed and plain ol’ stupid and ignorant as the other side, and we have to realize that and grow up.

    This “Us vs Them” mentality is going to tear our country a part. And our 24 hour infonewstainment channels are accelerating the process.

  7. please vote says

    tremendous. please come in, and be normal. it doesn’t hurt, but might take a little courage.

  8. says

    It was good to see a huge gathering of normal liberal-oriented people for a change. People I like. I wanted to hug my teddy bear again. But Jon Stewart is naive to think that the Tea-infused Republican Party will be interested in joining with the Democratic Party in “solving problems” in a way that involves the federal government.

  9. JOEBLOE says

    @LEONARD>I’m so glad you got to go. What prompted me to address this comment to you is you seem to be unaware that you answer your own question. First paragraph. First sentence. And I quote,”it allowed like-minded people to come together and realize their strength”, end quote. You were meant to take that home with you and reflect on it, and you did. See? Jon’s goal was to just have you show up, and see for yourself that a lot of Americans do think and feel the same way, we just all arrive to the same place differently, and at different times. But we get there. See?

  10. Rainer says

    In german newspapers I read that Yussuf (formerly Cat Stevens) was on stage of that protests, too — as far as I remember he supported the killing of author Salman Rushdie (“The Satanic Verses”) — but maybe he meanwhile restored his sanity?

  11. naughtylola says

    Yusef Islam (aka Cat Stevens) certainly was there, in a musical duel with Ozzy Osbourne (“Peace Train” versus “Crazy Train”). It was pretty spectacular.

    He has talked a good deal about the comments he made when the fatwah was issued on Salman Rushdie. In short, his contention is that he was a relatively recent convert and still very much in the ‘novice’ phase, and for some reason news media chose him to be “the voice of Muslims” when seeking commentary on the fatwah. The comments he made at the time were, essentially, ‘this is what Islam believes, so this is what I believe’. That seems pretty typical for someone who is new to a philosophy and is only working with a framework, and has not had the time, experience, or confidence for introspection.

    Wikipedia has a node on it:

    You can make up your own mind about the sincerity of his words since then. Not knowing the man, I’ll take them at face value since I have no reason to doubt him.

  12. patrick nyc says

    The pundits and public will dissect and ponder what the rally meant, for me it was summed up in the last 20 minutes. To focus on what common ground we have, to realize when the 24/7 MSM is fanning flames that they lit themselves for ratings, and to extend an olive branch, regardless if it is taken or not.

    That said, I will still call out anyone who tries to stop us from gaining equal rights, I just will not attack them personally.

  13. Peter says

    I caught the San Francisco satellite edition of the rally, and I loved it even with its flaws. The point to me wasn’t to advocate for one side or another. Attendees will be bombarded with that after the rally ended. But what the intense partisanship screamed by various media outlets make us forget is of the bigger and more common bond we all share as American citizens. Stewart wanted people to step back and remember that point.

    That said, if not all Muslims are terrorists, then not all Tea Partiers are insane homopohobic racist bigots. The question is recognizing when the stereotype is untrue.

  14. Joanie says

    Even if the Rally DIDN’T really accomplish anything (and I went, so I do feel it did), does it hurt to try?
    Everyone I talked to about it has a “don’t try ’cause it’s not gonna work anyway” attitude about it.
    And that’s what’s wrong.

  15. Bobo says

    Stewart’s closing remarks were so naive that for me they were the funniest part of the three hours.