1. Sean R says

    Don’t worry Sarah, I’m sure *someone* will step up to the job but won’t ya be on that one way trip back to Mars by then, you could become Queen of Mars, you betcha!

  2. Joe says

    Hahaha. This looney is nuts. She can run all she wants but the chances of her getting the GOP nomination and the majority of the entire country voting for her are slim to none. We have a lot of uneducated, backwards-thinking people here, but regardless I think most of America has enough sense not to elect this inexperienced, ridiculous woman to run our country.

  3. humboldt says

    you know, i actually believe her. she hasn’t decided yet what will be best…for her. and when she decides, you can bet that one person will benefit the most: sarah.

  4. Craig says

    Oh, Sara, thanks. So few people are interested in the presidency that it’s really hard to find people willing to serve. What a great endorsement: “Vote Palin ’12 – if there’s nobody else that wants to run!”


  5. ravewulf says

    I wish someone crazier than her would run and get the Republican spot. Now if only we could get someone a Bold Progressive as the Democratic candidate. We could win and make ACTUAL change to the system.

  6. Bradford says

    Dear Sarah,
    Don’t worry your pretty lil’ head about the presidency. All of us will be just fine if you remain in Alaska and continue your reality show. I haven’t been to your beautiful state, so I need you to show me all the wonders so I can prepare myself for when I eventually do visit.


  7. Brian in Texas says

    There is a pathway for her getting the republican nomination, but her general election campaign hopes would be a disaster. I’m hoping she does run.

  8. Bart says

    This ass clown can’t even lie well. Of course she’s running. Of course she wants it. She would kill her mother to get be President and sink this country into an abyss of diviseness so deep and disturbing it would change the landscape of America forever.

    Did anyone catch the line following the ridiculous remark about if nobody wanted to run and in spite of what critics saying about her blah, blah, blah(her biggest annoyance has always been the negative things people say about her. At least GW attacked the wrong country because of a personal vendetta to get the guy who wanted to kill his father, Sarah would do something equally as stupid and costly if she were insulted by a foreign leader and ithurt her feelings.) Anyway, I digress, the line she spoke was …”just going forward with what I think the priorities should be.” What she thinks?! That’s so telling. Not what is best for the country or the people that live in it, but what Sarah thinks (great thinker that she is.) So, this is first and foremost a complete ego trip. That’s scary.

  9. wonderer says

    These teabaggers are turning out to be the freakest people EVER in politics. What i LOVE about it is that we are seeing alot of true colors….of the people of our land….The sad part is that it makes me sad to be an American….just glad to live in an area of California were I never see it.

  10. nyrkr says

    Please Sarah run, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top !!! (:
    If the republicans shut down the gov’t like they are threatening with zero bi-partisanship and she runs in 2012, it will be the end of the republican party

  11. Paul R says

    I’d be willing to switch my party affiliation to vote her into the GOP nomination slot. If she got it, it would ensure that the GOP will lose.

    Thing is, most of the powerful GOP insiders do not care for her. She was the nutjob/teabagger vote, sure, but those people are mainly good at getting attention. There aren’t actually too many of them. And most moderate or rational Republicans (I have some relatives in that category) wouldn’t vote for her in a million years. She’s basically Dan Quayle in a dress, 20 years later, and the GOP certainly hid him away as quickly as they could.

  12. Jeff Dunivant says

    Don’t stress yourself Sarah, that is all we need; have you learned nothing since the 2008 election. Made up bullet points is all she knows, and stuff written on her hand…what a joke!

  13. mike says

    Gee, Sarah, even if you DO run and even if you ARE nominated and even if you ARE elected President, what about if, oh, say, two years into the gig, you decide you wanna do something else and so you up and quit like you did in Alaska. Then what? I hope all you batty wing-nuts are enjoying your moments in the sun. It won’t last much longer.

  14. Chris says

    Please run, Sarah. The Tea-Baggers want you and NEED you to run. Get out there and plaster lipstick all over. Meanwhile, the Democrats will return to another 4 years. GO, SARAH, GO!

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