1. Disgusted American says

    the problem with THESE kids…They were NEVER TAUGHT about the INJUSTICE & HATRED that Blacks endured….they have NO CLUE. Heck I doubt thehy know much about MLK JR either…..I’ve asked a black woman at wrk about this- she said the same thing…these young kids are LIVING off the Backs of HARD FOUGHT RIGHTS and have NO CLUE as to thier own history! Pathetic and disgraceful!

  2. John says


    NM? Our president is Nelson Mandela?

    – ENDA signed.

    – The ban on gays in the military lifted.

    – Gay couples allowed to immigrate as an a family.

    – And perhaps most impressive of all, the inclusion of “sexual orientation” in the Bill of Rights.

    We should be so lucky.

  3. Roman Bolliger, Switzerland says

    This new assault is one more visible toxic mushroom growing at the surface of American society out of the widespread and aggressive mycelium of ignorance and homophobia in the rotten evangelical underground. President Obama is not part of the solution, but a promotor of the problem, not of the solution, as long as he acts as he does and lets his advisors (i.e. Valerie Jarrett) continue to fertilize that malignant soil with ignorant and unreflected words (“lifestyle” and “choice”).

  4. Chitown Kev says


    Other than Raven’s comment, naw, it ain’t racism yet although they act like white soccer holligans in Serbia.

    I do have to say that I really do agree with Disgusted American’s comment though…well, for the most part; although, again, they do act very much like many other teenage men out to prove their manhood.

  5. ratbastard says

    This has NOTHING to do with politics, NADA, these little fucks couldn’t tell you who Carl Paladino was if their life depended on it. They are fucking animals, period, full stop. There are parts of Long Island, unfortunately, that these ultra violent, dysfunctional animals from the city have moved to and ghettoized.

    And the comments about the civil rights movement, blacks, and so on makes me speechless. How FUCKING naive can some people be? Apparently a lot.

    Finally, South Africa may have some very liberal laws, but the violence level is mega bad. Apparently international ‘progressives’ severely pressured the S.A. government to pass gay rights legislation and so on, but dropped the ball when it came to effectively combating completely out of control everyday crime, like they do in the U.S. My rights are meaningless if we have widespread lawlessness in the streets. I wish there was some way to force every comfortable middle class (usually white!) ‘progressive’ to live in the belly of the beast, housing projects, for at least one year with no weekend or holiday reprieve. We’ll see how ‘progressive’ they are when their time is up.

  6. ratbastard says

    Roman from Switzerland STFU! Switzerland is responsible for massive money laundering of the world’s dictators, tyrants, organized crime syndicates, etc, Switzerland has A LOT of blood on it’s hands going back at least to the Nazis.

    Switzerland didn’t even give women the right to vote until 1972!

  7. K1 says

    @Chitown Kev. Yeah, it’s too bad the rest of us can’t live in denial.

    @Raven. The President is black and also doesn’t care about gays. Is that a surprise?

  8. kb says

    These kids were taught to hate or at best not taught to appreciate diversity and the struggle of other minorities and so you get thug punks. throw the pigs in jail.

  9. Raven says

    Good to see that sarcasm doesn’t escape you good folks /snark

    So as our good friends in the GOP would put it “sorry if you found my comment offensive and I can’t possibly be a ______ because I have a friend who is ____”

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