Towleroad Guide To The Tube #747

CHAZ KNOWS: It gets better, says Chaz Bono.

CLOWNS?: A political group called "Harry Reid Votes" isn't laughing at Democratic rule.

NOT A SINK: How to use a bidet. Yes, really.

FOUL!: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist isn't so great at pitching.


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  1. Paul R says

    At the risk of stating the obvious, I bet Charlie Crist is very good at receiving.

    The first time I went to Europe I had no idea what a bidet was.

  2. jakeinlove says

    I’ve never actually had the opportunity to use a bidet. Now I’ll know what to do if the occasion arises.


  3. David B. 2 says

    on the humorous side.. this bidet video just kills my usual advice that “You look down at it and pull the cord (or push the handle)” which always makes me erupt in merriment at the results!!!

    And on a serious note… we should not be laughing at a grown man throwing like a girl… it just reinforces all those stereotypes that we as gay people are trying to get past in society (even if it is the unfortunate Mr. Crist)

  4. Paul R says

    @David B.2, it could also be argued that throwing like a girl is nothing to be ashamed of. Though lots of girls throw better than Crist—that was just terrible.

  5. Lexxvs says

    About the bidet: that’s why I always thought Americans have a shitty rear as they don’t even know what a bidet is, lol.
    Hopefully they will begin to buy it and use it. Unless they say “it’s gay” and then they are doomed to a crappy bottom.

  6. Paul R says

    @Lexxvs: One of the few things I will say to defend the US is that we have better toilet paper than most countries, obviating the need for bidets if you do it right.

  7. Lexxvs says

    @ Paul R: Sorry to tell you, but the quality of toilet paper of other countries can be extremely good too, not doubt about it. Some of them are almost like the most delicate baby tissues.
    But they don’t clean, they just dry away. They take away the “greasy” stuff, but they do not end up the job. ¿Don’t believe me? I don’t want to be rude, but clean yourself as good as you possibly can and then try a finger there and take the smell. Yeap. Now you see why bidet and soap when used properly make the job no paper can, no matter how good. And with bidet you can clean the fore parts too. And is done really fast. Faster than when you have to struggle with… er… very persistent stains, that seem to never “clean” away.
    And obviously if someone goes down there to give you a BF, he/she can incidentally smell it too. So buying a bidet is the best way.

  8. Dave says

    I admire those guys appearing on it gets better thing. But really, it doesn’t always get better. Not everyone, gay or straight can be as successful and rich as all those people appearing in the it gets better videos, no matter how hard some of us try. Those guys could be giving false hopes for some. Well, I guess the point is we don’t know what will happen in the future, and it is wiser to focus on the present. I haven’t watched all of them, but I do hope the message they are giving is about focusing on your goals and studying hard and ignore the bullies because kids will be kids. For me, honestly, there are times that I wish I am 16 again, bullies and all, because life is hard in general, most specially when the economy is hard and we are affected by it.

    This video is awesome: – it gets worse…

  9. Paul R says

    @Lexxvs: I didn’t mean to imply that I’m opposed to bidets or think the US is in any way superior for not having them. It’s just that in many cases, without extensive renovations, our bathrooms won’t allow for them—just as many Tokyo apartments don’t have their own bathrooms, which to me is far worse. If I were even able to find a bidet to buy in the US, I’d have nowhere to put it in my place. Spacing and plumbing issues make it impossible.

    I’m well aware of the cleanliness/smell issue, which is why I shower quite thoroughly. As for toilet paper, I’ve traveled to at least 40 countries, and toilet paper has been pretty bad in about 30. But many of those countries had bidets or semi-comparable attachments to their toilets, so I understand your point. When I said I didn’t understand what a bidet was on visiting Europe for the first time, that was 22 years ago.

  10. ThomT says

    @Dave – I applaud your willingness to state the obvious, which up until now has pretty much been avoided. While true that for some it doesn’t always get better I believe that the premise is that as you get older you become better able to deal, emotionally and financially, with things that as a teen you absolutely cannot handle or control. There is always hope and I know of people who have managed to pull themselves out of horrible situations as they discovered the ability that comes with age to make decisions that you cannot make as a minor. I’m always suspect of generic cure all’s and slogans but in this case “it gets better” can actually offer a glimmer of hope if not over promised. Everyone’s situation is different so getting away from the pain will be easier for some than other but without even offering that encouragement there are those who my feel hopeless and never try. I honestly believe that the program is beneficial and will help many who have no support group or place to turn but again I think the key is that it not be over promised. There must be effort put forth to make those changes happen and for many (maybe most) it will actually get better.

  11. CoMo'mo says

    My opinion about the “It Gets Better” campaign is that it’s like the “Christian” idea that Heaven will be a relief from all the pains and sorrows of mundane life–you just have to be patient and deal with boils, hunger, hateful people and death. While hope for improvement can be a pain reliever and enable us to move along, it’s not always so easy for a 10 or 14 or 18 year old to find practical ways of coping with daily problems. If there are no real, recognizable and graspable lifelines in the present–responsible and responsive adults, trusted and trustworthy friends, a supportive community of some kind–holding on for a brighter future can be very hard, indeed. Let’s not allow ourselves to take too much comfort from a well-meaning media effort.

  12. Lexxvs says

    @ Paul R, I get what you say. I understand the space issue, but the plumbing is not, as it doesn’t require a special and wide “get away” pipe as the toilet (not being technical here, don’t know how plumbers call it), just the same applied for the sink and the bathtub. But you have a point; maybe as the artifact is being seldom installed many plumbers can scratch their heads of what to do, therefore avoiding the job.

  13. CoMo'mo says

    A well traveled friend told me once that there was a correlation between the size and flimsiness of banknotes and the skimpiness and rough texture of toilet paper. Italy seemed to be a major illustration, as well as France. Big, flimsy money meant something rougher than a corn cob in the loo. I don’t know how the intro of the Euro works in this.

  14. TANK says

    Seriously, you douches talking about it not getting better aren’t making any statement that specifically addresses lgbt youth. And secondly, what’s your suggestion, “Life’s a horrible, horrible suffociating asshole of despair…and then…you die…so why bother?” That’s a great message for suicidal lgbt youth who victimized to suicide because of homophobia, schmucks.

  15. Dawood says

    Kids get bullied, gay or straight, it is not the first time a kid offed himself because of bullying, there are more kids not being bullied because they were gay died before. It’s a great effort what they are doing, let’s hope those kids are allowed to browse youtube and gay sites like this though, otherwise, it is better served if the message was to stop bullying altogether and the message shown on national tv. I have seen a Law and Order episode about kids killing themselves because of bullying, and in those episodes non of the kids involved were gays. The situation is bad, but don’t ever believe it’s a gays only situation.

  16. Dawood says

    FYI, why is it so easy to call someone a douche? Why do you do that if you don;t even know them? Isn’t that a form of bullying? Such hypocrite, a gay and a hypocrite, sad.

  17. TANK says

    Because a douche is a description of a person. It can be neutral. Some people are, in fact, douchebags. I feel it’s accurate when people criticize an effort to get lgbt youth to stop killing themselves in giving them HOPE for a BETTER FUTURE by saying things like it doesn’t get any better (“Yup, just get yourself some smokes, and realize that this is it…and the only relief is the grave…”. Gimme a fuckin’ break! What kind of a self indulgent douche would do that? Oh, that’s right, a big fat douche. So, the intolerance of intolerance is intolerance. Words to live by from a person who doesn’t comprehend that bullying of lgbt youth or perceived lgbt youth is just a shitstorm worse than generic bullying…someone who tacitly denies that the rate of suicide is much higher amongst bullied lgbt youth than heterosexual youth.