Towleroad Guide to the Tube #751

ROB THOMAS: It gets better.

SAFETY DANCE: The Cebu Pacific flight attendants break it down.

THE GOOD LORD GAVE US BRAINS: Billy Kennedy makes mincemeat of Virginia Foxx.

TEABAGGER CHRISTINE O'DONNELL: The Taiwan's Next Media Animation treatment.

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  1. anon says

    The problem with the “It gets better” campaign is that depressed teens have very short time horizons and when a week goes by and it does not get better they get even more depressed. The adult perspective does not meet their expectations.

  2. Ric says

    … on the other hand, the It Gets Better videos are there right now – bypassing parents, school, and church gatekeepers. By all means, we should press for legislation, relief in the courts – whatever it takes. But at least this will reach someone immediately and maybe provide some hope while the wheels of Justice and Congress slowly turn.

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