1. Joe says

    While his words are true (take a look at what the republicans would do) that really hurts.

    He recognizes and understands that we’re screwed more with them (since they’ll hurt us), so he can simply do nothing until it is politically advantageous for him to do so.


  2. Zlick says

    I remember a few weeks back when Jon Stewart asked the Dem party chairman if their campaign slogan was going to be, essentially, “We Suck Less Than the Republicans.” And that’s exactly what it’s been across the board.


    They actually DO have quite a bit of stuff they could run on. They are terrible at communicating it. Sheesh.

  3. Ron says

    Once again, the message from the top is, “You’re not going to get any better treatment, so sit in the back of the bus.”

  4. Kent Peterson says

    Fuck Obama – he is such a douche. I think he will go down alongside Bush as the worst president ever. Tell me oh Barry – what the hell difference it would be if the Rethugnantcans were in power. You have done pretty much nothing for gay people.

  5. mad1026 says

    Yes, the repugnacants would be worse; we elected you, Mr Obama, because you were going to right the wrongs foisted on us by the previous administration. Why must I remain a second-class citizen? The courts have spoken and ruled that DADT and Prop 8 are unconstitutional and still you sit on your hands.

  6. says

    Kugel: Anyone who wants to demean the president by pointing out his African ancestry and “real name” (because, you know, we’re not allowed to change whether we like to be called by nicknames or that means we’re Chicago con artists and African Socialists) does that

    I agree with Zlick 100%. The Dems DO suck less. A LOT LESS. And they DO have stuff they could have run on. But they have blown their messaging, and that sits squarely on President Obama’s shoulders. He acts like he’s too good to get manipulative and down and dirty with messaging. This is politics; nobody is too good. And the Dems will suffer for it, and gay people in particular are looking at some grim times because of it.

    It’s a free-ish country, but I can’t imagine wasting my energy attacking the Democrats now over AIDS funding. All it does right now is help weaken them (probably not much; most people tune out protests unless there is a broad consensus that the protesters are right) and help strengthen the people who want us dead.

    Obama and some of the Dems have been weak on gay issues and have made mistakes, but I’m not with the scorched-earth crowd that’s against them. I’m for pressuring and persuading but not for giving up and saying “Fuck it!” which is what voting against the Democrats means—in my opinion—on social AND economic issues.

  7. Josh says

    Actually Obama has done more for gay people than any President ever has. That is the literal truth.

    Sure, he has not done enough but what he has done is more than any other President.

    Obama signed the Hate Crimes bill which is the FIRST FEDERAL law that extends protections to gays.

    And he issued a directive banning hospitals from discriminating against gay couples in respect to hospital visitation rights. Sure, its a directive and not a law but its pushing things forward.

    He has gotten top Military brass to speak out against DADT. That is at least some progress.

    Obama has said that being gay is not a choice and is not a sin. What other President has even said that? Words matter and leaders can help change cultures with their words.

  8. Jubal Harshaw says

    The telling thing here is the response from the overall audience.

    In short, your lives mean nothing to the majority of Democrats, nor do your or their bullied children. As long as I get mine, is now the mantra of the Democratic constituents and until they are called out on their own deplorable, despicable behavior, you will get NOTHING.

  9. patrick nyc says

    I will be voting for Democrats this November, but this asshole has lost my support. I will vote third party before he gets my vote. I will not ‘suck it up’ for better than the bad guys.

  10. Name: says

    Why does he come to Boston, we supported Hillary and Patrick’s days are numbered. I’m sure he can a job as a interior decorator though.

  11. says

    yes Dems r better than repubs and that is the cold hard fact

    BUT the cold hard fact is not the wisest way to motivate people to vote

    people/ human condition NEEDS the carrot/ positive reasons for the best motivation to act

    The stick of “We r better than repubs” though 100% true is not the best motivator

  12. says


    LOL Kent

    Obviously u never voted for Obama to begin with and ur either Ken mehlman or his butt boy

  13. joe says

    grow up people and keep the big picture. this is the same lazy thinking that elected george bush over al gore. many democrats are like childish lovers, breaking up on the first or second fight. if you don’t like something that the president is doing — especially going through such a slow and cautious process on DADT — send him emails or complain. but be under no illusions, the GOP pretty much hates us and will do everything to screw us out of our rights.

    i am continuing to put pressure on obama on LGBT issues. but i am very clear who are my enemies and who are my friends

  14. Brian in Texas says

    The midterm elections are not the time for those who believe in liberal and progressive ideals to fight each other. The republicans are already set to take over the House so we need get out the vote as much as possible.

    That is why even conservatives/republicans/tea party are so strong even in the minority. They stick together.

    Those who sit at home and don’t vote don’t deserve the rights they are bitching about.

  15. X says

    Where is the leadership from Democrats? We need them to change things NOW and YEARS AGO not just perpetually after the next election. Seriously, why is that media stories on gay kids killing themselves or gays dying from AIDS is what it finally takes to get Dems talking?? Gay kids and adults have been dying for decades, and even today in 2010 they’ve not stepped up leadership to fight against anti-gay, evil bias. If we elect Dems again, are we going to see any change at all, still, or are courts still going to be the only things giving American gay citizens their freedoms finally?

  16. ravewulf says

    “‘Oh oh, Boston, you’re my home”

    (well, I live near Boston anyway)
    (song is “Dirty Water” by The Standells)

  17. X says

    By the way, to Josh: Obama may have signed the Hate Crimes bill, but that started when BUSH was President. How can Obama claim that as an accomplishment when a notably anti-gay President before him started that?

  18. Frederick says

    I think the thing that has frustrated me the most, in regards to Pres. Obama & his lack of “fierce advocacy” regarding LGBT causes is the fact that he promised us the sun, moon, & stars when he was courting our votes during the presedential election. However, now that he’s in office, he hasn’t backed up his promises.Like the old cliche says: Either put up or shut up. Stop telling us you’re going to have DADT repealed on your watch…and then instruct the DOJ to appeal the judge’s ruling that it’s unconstitional.Don’t have your spokeswoman Valerie Jarred state that the Minnesota teen who committed suicide last month made a “lifestyle choice” his parents accepted, but the school he attended did not; instead, mandate that the Dept. of Education pass & enforce the Safe Schools Improvement Act. Don’t just expand hospital visitation for same-sex couples…publicly acknowledge that same-sex couples deserve ALL the same rights that their heterosexual counterparts possess. In short, Obama needs to be the “fierce advocate” for the LGBT community that he told us he would be if elected president…he needs to honor his promises.

  19. walter says

    this up coming election is going to be a disaster. obama is lying to us but the republicans are actually preaching hate of LGBT people. look at their canidates paladino, odonnell , buck they go out of their way to say we sick and perverted. i have never voted dem in my life but will do so this time. just as a vote against the repuk canidates in the race. obama has not lived up to promises but unfortunately this is not the time for sitting on our hands. the result could be disastereous. the vote this time is more important than ever.withold money and volunteering but not the vote.

  20. Keith says

    Let’s hear it for our Boston patriots! Whoo Hoo! I’m done with Obama, and I’ glad he’s visibly upset with these protests. . .as there’s a real dissonance between what he thinks he’s accomplished and what’s actually been accomplished. Anyone name a single case in the past year where the Hate Crimes legislation has actually been used? Not even in the New York case does it appear to be effective, so what’s the use of it if the government won’t employ the law? I agree with those who feel that Obama is basically saying the GOP is really anti-gay, and the Democrats are just less anti-gay. Regardless, neither party is on our side, so I’m only voting for those who through their actions actually are trying to build and extend equality for my rights as a US citizen. Our ruling class has lost its connection to the people they serve, so will only support candidates who actually take positive action on our behalf. Earn my trust, and then you’ll earn my vote.

  21. Nathan says

    Does anybody else find it irritating that Obama completely ignored the actual issue the protesters were raising? “We want equal rights.” “But Republicans are bad with AIDS!” That’s not what we we’re pissed off about, Mr. President.

    The thing that makes me feel the most hopeless is that I know I’ll vote for Obama again, as I will every other Democrat on the national level. Why? Because they really do suck less. And until we get a system of proportional representation in this country, that’s the choice that we’re all going to have to make, ad infinitum.

  22. Nathan says

    @Rowan – at least your country is willing to deal with the issue! Can you imagine any two opposing parties forming a coalition in the US? It seems that your politicians are more willing to act like adults to solve endemic problems.

  23. Brian in Texas says

    @ X

    Bush had nothing to do with the Hate Crimes Bill. The democrats took over the house and senate in the 2006 midterms. So thank Nancy Pelosi…

    If that bill had reached Bush’s desk he would have SURELY vetoed it without a blink.

  24. says

    Awww…da widdle prezident is upset!

    Maybe it’s just time for him to take his toys and go home.

    And if things don’t change, (and I see no reason to believe our “fierce advocate” is going to lift a finger to follow through on ANY of him promises to the LGBT people who donated their time, sweat and money to getting him elected in 2008), I can guarantee that’s exactly what he’s going to be doing the morning of January 20, 2013.

  25. Bob R says

    My partner has AIDS and depends on ADAP for medications to survive. In our state, as well as almost, if not every other state, the ADAP formulary has been severely cut back forcing poz folks to seek medications from “compassionate care” programs run by drug manufacturers or to go off meds. The red tape, hoop jumping and time lags before you can get medication, if you’re accepted into a program is nightmarish. Every ADAP program now has a waiting list, meaning unless someone moves, dies or gets private insurance, you’re going to wait a long time to get meds. The funding shortfalls for Ryan White and ADAP never happened under Republican presidents. As bad as Bush was, my partner got his meds every month without fail. That’s what poz people know about Obama and AIDS right now.

    Until we can care for the poz people in this country, I’m against funding foreign programs. And there should be no reason why we can’t do both when we squander BILLIONS in Iraq and Afghanistan and our “allies” around the world who benefit from not having to eat up their taxes with defense spending. What’s the sense in testing and identifying new poz cases when there will not be medications available for them?

    These are the types of stories that are killing Obama and the Democrats. Wall Street was cared for as well as the bankers, they’re all doing better than ever. No fines, no jail time, no investigations and business as usual. On Main Street people are suffering and it’s not getting better. I’ll bet Congress will get a COLA this year, but folks on Social Security won’t. My sister’s house is in foreclosure, my neighbor has cancer and no insurance and can’t pay the bills, too many people are out of work and this winter many will have to choose between eating and heating. The rich get fine dining while we’re told to stop whining.

    I feel like I’m a resident of Mouseland. The question is do I want to be kicked in the balls by the Republicans or stabbed in the back by the Democrats. Some choice. Some country.

  26. niles says

    Hey, folks wake up! All this infighting will be pointless after the Republicans take over. Doesn’t anyone have any idea what is in store? AIDS funding will be slashed, the Protect Marriage Amendment will be passed, forget ENDA, and all the rest. These people are openly hostile to gays and want them to disappear off the face of the earth. I would suggest that people start making plans: arm themselves, get to a safe part of the (country if you can find one), or get the hell out (which is what I am doing). God help the USA.

  27. Dustin says

    he is no better than the republican when he say that. Fear is not a platform and thats all Im getting from Obama and much of the Republican cand running for office. They use fear not so you will vote for them, but so you wont vote for their opponent. It is an effective way to run, but I like most of you(I think) wanted something different from this man. I didnt vote for him, but to be honest now I wouldnt have voted for either.

    Have a great day

  28. patrick nyc says

    I would suggest that people start making plans: arm themselves, get to a safe part of the (country if you can find one), or get the hell out (which is what I am doing). God help the USA.


    Didn’t I see you walking with a human billboard reading

    ‘THE END IS NEAR!!!’

    If you are leaving we are already less one idiot.

  29. Jersey says

    I would have loved to have been there so I could yell at Obama’s lying face. He makes me sick with his outright bullshit lies saying he wants to stop DADT and DOMA then he immediately appeals court decisions that would end them. That little piece of shit lies right to our faces. And I say this as someone who still has an Obama 08 sticker on my car, of course, only because I haven’t had time to scrape that shit off.

  30. mark says

    The political lesson for Obama is something like:

    “Don’t give people hope unless you are really willing to do something substantive on their behalf. Something that registers on their scale of importance.”

    Otherwise you just become a part of the window dressing.

    There is nothing wrong with the anger in the crowd.

    The energy anger brings can be used constructively or destructively. Standing up for your constitutional rights is a constructive use.

    Along with rights come responsibilities as well as a good feeling of egalitarianism with your peers.

  31. glennmcgahee says

    Federal judges have thrown out DOMA and DADT. Obama’s Department of Justice is fighting the judges decision in both cases. Now, tell me again how Obama is supporting us?

  32. says

    Obama has told us to push him and to push Congress, but yet when we do, when he hold him accountable, he gets pissed.

    Which is is, Mr. President? Do you want us to push you and hold you accountable or do you want us to sit down and shut up?

    I can do one or the other, but not both. Warning, however; Sitting down and shutting up will mean i will not be voicing support, contributing to or voting for you in 2012. Your choice, Mr. President.

  33. Christie says

    I love how the ‘THROW MORE MONEY AT AIDS” always manages to interrupt Obama.

    Frankly I think he’s done ok with funding AIDS research, unless they believe in the South Park cure.

    How about protesting the CDC so gay people can donate blood, instead of perpetuating the lie that 1 in 5 gays has AIDS?

    What I don’t get is, where the heck is GetEqual or the HRC? What, no DADT hecklers?

    Begging for hecklers can’t be choosy for hecklers I guess. 😐

    BTW the republicans and tea party’s master plan is to privatize government services and allow corporations to rob you blind with out giving you service. That’s their version of freedom and liberty. It is scary.

    So until GayINC can come up with candidates of their own, we’re stuck with the ‘we suck less’ crowd.

  34. says

    Has anyone seen the original prepared remarks for his speech? Was that final line really about AIDS funding or does he equate marriage equality (and gays) with AIDS?

    We may have a bigger problem on our hands then we thought…

  35. says

    Hold your nose if you wish, but don’t cut it off to spite your face.
    VOTE DEMOCRAT… If the GOP/Teabagger/Religious-Right gain power, they WILL use it.
    I don’t want to fight the same battles as 20 years ago.

  36. BobN says

    “the Hate Crimes bill, but that started when BUSH was President”

    You nitwit. The Dems started working on the bill with NO support from GOPers. Bush would have VETOED it.

  37. BobN says

    “We may have a bigger problem on our hands then we thought…”

    Yeah, you might be a lot more stupid than anyone ever imagined.

  38. Pope Buck I says

    Yeah, that’s why I voted for Obama – he promised NOT to slash AIDS funding.

    Oh, wait.

  39. Sam says

    Andy, why are you putting a birther’s video on your sight? Have you sunk so low in your hatred of President Obama?

    Thank you, JONNY NYNY2FLFL! Finally a comment with some sanity. Otherwise people are just being clueless and destructive to all of us when they don’t vote and then sit back and blame Obama and everyone else for these problems.

  40. bobbyjoe says

    The Dems campaign has now come down to:

    “Yeah, b*tch, I hit you, but if you leave me, where ya gonna go? Huh, b*tch? You think anybody else is gonna help you? Yeah, that’s right. That’s what I thought. Now go make my f*ckin’ dinner.”

    Ah, the inspiration.

  41. says

    Those activists are playing an important role in combating suicide among queer youth. Queer teens need to be reminded that you can be queer and self respecting. You don’t have to be self loathing and pathetic like Barney Frank and Elton John.

  42. TampaZeke says

    Not donating. Not volunteering. Not voting for ANYONE, Democrat or Republican, who doesn’t support my full and unsegregated civil equality.

    Bitch. Moan. Nash Teeth. Threaten. And tell me all the horror stories about the Republican boogy men all you want. It will not change my mind.

    I will bust my ass and vote for for ANYONE who shares my values and supports, with ACTIONS not just words, my full civil equality.

  43. ratbastard says

    I was right around the corner from this jack-ass when he was speaking, food shopping. I would have thrown a zucchini at him but the S.S. would have probably shot me dead. Maybe I’ll get a chance to throw one at his sidekick, Governor Patrick.

    I feel for those folks with AIDS and HIV who’re on Medicaid. They’re cannibalizing Medicaid to help fund ObamaCare. The whole thing is scandalous. ObamaCare is based directly on Massachusetts healthcare reform [healthcare for all]. News flash! It doesn’t work as advertised! As Americans are about to find out.

  44. Randy says

    Hmm. First video wouldn’t play for me. Second video didn’t seem to contain anything relevant to gay/AIDS issues, at least as far as I could hear. It had some Lyndon Larouche nonsense, and some birther nonsense, resulting in the douche-y cameraman being ejected from the event.

  45. Sebastian says

    By the way, to Josh: Obama may have signed the Hate Crimes bill, but that started when BUSH was President. How can Obama claim that as an accomplishment when a notably anti-gay President before him started that?

    Posted by: X | Oct 17, 2010 12:57:52 PM

    Some white queens just have plain hatred. Obama do for me even though I didn’t vote for you.

    If you didn’t vote for him. Why the fuck are you complaining. He owe’s you NOTHING! And since Bush is responsible for the Hate Crimes Act faggot then let those Teabaggers get in office and abolish it. Lets see how muh complaining you’ll do. Because it surely won’t be the Black guy whom you hate so much! And never voted for any damn way.

    DUMB FUCKERS! Since you garner so much HATE why should anybody listen to your cries????

    Go ask the one you voted for to help you
    Oh I forgot Hillary doesn’t believe in marriage neither.

  46. Tigerama says

    To paraphrase Dr. King: nothing ever came from “waiting.” Patience does not mean progress. Rights are not granted by good intentions. I’m sorry, but we are not required to give Mr. Obama any more time – we deserve leaders who will speak up for us, and if they are not currently present then we need to FIND them. But no more waiting – I think we’ve waited enough.

  47. FunMe says

    When candidate in my Democrat Party lose, it will be the fault of Obama.

    He has failed at his job, and I regret ever giving my time, money, and vote. I will not do that ever again.

    He can try to blame us for his losses, but he only needs to look in the mirror (and his republicon policies) to see who is to blame.

    The days of voting for someone with a “D” even when they insult you and ignore you are OVAH!

  48. Andrew says

    It was actually two Republicans Tom Coburn of OK and Richard Burr of N.C. who introduced an emergency funding of the ADAP program (HIV DRUG Funding) into congress, not the Democrats. Now they did concede that it will be hard to get their side to agree to fund it, but if it wasn’t for two Republicans we wouldn’t even be discussing this issue. So Obama the only person you should be blaming is your self for horrible policies and lack luster “advocate” for advancing progressive causes.

  49. Sam says

    Andrew you really are a clueless fool. Yes, of course the Republicans are saints, Bush would never veto the Hate Crimes Bill, John McCain isn’t doing everything and saying on tv just yesterday that he will filibuster the repeal of DADT. Sure, yeah Republicans are innocent. If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you. Your ignorance is pathetic.

  50. Andrew says

    @Sam really? Name calling? Very mature of you. If you had read my post you would realize that I said that they conceded that it would be difficult to get their party to go along with supporting the bill. Please don’t put words in my mouth. I realize you are very angry as am I with our leaders but that is not just a Republicans are bad and Democrats are good thing, they all are a bunch of losers out to screw us and everyone else just to get votes. No longer are elected offices about what is best for the country it is all about what is going to get me elected/re-elected. So again your hate is not needed and not warranted towards me, please save it for those who truly deserve it, like yes McCain, and the atrocities of the Bush Administration.

  51. kueyuong says

    “During a rally in Boston yesterday, a group of gay rights activists and AIDS research supporters interrupted President Obama while he was giving a a speech in support of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Reportedly chants included “”Mr. President, stop the bigotry! Support marriage equality!,”” “”Do you also oppose Atheist Marriage?,”” and “”Would want a Civil Union?””

    Mediaite reports on the incident, which seemed to noticeably agitate the president:

    “”The President appeared uncharacteristically upset as, mid-sentence, a group of folks in the crowd began to loudly object to his speech as he described the work his administration had done for AIDS research. As the crowd turned their heads up to look at the hecklers, President Obama followed as well, and modified his speech for them, menacingly pointing his finger up at them as he warned that a Republican leadership would be extremely destructive to their cause. After raising his voice mid-sentence in response to them, President Obama continued: “One of the great things about being a Democrat is, we like arguing with each other. But to the folks concerned about AIDS funding, I would say ‘take a look at what the Republican leadership has to say about AIDS funding.’””