1. says

    Nice batch of promises, but I’ve heard way too many empty promises from you Democrats to be taking this terribly seriously. Maybe he’ll set a wild new precedent and actually keep his word.

    Until he does, he’s just another bag of Democrat hot air.

  2. Patric says

    He’s not likely to get the chance to sign that bill unless we flip some state senate seats in 18 days. The senate’s Republican leader recently told a Log Cabin Republican gathering that, if Republicans retake control of the closely divided chamber as a result of next month’s election, he would allow a vote on a marriage equality bill and that he intends to do what every single Republican did the last time a vote was held: vote against equality. By the pathetic standards of the self-loathing, I guess that qualifies as a major victory.

    See or for lists of state senate races being targeted.

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