1. sugarrhill says

    I know! They’re white homophobes?! It just doesn’t make any sense. Are we sure this isn’t happening in Africa or some Muslim nation?

  2. Alex says


    LOL! Thanks for pointing out the obvious racism that we see on gay sites. Whenever there’s homophobia in non-white countries, people go nuts with bigoted generalizations.

  3. SteveC says

    Serbia is a country with severe problems with bigotry. From the fact that 10,000 bigots protested a gay pride parade of 1,000 people. To the statistic which shows that 70% of Serbians believe that gay people are diseased. To the news that a football match had to be abandoned because Serbian ‘supporters’ were endangering people’s lives. To that fact that Serbia as a country still has not accepted their share of responsibility for the wars of the 1990’s.

    Time to press the pause button on Serbia’s plans to join the EU.

    Serbia needs to sort itself out.

  4. Zeljko says

    @SteveC: Your remarks about Serbia are typical of Western arrogance and blindness. Did it ever occur to you that reactionary politics and defensive masculinity are inevitable in a small country that got pummeled by outside powers?

    Of course Serbia should sort itself out. I wish China and Russia could compel NATO (which looks like Hate-O in Cyrillic, btw) to pay all Serbdom reparations, apologize profusely, and then kindly butt out.

  5. John says

    And, of course, it wouldn’t be a story about white homophobia without the obligatory lecherous fan boy ogling of the perpetrator. You know, because white men are “hot” when they fly into a murderous rage.

  6. James says

    A lot of silly comments here. We should focus concern on the gay people that are stuck living in Serbia, not scoring cheap political points. I have not been to Serbia, but I have visited Croatia. If that deeply Catholic, conservative country can break out of the dark ages in terms of how it treats gays, so can Serbia.

  7. jamal49 says

    @JAMES I wouldn’t bet on it. Serbia is a country with issues–LOTS of issues. The whole damned country needs to be on Prozac. There’s an enclave of Serbs up in the Bronx. Whew! You don’t wanna know…..