1. Disgusted American says

    it just shows people being VERY shallow…as a gay man myself, I could care less about status….lets just treat each other decently – I guess THAT comes with age>?

  2. me says

    What a joke of a show. Perpetuating the same stereotypes of gays as being overly feminine and narcissistic.
    So this “behind the scenes-list” gays flaunt their silly lives and connections and lack any real substance. Its all about bodies, tacky fashions and silly gossip. I know New York is so much more than this street gutter trash personalities. I wonder how many young gays kill themselves not because they are taunted and bullied from str8 kids, but by seeing these dumb idiots and being scared of their lives ending up like this -faggy, tacky, drama queeny. Who ever put this show together, producer, casting agent and director ought to be ashamed and fired. Im all for a gay reality show, but this is just pathetic.

  3. Brian in Texas says

    I thought I would hate this show, since I hate the Real Housewives fare, but it is actually entertaining and funny. Mindless entertainment. No harm done.

  4. Blueyes says

    PUHLEEZE. They’re A list because they SAY they’re A list. Little dicks, big egos. Not A list at all – just social climbing overachievers with money – and not necessarily their own. PUHLEEZE.

  5. Chris Majors says

    I know people love to bash reality TV characters, but let’s face it, most of us have neither the body nor the charisma to get on the B List, much less the A List.

    Nothing is more shallow than fake depth.

  6. TANK says

    These people all of have aids…that’s what A in A-list stands for. Okay, maybe that’s not true…maybe…but maybe not. I thought A-list people were rich and successful…I guess I define wealthy and successful differently than these deviant homosexuals.

  7. GraphicJack says

    I agree that being a hairdresser to the stars does not an A-list make. How about being famous for actually achieving something? I might have said Reichen was A-list because he won the Amazing Race, but to bring up that he DATED someone MORE famous than you because he actually DID something more IMPRESSIVE than you seems pretty weak. And that guy who was supposedly “fat”… I’d do him in a heartbeat… if he had a brain and a personality, that is.

  8. Gabe R L says

    What a horrible embarassment this show is! At a time when gay kids seem to be killing themselves every minute, anti-gay bullying is at an all-time high, and there is a serious fight for gay marriage and/or partner rights is on, these shallow, social-climbing pansies get a tv show. This is enough to make even the most atheist, man-hungry gay men suddenly become devout Christian, Jews, whatever, and marry a woman.

    The comments of me, Jon B, Blueeyes, and Justin were on target.


  9. TANK says

    You’d do that chunky dude with moobies, graphicjack? That’s good to know…why, I have no idea. Lowered expectations means that you’ll never be disappointed, I guess. …then again, he wasn’t “fat”…but still, not a good looking guy…if face matters.

  10. D.B. says

    I have to confess that I’ve watched “The A-List,” if only for it’s comedic train wreck appeal.

    But I do know for a fact that the producers couldn’t get any actual New York A-list gays to do this show. That’s why they had to import most of the cast from elsewhere.

  11. michael says

    They’re all untalented fame-whores, which is why they’re on the show and people are watching. People LIKE untalented fame-whores whether they are gay or not. I just wish we didn’t stoop to the level of the straight world on this one, but…yay, equality?!

  12. QJ201 says

    How did they manage to stay off the crystal, coke, G or K during filming? I’ve seen a few of those boys around, messes.

    One on his knees in the outdoors. (I watched)

    Another looking for those “cosmetic” treatments only a man can give. (I obliged).

    Reichen is such an poser in public. “Who’s looking at me, oh not cute, look away.” Reminds of cruising, except he’s just looking for “equally attractive” guys to pay attention to him. (I ignored).

  13. Rob says

    Great as usual.
    But LOVED the comment at the end — “Thanks Bryan. You’ve always been AList to me, and not because you have Stiffler’s email address.”
    Is Seann William Scott ever coming out?

  14. jaragon says

    LOL that was brilliant review- I tried watching the first episode but was horrified by these shallow preening men- the A List obviously stand for Assholes.

  15. says

    RDUb and ROB

    LOL i thought the same thing when i saw Seann William Scott

    and yeah WTF, they r all from LA shipped in to do this show right? whorheiken sure isn’t a new yorker

  16. Joe says

    I can’t help it, I enjoy it! Especially scenes of guys sniffing eachother’s arm pits, trying on speedos… Rodiney is super sexy, naive, and romantic, too!

  17. nyrkr says

    I have never watched this show, just the read the re-caps on gawker, hysterical.
    These guys are pathetic.
    Oh and Tank, go see a mental health professional, not for our sake, but for yours.

  18. TANK says

    You think so, chuckles? Ya think….sigh…that it’s not for you? Why would I bother when there’s sooo much analysis from…creatures like you to go around?

    It’s the aids list, damnit! And rolf is on the no fly list because apparently he can’t stop touching himself inappropriately in public. It’s a hazard.

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