1. Chance says

    The same White House talking points over and over and over.

    At the same time, the Democrats know that the majority of the gay community will still vote for the Democrats, regardless. It’s like voting for the lesser of two evils.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Drew says

    And I think it’s sad Just because a person is democratic in power doesn’t mean they are on our side, I hope that our community gets smarter, I’d much rather see a new party, im sick of the obama and the wishy washy democrats.

  3. shanesoho says

    Good for Dan Choi, good for Valerie Jarrett. they are both doing what they think is best for themselves…for their politics, for their popularity, and for the betterment of society. only as far as the last one is concerned, they are on the same side ultimately. and since that’s the one that counts, i’m still hopeful.

  4. ElijahC says

    Valerie Jarret is a douche. How can you possible trust someone like that. The fact that she dresses like people did 30 years ago shows where her mind and heart are at.

  5. Martin Murray says

    Valerie Jarrett is a lying moron. Barack Obama has NOT stated that he believes DADT is unconstitutional.

    She lies when she says that only Congress can repeal DADT.

    Fuck you Jarrett.

    As for that useless waste of space Barack Obama – you’ve lost my vote you disgusting homophobe.

    Voting for the ‘lesser’ of 2 evils no longer works for me. I’m voting Green

  6. rascal says

    What the Obama administration initially characterized as a commitment to unity and cooperation has turned out to be a hopeless pattern of spineless cowering to the status quo. Principles are useless without the courage to stand up for them.

  7. says

    I have very mixed feelings about gaysinthemilitary. Our “right” to hold such positions is without question. U.S. “Foreign Policy” and the wars that it wages for Oil are highly questionable.

    Nevertheless it is without question that Dan Choi is a man of honor. His every word, and deed glow with moral resolve. He defines bravery.

    And he’s showing the world how utterly dishonorable our “leaders” — Repubican and Democrat alike — are.

  8. says

    Obviously, Jarrett is just saying what she’s supposed to say and is probably not overly enthusiastic about the White House’s DADT strategy, so I think she comes off as a stuffy bureaucrat while Dan is speaking very passionately and angrily.

    But I would point out, and challenge me if you think I’m wrong, that what I believe happens in that interview is Blitzer begins to ask the smart question about the word “unconstitutional” and she begins her answer before he gets to “unconstitutional” and then just talks over it. I did not in any way get that she was asserting Obama has called it unconstitutional—we all know he has NEVER said that, and of all her talking points, I’m pretty damn sure that is one she would not mix up. I think the Administration has been very clear about not wanting to play that card—either yet or ever, time will tell.

    Finally, I wish our community would or could lay off Jarrett. Speaking in formalese she used the antiquated phrase “lifestyle choice,” for which she was justifiably criticized. She immediately and abjectly apologized—a real apology, not one of those, “Sorry IF I offended you!”s. She specifically said she does NOT think being gay is a choice. This last part, I would need someone else to back up, but I recall sometime in 2009 she was speaking at an event (Netroots?) and it seemed she more than hinted that she was pro-marriage equality, unlike her boss. This woman is NOT anti-gay and is not an enemy of our community any more than Hillary Clinton is.

    I will be so happy when DADT is dead and gone and we can go back to…hating Obama for not getting rid of DOMA, I guess.

  9. db says

    I have no faith in Valerie Jarrett on gay issues. I have only slightly more faith in Obama on gay issues. The passing the buck the Congress is just bullshit. Congress won’t repeal it and after the elections the Dems will have even less power. The Obama administration has squandered every opportunity to end both DADT and DOMA.

  10. Not JR says

    JR, if Dan Choi, who served his country and is not fighting for justice, is an asshole, what does that make you?

  11. vegetablelollipop says

    I like Dan Choi, but I gotta ask ’em: who you gonna vote for? Dan, do you really think the Republicans are better on LGBT issues?

  12. AndrewW says

    60 Votes. We don’t have 60 votes in the US Senate and until then we will have to wait for the Courts to end DADT. After the mid-terms we’ll have even fewer supporters in the Congress.

    The last year we have experienced the ill-conceived Aravosis-Spaulding-GetEQUAL strategy of “embarrassing Democrats.” It has hurt our community and it has only helped Republicans.

    Maybe we will finally stop supporting these idiots that simply believe we can bitch our way to equality. It is childish and stupid.

    And did Dan Choi just figure out the you can’t “trust” politicians? I guess this explains why he did all those childish publicity stunts – he thought “political promises” we real. That’s funny. And, sad.

  13. BCLance says

    @Matthew Rettenmund: Thanks Matt, you’re right on point. It’s really hard for me to read the insane things people are willing to write about Jarrett, often misogynist and ill-informed. We don’t do much service to the repeal of DADT or DOMA or any of the other issues that are important to the community by failing to understand what Jarrett’s role and limitations are, nor by enagging in laughable hyperbole.

  14. says

    The repeal of DADT is written into the Defense Authorization Bill for a reason, it’s a “must pass.”

    The Republicans will NEVER agree to DADT being repealed ,or, any other pro-Equality measures. It’s that simple.

    All of this loud Dem hate by a minority of LGBT groups is silly. Be honest, ask your local Gays how much they care about marriage equality, DADT, ENDA or any of the other things we are fighting for. I am sad to report that most of the Gays are focused o jobs, their upside down mortgages, declining HIV services, less funding of LGBT centers while Gay Inc sucks up local money from the people who do care, I could go on and on.

    Aim at the Republicans AND Blue Dog Dems. They are the enemy.

  15. says

    NEGRO, excuse me, African-American Valerie Jarrett isn’t necessarily homophobic but she IS homoignorant, and NO there is no excuse for that…particularly when she’s agreed to represent our Negro, excuse me, African-American President to the punks, excuse me, gay community.

    Whatever she did or did not assert, and you’d never know it from hack gay reporters like Kerry Eleveld, but Obama MADE IT CLEAR OVER A YEAR AGO in an interview with Anderson Cooper that he thinks the ban IS Constitutional:

    “If Congress passes a law that is constitutionally valid, then it’s not appropriate for the executive branch simply to say, we will not enforce a law.” – AC 360, July 13, 2009.


  16. Randy says

    Obama must be replaced in 2012. Better to face an honest opponent, or have an honest friend in the White House. But NO MORE LIES.

  17. justaguy says

    Choi is a national hero and treasure.

    Jarret is just a talking head; she’s trying to do her job. But she’s homoignorant sometimes, yes.

    I want Obama to pull through and do right. He still has it in him.

  18. X says

    Oh man thank you, Dan Choi, for expressing your anger publicly that so many of us feel but can’t put out there in front of everyone. Finally some truth!

  19. FunMe says

    What a freaking BLAH, BLAH, BLAH idiot!

    Hey Valerie. The GLBT is VERY smart. And we do not believe any of your LIES. Obama’s LIES.

    You’ll get it eventually, especially this November. And in 2012.

    You and Obama are a freaking jokes!