1. Balbo1 says

    Glenn Beck is pretty loony but he’s always been one to stand up against anti-gay bigotry. His remarks on thinking before you post is salient, too, and deserves to taken seriously.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    But his mormon (no capitalization necessary) cult though teaches him that gays are immoral, an abomination, and that we will burn in hell for eternity. So thanks, but no thanks. Even a broken, crazy, conspiracy peddling clock is right sometimes.

  3. Ray says

    Glenn Beck is a snake and if you genuinely believe he is trying to do anything other than make himself look less like a snake, you’ll soon find he’s bitten you in your tender parts while you were thanking him.

  4. JJ says

    Glenn Beck confuses the hell out of me. I swear I hated him but he seems “softer” lately for some reason. Don’t know whether I buy it though…Appreciate his words but I’m still keeping my distance.

  5. Joshua says

    It’s nice of him to at least mention in passing that the LGBT community does in fact face extreme violence, yet somehow he always manages to focus back on himself. He’s comparing the “hate” directed at him to what happened in the Bronx? Ridiculous. Moreover it’s people like him, who assert that queer people are fundamentally inferior to heterosexuals, who legitimize and catalyze the extreme forms of violence and discrimination. You can’t sincerely and honestly denounce anti-gay violence while simultaneously opposing hate crimes legislation. Beck and his followers, regardless of what he says, are not part of the solution but are an intricate part of the problem.

  6. KevMusic says

    Isn’t it amazing that he turned this horrific incident into bloggers saying bad things about him? Here’s the deal, church and state sanctioned bigotry and accepted and encouraged homophobia creates the level of hate that he’s speaking of. His beloved Mormon church with their forced aversion therapy isn’t much different from what happened in the Bronx and him being an active member of that church makes him complicit. His railing against gay marriage, which directly and indirectly says the unions between gay people lack any intrinsic value because gay people themselves have no intrinsic value, creates the level of hate and again, makes him complicit.

  7. Brian says

    Glenn Beck and people like him ARE the problem. Is he serious? His supporters and the right wing ARE the exact people that would use violence on progressives or gay people.

    Glenn Beck is the epitome of radical right wing hysteria that becomes the impetus for the ignorant to go and act on their hate.

  8. says

    It’s great to see such a message of reason and sanity coming from a man who so often inspires the opposite. I wonder if he’ll be attending Jon Stewart’s rally?

    It’s probably too much to hope that Beck might realize how his own vitriol inspires the hatred and insanity among his fans and changes his message. It’s not enough to constantly shake the hornet nest and then once in a while pause to say “don’t sting.” Beck has never urged violence, but his style of message inspires division, dehumanization, and hatred of those who are different.

  9. ratbastard says

    There’s PLENTY of hate coming from extremists of all kinds. There’s plenty of examples of people and groups of every persuasion politicizing things they shouldn’t.

    Beck and others have said this is the worse thing they’ve ever heard; I know of worse. As bad as this incident was, I’m aware of worse, actually far worse. And I’m not just talking about anti-gay. I’m talking about savage acts that would cause the most hardened individual to cry. And there’s always people waiting to exploit and twist for possible political advantage. Such people represent every point of view and political ideology.

  10. ratbastard says

    Glenn Beck is the epitome of radical right wing hysteria that becomes the impetus for the ignorant to go and act on their hate.

    POSTED BY: BRIAN | OCT 13, 2010 9:31:52 PM


    Any HATE coming out of the radical left,Brian? Any violence resulted from radical left hate? Think hard. Put your thinking cap on, Brian.

  11. Td says

    Valerie Jarrett, who just got done telling the Human Rights Campaign’s A-Gays the White House cares very much about these dead gay children, probably just didn’t know how the proper way to refer to a gay teen’s sexual orientation. But calling it a “lifestyle choice” certainly wasn’t it.

  12. Brian says


    Radicals of all sorts have a tendency to become violent, but right wing ideologies seem to resort to violence must quicker than most. The radical left has certainly been less violent than the right in this country.

    I don’t need a thinking cap, thank you very much. You need to open your eyes.

    The KKK, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Timothy McVeigh, Byron Williams, and a good minority of the Tea Party. Need any more examples? You’ll probably mention the Black Panthers but they have more in common with the racist right than the left any day.

    Not to mention those crazies that show up every time there’s some conference on world trade. Anarchy is certainly closer to Libertarianism than what is traditionally defined as left in the US.

  13. Vic says

    I’m not buying it. He’s done a lot more harm than good for the gay community so I’d rather he shut up. And I agree that his followers are SO anti-gay and I doubt his words will change their minds. The day he comes out on his show for full gay rights and equality for all, then I’ll believe it.

  14. gggreggg says

    i am beside my self as to how to respond to this vile, hateful person.
    i hope there is some way to make him pay for all the damage that he has done to this country. he is a charlatan and this blip on his record of bilious garbage that he has spewed all these years moves me not one bit.
    damn him to hell.

  15. ratbastard says


    You are fucking delusional. This century has been brief, but in the last century leftist were responsible for as much if not more violence than the far right.

    USSR, especially Stalin

    Mao and his cultural revolution

    Various leftwing European terrorist groups of the 60’s,70.s,80’s like Baader Meinhof, the Red Brigade,IRA,etc.,

    Weather Underground,SLA,Black Panthers,etc., in the U.S.

    Latin American leftists groups like Colombian FARC, Castro’s Cuba, Che [very violent]

    Khmer Rouge and Cambodia’s killing fields, etc.,

    The left wins hands down in the violence and death category. Certainly Stalin and Mao alone killed more people than the Nazis and other fascist combined.

    And homosexuals have suffered equally under rightwing and leftwing radical regimes over the past 100 years.

  16. Balbo1 says

    Some of the commenters here seem confused when they suggest Glenn Beck is responsible for those men being tortured. The group responsible was a Latin street gang, hardly Beck’s audience, and hardly likely Republican voters.

  17. ratbastard says


    There were many examples of violence throughout the 60’s, especially 70’s into the 80’s by leftist American groups. Many bombings, murders, preaching of violence, etc., Boston Police HQ is name 1 Schroeder Plaza after Officer Frank Schroeder who was shot in the back and killed by so-called radical leftists robbing a bank back in the 70’s. One of the ‘radicals’ lived for years on the lam, she had a very comfortable middle class life until her past finally caught up with her. I can distinctly remember being told by my mom about a bomb that went off at a courthouse in Boston in the 70’s that killed several and blew a womans legs off. The weathermen I think did that.

    Aside from the KKK and McVeigh in Oklahoma City, can you really name any other American group that can be called terroristic, are responsible for committing violence, and rightwing over say the last 50 years? There’s Aryan Nation and various other white supremist gangs but they’re mainly prison and street gangs that counter other ethnic and racial gangs. Today, the KKK is nothing and was for a long time completely infiltrated by the FBI. There are a few anti-government militias, but they wax and wane and are small in numbers. They peaked in the 90’s, culminating with Oklahoma City.

  18. Brian says


    As I said, the left has been relatively less violent than the right domestically.

    POINT IS, radical violent leftists do not have talking heads on TV promoting and encouraging their agenda, the right does. Fox news and Glenn Beck give violent right wing crazies the excuse they were looking for to shoot up some gays. Last time I checked Maddow and Olbermann haven’t been calling for progressives to “take up arms” to “take back their country.”

    If you want to align yourself with a political ideology that directly tries to make your life a living hell and encourages bigotry against the LGBT community which results in the suicides of youth throughout the country, be my guest. Thankfully, most gays aren’t that that daft.

    To quote your ideological BFF Ann Coulter, but replacing a few words:

    “Whether they are defending [Glenn Beck] or bleating for [the Tea Party], [gay conservatives] are always against [their own]. They are either traitors or idiots, and on the matter of [our] self-preservation, the difference is irrelevant.

  19. Another JJ says

    “…but he seems “softer” lately for some reason. Don’t know whether I buy it though…”

    He’s doing penance for his rally on the mall which inspired Jon Stewart’s upcoming rally to restore sanity on Oct. 30 which will ignite enough enthusiasm among young liberals to possibly change a few election outcomes.

    Basically he peed in the teapot if you know what I mean. He needs some new friends.

  20. aj says

    It’s sad that so many people are tied into their ideology that they can’t see that people aren’t the cartoon caricatures painted of them by modern culture. It’s horrible that we’ve gotten to a point where glenn beck has to be “evil” or barack obama has to be a “socialist”. I think it may be time to take a step back and realize that we’re never going to agree with everything someone does or says, regardless of what side of the aisle they are on. Accept people for who they are, the good with the bad, and don’t fall into the trap of demonizing someone who doesn’t agree with you… it’s the tell-tale sign of a small mind. I mean, look at the past week- the Log Cabin Republicans succeed where the entire left has failed in giving a real blow to DADT, and Glenn Beck, who has the largest tv audience on cable television, shows support for gay rights and denounces the horrible attacks (and this isn’t the first time, he’s been a fairly outspoken advocate for gay marriage for quite a while).

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