1. Mike says

    Simply amazing… I hope he wins! This has got to be the best political commercials I’ve ever seen! The big question is how all these Republican tea-party douches can be ahead in the polls. If they win, it says something about our electorate.

  2. Ken says

    Great ad and an important Governor’s race. If Quinn wins there is a great chance we could get civil unions or maybe marriage equality in Illinois with in the next four years. I Brady wins, no chance.

  3. irisgirl says

    Bill Brady is one of the scariest candidates I’ve ever seen, and I’m very afraid that too many Illinoios voters are going to vote for him without all the facts. He is ANTI-everything that Towleroad readers support–especially gay rights, women’s rights and the un-rich working class.
    I wish I could vote 100 times for Quinn next Tuesday!

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