1. Joe says

    I hate these debates because they don’t allow people respond.

    Giannoulias should have been able to call Kirk out on his DADT “you need a policy to replace it.” What foolishness. The new policy is, that if someone admits they are gay they do not get kicked out.

  2. David in Houston says

    Mr. Kirk makes me want to vomit. It took me 5 seconds to figure out the man is gay. (Reading the Mike Rogers story above just confirmed the obvious.) For him to throw the entire gay community under the bus, just so he can have a job is beyond repugnant. Not only that, but if he does become a Senator he’ll do his best to enact (or keep) discriminatory laws that are against us. I wouldn’t hesitate to ‘out’ the hypocritical self-loathing bastard. I’ve had my fill of these closeted Republicans. Enough already.

  3. Patric says

    Paul, I agree that Kirk tried to shift the focus away from his own record on DADT and instead focus on the administration but I don’t agree completely that he didn’t state his own position. His own position, and we all should be aware of it since LCR types so often like to paint Kirk as a gay-friendly “moderate”, is that he opposes repeal of DADT, as he quickly acknowledged at the beginning of his response. Most recently, in May he voted against repeal in the House of Representatives (leading his spokesperson, in a very curiously worded statement given the rumors about Kirk’s own sexuality, to say that Kirk “supports and abides by the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy”). What Kirk was doing here was (a) given the uncertainties that cultural conservatives have about him because of all the rumors about his sexuality, quickly reassuring them that he is on their side when it comes to supporting anti-gay discrimination but then (b) because DADT is in fact very unpopular among most voters, including swing voters, shifting the focus away from his own support for the discriminatory policy by launching into an attack on the President, thereby earning him more brownie points with the anti-Obama crowd.

  4. says

    So we have a straight Democrat who unequivocally supports marriage equality and the repeal of DADT, and we have a closeted Republican (familiar story) who doesn’t support marriage equality and who likes DADT, even though he might have been discharged under it if he weren’t such a pathetic closet case. I’d say the fair-minded voters of Illinois have a real choice here.

  5. HawaiiBill says

    @PATRIC: Well said.

    @ERNIE: Yes, they do have a choice. And part of that is to NOT give in to the hissy fits about Pres. Obama and “stay home” or vote Green or the “I’ll show them” crowd and pull the lever for the Republicans. The choice is extremely clear, and those who want to send a message to HRC and DCC? This is a war…and taking your marbles and going home is the coward’s way out. Vote. And vote smart.

  6. says

    I agree, HAWAIIBILL. The only thing voting Republican shows the Democrats is that they should be even more conservative and ineffective and anti-gay. Not sure why AIDENRACCOON considers Giannoulias the “white Obama” but he supports our civil rights; closeted Kirk does not. Simple as that. I hope the LGBT voters in Illinois will make the right choice, one not based on their opinions of Obama.

  7. georgiaguy says

    I can’t wait for the expose from a male prostitute on Kirk’s sexual orientation. Hope it comes out before the election. He’s right about Obama, though. I hope Obama decides not to run for re-election and it’s Hillary vs. Sarah in 2012. I will never vote Republican, but I will only give money directly to progressive candidates or organizations that support a gay rights agenda. No money to DNC to support Blue Dog Democrats!

  8. Sebastian says

    Hillary vs. Sarah in 2012.

    Posted by: georgiaguy | Oct 20, 2010 3:31:58 PM

    Miss Georgia Republican queen. You WON’T see that in 2012…Get over it already!

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