1. jason says

    MTV has done more to promote homophobia and bullying than almost any other media organization in history. I’m amazed that any of you would be supporting this organization. Consider how MTV has spent years relentlessly promoting a succession of homophobic rappers, hip-hoppers and all-round sleazeballs.

    A lot of you truly have rocks in your heads. If Adolf Hilter were to come back to life and produce an “It Gets Better” video for youtube, you’d be praising him.

    MTV has contributed to a culture of homophobia and violence against gay people, men in particular. Don’t ever forget it.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Jason you are a fool. MTV has done more to promote gay visibility through their programming than any other cable network. The Real World (specifically Pedro Zamora in 1994!), True Life, Sex in the 90s, their PSAs; I could go on.

    Gain some perspective.

    Thank you Vinny.

  3. justaguy says

    Ive never watched the show. Vinny seems like stellar guy here…even if JMAN is right and he’s reading, haha. But I’m lukewarm about MTV, not too trusting.

    Jason – UR correct – and relentless. U go. I like it – and did not think of it until u said it. MTV deserves no free pass.

    Brian – just bc MTV has done good things for gays doesn’t mean it can’t simultaneously do bad (worse?) things.

  4. Derek Pearce says

    Jason, there are a trillion tv channels now– it’s called narrowcasting. I don’t want to watch NASCAR and I don’t expect NASCAR dads to watch Logo. What, is the food network segregationist because it won’t cover the latest in decorating? Have some perspective.

  5. Bernadette says

    That piece of trash is a total misogynist just like the other three male braindead idiots in the house. They’re all suffering from the madonna/whore-complex and can’t even manage for one night to be faithful to the girls they’re allegedly are infatuated with as we could witness in the last episode of this season. Let alone how they bullied a female cast member (Angelina) for doing the same thing that they’re doing all of the time, namely taking somebody back to the house to have sex and then get rid of them in the morning. The difference is that – according to them – they are allowed to take girls back home and screw them and Angelina mustn’t because it makes her a whore. So, if those airheads are too effing stupid to grasp the concept of equality when it comes to women, then how the hell can somebody believe Vinny to be genuine about his anti-gay bullying comment?
    I also find it quite irritating that someone who makes a gay-friendly comment is suddenly a nice guy and it seems that all the other bad things they do are somehow forgiven just because they suck up to the gay community. So Vinny can treat women like they’re subhumans but as long as dude’s nice to the gays everything’s alright with you?

  6. kb says

    Why so many drama queens?…oh wait. I thought you want to change peoples minds to be more accepting. Give people a chance to be accepting? Bitch later if they change their mind. There’s nothing BAD about this video and it might be beneficial. Complain about other shows or MTV somewhere else where it might do some good.

  7. mike says

    @Jason Um, did I miss something? Logo is a “segregationist entity”? Besides being impressed with your quasi-leftist, 1970’s-type, gay pride lingo, I am also impressed that you have been watching a different MTV that the rest of us. I think MTV has done as good a job as anybody to at least expose the LGBT community to the rock’n’roll masses.

    And, good for you, Vinny. I admit I watched JS last season and enjoyed it. This season, not so much. The novelty has worn off, well at least for me and your lives aren’t as, um, interesting as they were at the Jersey Shore. But, to each his own.

    I’m just glad that you spoke out. Lots of people might hear what you’re saying and take it in.

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