1. says

    Well, now, I really like Jessie V. I kinda wish I could vote for him up here in Maine! He does have a point, though. Free speech is free speech, and we have to choose what to listen to and what to disregard. That’s olanitger unalienable right, but I fear making an educated decision about right and wrong may be at the heart of a lot of this country’s problems.

  2. HA!! says

    Joy Behar is a moron as is Whoopi Gold brick. Believe me I am no fan Of Mr. OReilly, however these two dopes are much more dangerous.

  3. Joe says


    How are they more dangerous? Two known comedians who advocate for equal rights and respect for all people. O’Reilly is under the assumption that he is a qualified journalist, when he is nothing more than Nancy Grace’s crotchety uncle.

  4. pete says

    It got off to a poor start, but the more Ventura spoke the more credibility he had.

    No one blamed Oklahoma City on the Kristians so of course, it’s provocative prejudice to suggest the “Muslims” killed Americans on 9/11.

    Terrorist Extremism is just that- nothing more.

  5. says

    To add to what Pete stated; if it had been ultra-orthodox Jews on 9/11, would we be saying Jews killed all those people or simply Jewish extremist?

    Joy and Whoopi are correct. There are over a billion Muslims in the world, most of which are not extremist/terrorists. To make a blanket statement without the distinction like O’Reilly did is racially charged and designed to infuse anger and resentment into the argument.

  6. Steve says

    I’m a fan of Whoopi and Joy – but they made a mistake by walking away from the table. They look unprofessional and out-witted, which is a shame, because O’Reilly was spewing hate speech. They should have stood their ground.

    Expect the Wingnuts to make hay out of this one.

  7. Greg2 says

    Whether you’re a TV host or a ordinary citizen on the streets, sometimes the best course of action in a tense situation is to just walk away.

  8. TANK says

    I really think it’s the religious who bring up the oklahoma city bombing, and state that the faith of timothy mcveigh isn’t cited, so it’s a double standard. Who but a religious person could misunderstand the problem to that degree? I think they want to defend religion in general, and specifically, their own false view of the universe.

    If you removed the islamic faith from the 9/11 terrorists, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened. The same can’t be said about christianity and timothy mcveigh…which is because there were different reasons for his terrorist activity than religion. Once again, religious faith caused 9/11; specifically, the islamic faith of the hijackers.

  9. Bobby says

    Whoopie and Joy did the right thing and left Bill O stumped.

    Jesse Ventura makes more sense than every politician out there.

  10. Jason says

    Really, Islamism; the military arm of Islam isn’t our enemy and hasn’t been behind 99% of the major attacks against the western world. Large populations within Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Iran didn’t cheer on 9/11 when we were attacked. Sorry I will paint with a broad brush all of Islam as terrorists until they actively go to war with their own to stop the supposed few who sully their religion. If they cared; each of the countries above would root out and kill every known terrorist in their land. The whole of Islam is complicit by their in-action. Bill was absolutely correct.

  11. TANK says

    Some of you bitter and pathetic old queens might think I’m an idiot when I talk about religious matters, but I’m not. I have spent countless hours studying the world’s great religions and so I have a lot of expertise when I make sweeping generalizations and dismiss whole groups of people with cliches and tired old phrases. And I certainly don’t take any of my bigoted talking points from Fox News Channel. So all of you sleazy and uneducated readers of this blog can kiss my very nicely toned caboose if you don’t like what I have to say!

  12. TANK says

    I’m just kidding with you, Tank the Real Tank. I disagree with just about everything you say, but you really do have a way of making the comment sections of this blog entertaining and fun! So I’m just kidding around with you… you’re a good sport, and a true gentleman! Keep posting your comments… I always enjoy reading them!

  13. Dawnell_do says

    Whoopie and Joy did the right thing in walking out on O’Reilly but a good punch in the face would have been better.