1. 7 says

    The video has parts of, I think, 9 out of the 11 songs on his new album, not just the one (though Runaway is crazy long here).

    I like the video a lot, and the music even more. Then again, I’ve always liked Kanye, and have seen him more as a tragic man-child than a full-fledged assh*le.

  2. Cristián says

    The whole sequence of the dancers for the main song (the actual “Runaway” song) is impeccable and mesmerizing.
    Alan Parker and Adrian Lyne should be proud.

  3. Musicvideoanalyst says

    When I saw the Chicken Lady having such a difficult time functioning with her long claws, I realized what Kanye is trying to say:
    “Hey sexy ladies, you can’t eat or drink with those fingernails, let alone punch the keys on the cash register at my grocery store. So trim those talons, bitches.”

  4. Roy says


    Couldn’t make it through more than a couple minutes. Keep driving, Kanye… perhaps you’ll find some talent someday.

    But I sincerely doubt it.

  5. Asher says

    wait a second roy, the man is a multi-millionare, has 12 grammys, three #1 albums, and is pretty much recognized as a genius in the genre of hip-hop, is pro-gay rights and your saying he has no talent?

    Hmmmm….at least your proving that being gay doesn’t equal taste.

  6. Natira says

    Asher, Kanye is a reformed homophobe who now supports gay rights, I guess. I don’t think he’s actually done anything to support gay rights, but he’s not against them.

    Meatwad makes the money, see?

  7. jason says

    Yet more over-indulgent crap from the attention whore Kanye West. The man is a pain in the rear. The sixties generation would have laughed at this buffoon and his excesses.

  8. Bong says

    This is more than an attempt to call egoist self masturbatory video actual artistic expression. There is a message here that, to understand, requires an awakening to the secret that subjugates mankind to suffering. Freedom lies in the question: Who Am I?

  9. JP says

    This is really interesting. While it’s totally self indulgent, I completely respect his ability to push the art of music video in the same way that he aspires to push hip hop. It could have been 5 minutes of lens flares and champagne at the club, but instead it was ballet, theatre, race relations and challenging concepts.

    I’d argue that we need more Kanye’s in modern music, even if at times his ego gets the better of him.

  10. craig says

    When you’re explaining you’re more disinterested in someone like Kayne, who makes more then decent music and pairs himself with fantastic producers, then Justin Beiber, your more concerned about Kayne’s a**hole attitude rather then is work. Totally your right, but from that perspective I say FAIL. And whats with the hate on Beiber, is music is made for “tweens”, why should it interest any of us anyhow?

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