1. Ben says

    Soooo, does she want to address her “UR So Gay” song ever, at all? Because this is a nice gesture, but she might want to realize that the sentiment of that song is part of the problem.

  2. Ciaran says

    It’s great that in such subtle ways people can learn how to live their lives to the fullest through Katie Perry. Fat people, gay people, kids with cancer. Their lives are enriched by her existence. Thanks Katie. Has there ever been anyone more talented and charismatic in history?

  3. B-Rat says

    My favorite part of the clip was when she near-rhymed boom-boom-boom with moon-moon-moon. My favorite part of the post was the melodramatic “downtrodden youth” bigram. Keep those yuks coming.

  4. pete says

    I guess I don’t have enough cynicism to dislike Katie & her video.

    I just kept thinking how affirming it will be for all the younger kids that will identify & see that their isolation will get better.

    You commenters are the very bullies you rail against. Clue phone; it’s for you!

  5. Eric says

    I liked this video and its message. But for me, the most powerful message from a music video I’ve seen was in TLC’s Unpretty. Maybe that is just because I was 13 at the time though. Perhaps some young person will see this and feel the same way I did about Unpretty.

  6. DMS says

    Is this going to inspire suicide bombers? I kept thinking these downtrodden people were going to exact their revenge on the popular kids by blowing themselves up.

  7. Leo says

    If this an “inspiration” for people, sure, that’s great, whatever.

    Doesn’t change the fact she exploited gay men and reduced lesbians to porn fodder in her first two singles for controversy/attention. She’s a hypocrite, end of story.

  8. Balbo1 says

    It might not seem like much, but this is where the progress is. It’s not in politics but in the culture. And after a certain point, if we’re not already there, being gay will seem totally normal, and it will appear absurd not to grant us our rights.

  9. Blaz says

    I watched this video and loved every bit of it. It moved me to tears. If I had seen a mainstream music video show two young men kissing amongst a heterosexual club my heart would have exploded and I would have received a bit of information that it may be ok to be gay. I think this is wonderful for youth right now.

    Then I read the comments and everyone is vilifying Katy Perry. It makes me worried that a gay teens going to get on here, watch the video, be moved by it, then look at the comment thread and go “Oh, I guess being gay means I have to be part of a community that attacks anything and everything with bitter cynicism. Not much to look forward to after all.”

  10. Thomas says

    I’m not a Perry fan at all (I Kissed A Girl, Ur So Gay, drove me insane) but this is a good video. Has a little more soul then most of GaGa’s videos, which are amazing visually, but a little cold. I enjoyed this.

  11. Shae says

    Can you haters stfu…. if u have a problem with what she did previously let it go its in the PAST, stop being bitter old queens and look at the good she is doing NOW! I love this video and Katy no matter what you haters say!

  12. TomSkylark says

    @Blaz: “Oh, I guess being gay means I have to be part of a community that attacks anything and everything with bitter cynicism. Not much to look forward to after all.”

    I dunno. As a 14 year old, I would have read the more critical comments here and thought, “Oh cool, that’s a community that sticks up for themselves, and holds celebrities accountable for the shit they pull instead of ignoring it so long as it has a catchy chorus.” That isn’t cynicism or being a “bitter queen,” it’s critical thinking–and it shouldn’t stop just because we’re talking about pop music.

    Lest we forget, Katy Perry performed her song “UR So Gay” less than two months ago as an insult directed at a guy who spurned her in High School. That isn’t that far in the past unless you have a really short attention span.

    I’d have a lot more respect for Perry if she’d publicly address the harm her music has done in authorizing, and contributing to, bullying and homophobia writ-large. Instead, she’s just capitalizing on gay folks in new and exciting ways.

    It’s disingenuous at best, and I’m not going to give Perry a free pass just because her music plays in gay bars. There are plenty of pop stars who make smart, infectious music without the side of exploitation. I’d rather support them.

  13. Joe says

    Not my favorite song by her in terms of sound and formal elements and even dancability/repeat plays.

    But, in terms of message this is PERFECT. There is nothing wrong with major artist doing inspirational music (much better than california girls content wise). And the video with men=perfect. I agree it’s great to see these images, and the more they are everywhere the better it gets.

    Whether she is doing it for the money or if she is doing it because she cares, it doesn’t really matter (though I suspect it is the later), It’s great either way.

  14. Clayton Moore says

    totally made me cry. and my hope is that my generation of millennials can find a way to stay positive and uplifting rather than succumb to the bitterness and cynicism that plague the generations of gays that came before us.

    i understand that the progress we have made is due largely to sacrifices made by those who came before us, and i would be pretty bitter and cynical, too, if i had endured the last 20-30+ years (not to mention the horror of The Plague). but hopefully a day is coming soon when we can do less fighting and more living. hopefully the kids who feel oppressed and alone now can live fulfilling lives and experience more love than hardship.

    Thanks to katy perry for another great video!

    On another note, i wish that towleroad had a feature that let us rate comments (up and down). cuz it seems like the people with nothing good to say are always the first to speak, and its a shame that that’s what gets stuck at the top.

  15. Dustin says

    @Eric I felt the same way about the Unpretty video by TLC.

    Now for this video…I can appreciate the thought behind the gesture of including two gay men kissing in the middle of the “straight” club as inclusive but am I the only one that realized they are in the video for maybe 15 seconds, you can’t really even see the kiss happen and then they aren’t shown again at all…as if they were an after thought. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that this video was shot and wrapped and then the news of all the gay teen suicides started picking up ground and so they went back and added this scene,

  16. Todd Merrell says

    C’mon boys. It’s a cute song and a sweet, not crazy original, video. (The fireworks shooting out of her breasts disturbed me a little) But, moved me to tears……..?????????? I’m finding that a bit melodramatic.

  17. AJ says

    Ugh you cynical bastards! It may not be for some of us but I guarantee that there is some little gay kid growing up in East Bumfk with a horrid religious family and bullies at school that is going to see this and be moved to tears. I remember being moved by Collective Soul, “The World I Know” at that age. Its a beautiful song and sentiment. Commercial, yes, but kids at the target age will gobble this up! Bless you Katy!

  18. SKOC211 says

    Ok song, pretty good video, but as soon as I saw Katy’s firework tits I instantly thought of Gaga who has honestly done more meaningful work for the community than one video with a gay couple in it for about 20 seconds.

    Either way I still appreciate what Katy is trying to do even if I have to try and forget the whole UR Gay song or whatever it’s called.

  19. Scott says

    The video didn’t move me to tears, but it did move me to vomit.

    Why do fags have such bad taste in music? No wonder people hate us, we keep talentless one hit wonders like Katy Perry around way longer than they should be kept around.

  20. finkles2000 says

    Blaz – word. I’m not going to deny that the “Ur So Gay” thing made me shake my head, but this is a damn catchy song. And I have to say I find it empowering. Good on her for dedicating to the It Gets Better project.

  21. Ryan says

    You cynics need to STOP!
    The “too little, too late” mentality will not help you get equal rights, you dumb bitches!
    People grow, people change for the better…and we need to be there later to shake their hands, not give them the finger.
    Not just when it comes to gay rights, but equal rights and opportunities, happiness and health for all suffering people in this world.

  22. Big Papa says

    People need to quit picking apart the little sh%# and look at the video for what it really is – a very positive, fun, up-tempo song about showing your inner worth and letting yourself shine!

    I think the video was awesome! Thanks Blaz for standing up and addressing the other issue. EVERYONE should feel they have worth and you can criticize every little thing in life or this video without looking that the collective around you wants nothing more than to feel a part of something and have hope. I hope that everyone feels they have worth and realize that they can always be the change! It’s one person at at time!

  23. Drew says

    I like the message and yet I feel a bit dumber after watching that. I mean, the lyrics are shit. If we didn’t see the video and only heard this song without visuals, we would be listening to shit.

  24. Hunter says

    Thanks for that Blaz I’m glad someone said it. I think they’re frustrated that it wasn’t more JUST for the gays, but that’s silly – because there are other minority groups as well who need to know it gets better. I loved it!

  25. frank says

    i totally agree with blaz and everyone hating on katy for ur so gay and i kissed a girl need to relax. im gay (obviously) and i love those songs! i think its cuz i have a friggin sense of humor (gasp) they were clever and though they may fuel stereotypes a teeny tiny bit stereotypes will never go away. ever! and i dont think people who heard the song ur so gay afterwards were like u know what im gonna go beat up a faggot. great vid great message love u katy

  26. HoustonLite says

    I was never bullied as a kid, but I was infuriated about the suicides of Asher Brown and Tyler Clementi – mainly because nothing ever happens to the bullies. I have a new respect for Katy Perry, doing a serious song and a serious topic. People need to get the message, and I admire Katy for pushing in the right direction. I’m a new fan.

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