1. Brad says

    Videos from people like Pelosi and Obama are great, however, let’s see a little more action behind the words. DADT, DOMA, ENDA are all still going nowhere and a great deal of that is due to Democrats squeamishness in taking up those causes.

  2. topher says

    Did Clinton and Pelosi agree not to put on makeup for their videos? To show their own struggle with this issue? For us to see their real selves?

  3. boston says

    Pelosi has been a staunch support of gay rights and was able to pass DADT repeal in the house with an excess of 40 votes.

    She deserves our support.

  4. says


    Obama does deserve criticism but Pelosi has tried to match action to her words.

    -EDNA passed the house (though without trans protection)
    -Universal health coverage passed the house
    -Strict regulations on banks passed the house

    every issue pertaining to gays and progressives have passed in the house under Pelosi’s watch

    They die in the senate

    flying spaghetti monster forbid that if dems retain control of the hosue Steny hoyer gets voted in as speaker as vs Pelosi . Steny Hoyer is no friend of gays or progressives in the house…..and even worse is repubs gain control then we will be stuck with Bohener or Demint

    Oh for 1/3 of america to learn how our government works. just 1/3. Don’t even need everyone to understand ……would be a huge improvement

  5. LS says

    Let me say first that I fully support the It Gets Better Project. It is worthy and beneficial and Dan Savage should be commended for doing such a great service.

    Having said that, and at the risk of a lot of criticism being aimed in my direction, I wonder if perhaps the project became too big too fast and has become a stand-in for actual activism.

    While it’s great that the President, the Speaker, and the Secretary of State all recorded videos, that’s not really an alternative for doing things. I watched Nancy Pelosi’s video three time, and I don’t recall her mentioning the Student Non-Discrimination Act, let alone all other pro-equality legislation (DOMA repeal, DADT repeal, ENDA, health care for partners of federal workers, etc.) She definitely mentioned the hate crimes bill, but I wonder how much of that was aimed, not at teenagers who will watch her video but at the gay adults who are eligible to vote in November. I have no doubt that the Speaker is an LGBT ally, but something about this video smacks of vote-pandering. After all, it is much easier to record a video than to actually do something (this goes double for the President’s video.)

    But I’m also a little uneasy with where this project is going. I hear that there is going to be a book coming out, and all proceeds will go to the projects that support LGBT youth. That’s lovely, but who exactly is this book for? If it’s for gay youth, then wouldn’t it make more sense to make the book available for free online so that teenagers who may not have money would still have access to it?

    I don’t want to be a part of a backlash, because I think this project is important. Nevertheless, I fear where this is going, and I hope that Dan Savage and the other IGBP powers that be are constantly reassessing what their goals are. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and celebrities and politicians are notorious for moving from cause to cause depending on what is trendy. Yesterday it was the environment, today it’s gay teen suicide, and who knows what it will be tomorrow.

  6. says

    LS and others

    (u have points on other people)

    Under Pelosi

    – EDNA passed house
    -DADT repeal passed house

    criticize the others BUT Pelosi has matched actions to words

    One could even argue she has gone above and beyond in action due to having to beat the damn blue dog dems (conservatives) into line

    all things go and die in the senate

  7. says

    It’s a shame that the House may go back into the hands of the GOP. At last count, under Pelosi’s leadership, the House has 420 bills passed just waiting for the (lazy) Senate to take up.

  8. LS says

    According to Wikipedia, ENDA passed the House in the last Congress, but died in the Senate. It has not passed the the House during this Congress.

    Not trying to knock Pelosi, but I stand by my earlier comments.

  9. jason says

    Nancy Pelosi is a phony and a disgrace. She has barely uttered a word against Obama’s failure to act to repeal DADT. She’s been there playing her role, claiming to be pro-gay, but failing to act when it counts. I certainly won’t be voting for phony Pelosi.

    I hope Pelosi loses her seat in November. It would be good for the GLBT community to have such pro-gay phonies ejected from their seats.

  10. jason says

    What a lot of you gays don’t understand is that everything you see in the Democratic Party is about role-playing. The script is already written, the roles pre-determined. Like an unfolding disaster movie, all seems good in the pro-gay universe until you get to the part where the ship hits the ice-berg. By the time this happens, you’ve already committed to the Democrats with your votes.

    You’re all being taken for a ride by the Democrats.

  11. LS says

    ENDA passed the House once. However, it needs to pass again. When one Congress expires, any pending legislation is declared dead and has to be repassed. It passed the 110th Congress and died in the Senate. In the 111th Congress (this one), it has not passed the House. It needs to pass for the first time in the Senate and again in the House.

    In other words, with a bigger Democratic majority, the House did not pass ENDA.

    Please don’t DUHHHH!!!! people. It’s very off-putting.

  12. jj says

    while its nice to show support, i would be lying if i claimed not to scratch my head sometimes when straight people tell lgbt kids “its gets better” … i understand these videos can be for “bullying” in general but theres a bit of a blurry msg delivered sometimes

  13. jj says

    i really thought the ones from tim gunn and google were very effective. the msg is clear and very relatable.

  14. says


    if the senate won’t pass it, then why shoudl the house pass it yet again to only die in the senate?

    pelosi did her job, now do yours and vote in more dem senators

    FDR had 67 dem senators to help him fly through new deal legislation

    there are only 59 (counting the 2 indies that caucus with the dems)

    if u the voter delivers enough dem senators so ENDA won’t die in the senate then u can bet 100% pelosi will get it to pass the house yet again


    Ill appologise for saying DUH! but it was frustrating

    Pelsoi did get ENDA passed

    Jason go suck karl rove’s cock and STFU

  15. says

    I know, Jason, we’re really being taken for a ride by those awful Democrats, since your precious Republicans are doing so much for gay people. That Republican majority in Congress will speak out against anti-gay bullying and put our civil rights on the front burner! Yay, GOProud!

    Do you really think we’re as idiotic as you are? Most of us are self-respecting enough not to vote for those who hate us.

    Nancy Pelosi may not be perfect, but she is on our side, and she gets things done. Even people who don’t like her admire her focus and leadership. If the Senate had been as effective as Pelosi’s House, we’d be that much further along by now. And if the Dem’s lose the House, which they likely will, her replacement will be a travesty for every progressive cause, including gay rights. She’s someone who actually has some action behind her words.

  16. Jason2 says

    Nancy “We need to pass the bill before we know whats in it” is dumber than a box of rocks. I could care less for her pandering. Can’t wait to see her lose her position. I rarely use this word but she is a Cee U Next Tuesday. But then again I voted straight Republican this time for the second time in 25 years so I am not expected to like her.

  17. says

    Oh, delusional Jason(s,1&2): Christine O’Donnell is dumb. Even those who despise Nancy Pelosi know she’s not dumb. She has been an effective Speaker, few dispute that.

    As for voting Republican, well, that’s your right. Does your state have full LGBT equality? If so, did the Republicans make that happen? Do they believe you deserve the same rights they have?

    Because the Democrats in my state made it happen. In my state, I am a FULLY EQUAL citizen because of the Democrats, who got the bills passed and, on marriage equality, overcame the odds to override our Republican governor’s bigotry. Democratic leadership may be lacking, but with prodding they will do the right thing. I trust most gay voters aren’t as foolish as you are.

  18. wimsy says

    All good legislation dies in the Senate because it’s members are all crabby old farts who hate newfangled ideas.

  19. Eric says

    Pelosi’s first speech on the floor of the House was to fight for AIDS funding and against the Reagan Administration’s refusal to take the disease seriously. No other speaker or leader has been as supportive as Nancy Pelosi and she has stood with our community in every major fight. She was right not pass additional legislation in the House believing that she had made her members take enough difficult votes when the Senate has not acted on the stack of bills that await a vote. To those who say her actions have not matched her words, you have not studied history, oversimplified the work of Congress and aren’t familiar with all that she has done for our community. She even came out publicly and said that she hoped Obama wouldn’t appeal DADT.
    I was especially disappointed in Jason’s comments and hope that he studies how supportive she has been and what a loss it will be to not have her as Speaker. Who does he think in the Congress could be a better advocate than her? Of the Democratic leadership nobody has been a stronger fighter. And he’s kidding himself if any LGBT legislation happens under House Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor.