1. CoMo'mo says

    Woman, thy name is Hubris.

    Is it possible that SP isn’t the arrogant, ignorant flake we like to believe she is, but some sleeper agent put in place years ago by..? Why ELSE would Old John McCain have taken her on as VP candidate if he weren’t under the spell of…?

  2. finkles2000 says

    What’s completely ironic and infuriating is that these “tea party” people are not only riding on the coattails of the GOP, but taking their money as well. They keep shouting, “I’m not a politician, I’m not a Republican!” And yet they’re piggybacking on Republican votes and money. Why? Because they know if they run as third-party candidates, they will receive less money for their candidacies and virtually no votes. It’s a fairly disgusting tactic, it’s cowardly, and it’s pretty infuriating. If you’re not a Republican, if you don’t want to be called a Republican, if you keep saying that the Republicans need to be held accountable too, then don’t run as a Republican.

    Jesse Ventura is a wackadoo sometimes, but he was spot on when he said Palin is a “quitter” who “screwed the people of Alaska.” That’s all she is, and nothing else. I’ve never seen such campaigning from someone who’s not even running for an office.

  3. CoMo'mo says

    “Ax” is a regional variant of “ask”. If you completely reject the idea of regional dialects among educated people, and insist of homogenized pronunciation, you’re probably fighting a losing battle. And,since one of the things that occurs in spoken language is simplification, it may be that everybody will use the easier pronunciation someday. Somebody at work complained once about an employee using ‘ax”. Prefacing her complaint with a sneering “I thought you employed educated people here” while rolling her eyes in the direction of the Black offender, I concluded the old bitch was a closet racist. It’s a matter of retrospective shame that I didn’t call her on it.

  4. Darnell says

    Great and very telling quote from that media-whore.
    I cannot get past the way he “axed” her those questions. I’m sorry, but his credibility as a journalist, or a professional of any sort, has instantly flown out the window. Is CNN hurting so bad that they cant hire reporters that use proper English?

  5. Paul R says

    Just about everything she says is a lie, yet somehow she can hypnotize lots of morons while tying her political fortunes to a sinking ship. Just repeat the same talking points, wear the same red blazer, and be wrong all the time.

    She will fail, and hopefully the GOP will too. Please do “close up shop,” you opportunistic monster. Predicting the potential demise of your own party is absurd. She just likes attention and money.

  6. Brains says

    I just hope that my fellow faggots do not confuse a “Tea Party” with the Tea Party, and vote Republican!

    Remember the Democrats are your only choice in this tribal war!

  7. pete says

    The Tea Party’s fiscal conservatism is laughable… they espouse themselves as outsiders, but check the endorsements… every last one a Republican- screaming about budget/jobs while implementing their social agenda.

    You’d have to be BEYOND homophobic to actually vote for these people that given the chance, will absolutely vote against YOU.

  8. John Normile says

    I can’t even press play…her voice makes me want to vomit and I’m sure she’s not saying anything anyhow….poor GOP it’s like a sick old cat that needs to be put down

  9. says

    Reality check. There were about 200 people at that “rally” for Mama Grizzly. Last week, I was in a standing room only crowd with over 1500 for Bill Clinton. Last month we had 175 people in one art gallery for our Stonewall meeting with Harry Reid (one of many events he went to that day with over 100 people). The hoards they claim might just be really loud medium sized crowds.

  10. KEL says

    She may be right. The Republican party may be ‘through’ if they don’t embrace the Tea Party AT THIS TIME, but if these people win elections and take over Washington the Republican party and all of us will lose in the long run. They’re regressive and at the very moment that they need to increase their party and diversify, they are shooting themselves in the foot by becoming even more bigoted and divisive than they already seem.

  11. Bart says

    What’s the message, Sarah? Not a single one of you can make it coherently. I guess the message is, “See, even dumb assholes can almost become President.”

    In five years, Sarah Palin will be nothing more than a trivia question. And the question will be, “What former vice-presidental candidate lost in the first round of Dancing With The Stars?”

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