1. Mike C. says

    @DIZZY, And how exactly do you blame Obama for that?? Do you REALLY think there is ANYTHING that the president could have done to persuade ANY of the bigotted Republican senators, intent on blocking everything Obama supports, to vote in favor of the DADT repeal? Nothing.

    And this piece on Rachel Maddow makes the point why he should/can not leave the court’s decision. What if a single federal judge ruled the entire healthcare reform law unconstitutional and we had a Republican president. Would you want the president and Supreme Court to uphold that decision, and single handedly reverse all the work on healthcare? That is the precedent Obama could set if the government let this ruling stand. The entire world does not exist in your single issue tunnel vision of gay rights

  2. jason says

    You know, I got an eerie sense of deja vu when I saw Obama on MTV’s arranged town hall meeting today. I swear I had seen an exact same meeting about two and a half years ago, just a few months prior to the Presidential election. Obama seemed to use the exact same words in relation to DADT. Incredibly eerie….

  3. tgstock says

    How refreshing to have such an eloquent, informed guest who can clearly and succinctly explain the complex legal and judicial processes that impact this case. If someone opposed to lifting the ban could explain their side without resorting to melodramatic and ignorant rhetoric, I still would not agree with them, but I could respectfully accept their right to express their opinion.

  4. says


    no, dems wont loose the majority

    They will loose seats but retaining the senate is a sure thing and the house looks better and better the closer to nov 2 we get

    the repubs peaked too soon, and now that the majority of voters (low info voters) are finally paying attention as we get closer to the election the trend lines show dems doing better and better

    gallup finally aknowledged the cell phone vs land line issue in polls. All polls only poll land lines due to cost while the use of cell phone only house holds has grown by a staggering amount and predominantly in dems. Gallup figured that polls are off by about 4% due to this, in 2008 it was figured 3% which became evident in exit polls/results

    I made a prediction a month ago of 3 and 25 but will now say max worse case scenario dems loose 2 in the senate and 15 in the house = keeping their majority

    Taking bets now

  5. MiloTock says

    Mike C – The problem with that argument is that it assumes that a Republican administration would, for some reason, feel compelled to defend the laws merely because Obama had done the same. Unfortunately, we have no reason to believe that would be the case. What we have seen time and time again is that the Republicans will act according to their own political agenda, regardless of precedent. Do you really believe that any of the current likely Republican candidates for President would have their DOJ lift a finger to defend healthcare reform if a court overturned it? I surely don’t think so. They would merely say that the court had recognized “the will of the people” and immediately act to suspend whatever parts of the law had been implemented by that point. Behaving in a certain way because one expects that the Republicans will reciprocate has been nothing but a recipe for failure for Obama administration.

  6. Andrew says

    @Mike C. Its Obama’s fault because he has failed to be outspoken about progressive issues. He has kept the practice of rendition, he is maintaining his war in Afghanistan, he is continuing with illegal wiretapping, he has called for the murder of US Citizenships who he deems “threats”, and a whole host of other “Bush” atrocities. THAT is why its his fault *IF* the Republicans take back control of the house. He, along with the democrats have sat on their hands and done the least of what it takes to do things then claim hey we tried but those Republicans kept blocking us. The Republicans will and are douches here to block everything that you want to accomplish, but not fighting even stronger created voter apathy. That is how I feel, and I know that is how a lot of others feel as well. For me I will go and vote always for the most progressive candidate, but for those in the middle it has either disillusioned them or they are going to vote for the Republican nomination.

  7. says

    I never heard anything so absurd as the former Solicitor General’s argument for Obama fighting to uphold DADT in court. “We can’t have the courts striking down an act of Congress”???!! WTF? What if that act of Congress is unconstitutional? Any Gay person who buys the premise that DADT repeal should be a purely political endeavor evidently perceives the Gay Rights movement as something other than a Civil Rights crusade. A Civil Rights crusade is primarily driven by moral, not political considerations! It has a sense of urgency. There should also be a sense of urgency around retaining essential LesBiGay personnel in a time of war. The priorities of Barack Obama and just about everyone involved with this issue are tremendously f*cked up. Poor prioritizing in general is crippling our government.

  8. Mike C. says

    @Andrew, I wasn’t commenting on Dizzy’s assertion that it is Obama’s fault if he loses Congress. But, that it was somehow Obama’s fault that he couldn’t get any republicans to vote in favor of DADT reform. There is simply nothing he could have done to get any republican senators to vote for the DADT repeal

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