1. says

    Oh for fuck’s sake. HOW? HOW will he be actively involved? You all know as well as I do that if he really intended to throw the weight of the Presidency behind this effort, he and his staff would have already devised a detailed plan.

    Jesus H. Christ. Do we have to wait until we have 100% consensus among all Americans, all judges, all senators, and all congressional representatives, as well as blessings from the Pope, the United Nations, the League of Women Voters, the Acoustical Society of America, the board of directors for NASCAR, the African National Congress, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and the collected representatives of the United Federation of Planets before we are able to repeal this ridiculous law?

    What a bunch of pussies.

  2. taodon says

    He’ll be actively involved by allowing one of our fashion designers give his wife clothing. See, he supports us!

  3. says

    If he’d been a little more involved on the day the Senate voted against the Defense Bill, instead of calling to congratulate basketball teams, this issue would probably be resolved by now.

  4. Martin Murray says

    Actively involved in the repeal of DADT?

    My ass!

    Fuck you Obama.

    How do possibly hope to repeal DADT when both Houses will be a lot more hostile to its repeal than they have been for the last 2 years.

    Not another penny to Obama and the Democrats.

    Find another party to vote for- the Greens is who I favour.

    Supporting the ‘lesser’ of 2 evils, no longer works for me!

  5. says

    Martin, I wonder if you’re right. I’ve always agreed with the Greens. Perhaps a couple of big losses for the Dems will result in more consideration for a Dem-Green coalition government someday. I’ve always thought that we needed four parties… right, center right, center left, and left. This right and center-right choice is simply not enough.

  6. DougChgo says

    Gibbs isn’t terribly careful about his words. I was listening for the words “actively involved” throughout this clip. He finally said “involved” — and then at the end he got testy, saying “I’ve said he’ll be very actively involved” — Robbie, you didn’t say he’d be “actively” involved, let alone “very actively” involved. So don’t f#cking say that you did.

  7. Sam says

    So, Martin Murray when the Tea Party Republicans take over both House and Senate what will you do then? You think it is bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet. So stop sitting there complaining and take an action that helps our cause or else you are part of the problem!

  8. John says

    First pass the post (FPTP) plus bipartisan gerrymandering = No Greens in Congress, ever.

    Our electoral system is rigged to produce 45-55% Republicans and 45-55% Democrats. It might go down or up slightly in a wave year. But the variations are actually minor because anything above 55% usually means Blue Dogs or RINOs – who may not obey their party leadership – are winning in districts that “belong” to the other side. It works exactly the same way at the state level too. The two party is deeply entrenched in American politics.

  9. Martin Murray says

    “So, Martin Murray when the Tea Party Republicans take over both House and Senate what will you do then? You think it is bad now, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

    Oh we were all warned that the sky was going to fall in when the crazed fundamentalist Geogr W Bush was made president. While there was no progress on LGBT rights, there were no setbacks either.

    Then when so-called ‘fierce advocate’ Barack Obama was elected, and guess what. Nothing has changed.

    Nothing ever changes in American politics.

    Quite frankly I’ve given up hope on the Democrats. I simply refuse to keep voting for a party that does NOTHING about my rights.

    The Tea-Party are meant to be super-scary. They are not. They’s morph into regular Republicans if they gain power.

    I will not allow the Tea Party bogeymen to convince me to vote Democrat.

    Instead i choose from now on not to engage in bargaining. I am only going to vote for a party that FULLY supports my rughts.

  10. Eric says

    “we were all warned that the sky was going to fall in when the crazed fundamentalist Geogr W Bush was made president. While there was no progress on LGBT rights, there were no setbacks either.”

    No setbacks? How many ballot initiatives banned gay marriage in ’04 again?

  11. candide says

    All the whiners on this board threatening to split the vote just to teach them Dems a lesson show why the religious right outmanoeuvres us every time.

    The economy was totally melting down. The GOP was out to get O from the start.

    What the hell do you need to see? O and Biden French kissing on national TV to understand they basically support our causes? They have to move slowly in this toxic political and economic environment.

    Go split the vote but get your pink triangles ready. You think progress is slow now, just wait! You’re just being manipulated by the GOP, who have their propagandists out in force to siphon the LGBT vote away from the Dems. Tools of the rabidly anti-gay GOP, that’s what you are if you split the vote.

  12. uh rly? says

    How can we even concentrate on this when we have the hottie sitting in front of her?!?! Seriously, all the issues fall away. Let’s focus on what’s important.

  13. Bart says

    I think Obama should sit in the stall next to the Republicans and wait for the foot to come over and tap his. Then he could blackmail them for their vote.

    Actively involved? Why wasn’t he “actively involved?” last month.

    Yes, I know, he’s got a lot on his plate…but guess what, that’s why he was hired for the job, to multi-task. If he can’t, he shouldn’t be President.

    But even worse that Obama has been the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate. Inept maximus. Harry Reid is lucky he doesn’t have a sane candidate to run against…Sharron Angle was his only hope for staying in office. And the fact they are only a few percentage points apart tells you that people in Nevada would rather for someone who is a half-step away from being diagnosed as having methane gas between her ears than him.

  14. Joe L says

    I love the hypocritical contradictory world this administration creates. “We will be actively involved” in repealing DADT…

    …meanwhile we are actively involved in defending the constitutionality of the stature.

    …meanwhile we are refusing to abide by a court decision ordering the Pentagon immediately cease enforcing DADT.

  15. wants to know says

    More importantly, who is the hottie sitting in front of Eleveld in the screen capture? Yum.

  16. says

    Kerry Eleveld is a great reporter. On the weekend shows, they will most likely discuss Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ruling, but they’ll do it without her. And that’s a huge mistake.

  17. candide says

    The month leading up to the midterms and gay comment boards sound like Fox news. You’re being played for suckers by the GOP. Punish the the slow-moving ally to help elect the aggressive oppressor. Now there’s some self-destructive logic for you. Sounds like a lot of you have taken the bait. Good luck with that!

  18. says

    Can anyone explain *why* Obama feels he must go through Congress rather than the courts to make DADT go away? Is one somehow more orange than the other? What’s his reasoning? And I mean other than ultimately not repealing DADT at all.

  19. says

    @Candide: No, I think the issue is that we all knew that the tide was going to turn in favor of the Republicans at the midterm elections, the way it ALWAYS does. We had two years to get some shit done, and while some window dressing was passed, the big ticket GLBT items (Immigration reform, DADT, and DOMA) were scrapped. We had 8 years of pretty talk but little to show for it with Clinton, then 8 years of mouth breathing during the Cheney administration. Is it any wonder that people are bitter about letting this brief window of opportunity pass without anything more than a hate crimes bill? The GOP may be playing us for suckers, but no more so than the Democratic Party.

  20. candide says

    @milkman DADT will be repealed and we got a hate crimes bill passed. Our community’s expectations that rapid, sweeping changes would be effected on our behalf were simply unrealistic. The political and economic environment was too toxic to go full throttle on our issues, with the economy on the precipice of a depression, with so many old white people freaking out at a black president and with so many Bluedog DINOs in Congress blocking progressive reform at every step. Hence the bitterness is somewhat unjustified. I certainly agree in supporting and contributing to truly progressive candidates, but to undermine the Dems is a losing strategy. The Dems have given and will continue to give us more support than the GOP who pander to the groups that get off on hating us. The GOP is just too dangerous for the LGBT community.

  21. Henry Holland says

    Candide, yes, the GOP is a non-starter to vote for for a variety of reasons, not just GLBT issues, but here’s the thing: I’ve been voting since 1978 and in those 32 years, I’ve barely missed voting for local dogcatcher, let along gov/sen/pres stuff. And in those 32 years, I’ve thrown away my 100% vote for Democrats more times than I care to remember.

    One the one hand, they cave at the slightest bit of pressure from the GOP, absolutely terrified to be labeled “liberal” (even though most polls taken show that liberal positions are popular, just not when the Dems are attached to them and in Europe, they’d be considered center-right), they never fight back.

    On the other, they cynically know that segments of the population will rarely/never vote GOP, so they do the bare minimum to keep those groups from mutinying. I’m sick to death of the “run as centrist liberals, govern as center-rightists” bullshit.

    It’s utterly depressing. I knew Obama was a fraud on gay issues when the Donnie McClurkin bullshit happened.. As was said up-thread, yes he has a lot on his plate, but if he can’t multi-task, get the fuck out and go back to Chicago. Truman and JFK/LBJ were facing the extinction of the human race via nuclear war and they still managed to integrate the military and pass Civil Rights legislation.

    That line of “reasoning” about a lot on his plate is especially galling when (again upthread) it came out that he spent the morning of the DADT vote calling those shitty basketball players in the WNBA that no sports fan I know takes seriously instead of working the phones and threatening people with political death if they didn’t stay in line.

    Oh, right. He’s “a consensus builder”. He’s “subtle”. Fuck that! LBJ would have cut off the Blue Dogs balls if they tried the bullshit they do. He’s. the. President. he can withhold committee chairs, starve districts of funds etc. but instead it’s “incrementalism”.

    So, how’s that working for you, Obama?

  22. mark says

    However it happens, once you change the military the entire culture changes.

    On July 26, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981 racially integrating the military and mandating equality of treatment and opportunity.

    It also made it illegal, per military law, to make a racist remark.

    Desegregation of the military was not complete for several years, and all-black Army units persisted well into the Korean War.

    The last all-black unit wasn’t disbanded until 1954.

    In 1956, the first African-American national variety show, The Nat “King” Cole Show, premiered.

    Since then, several television shows based on the lives of African-Americans have been developed and have been successful.

    The Cosby Show, which debuted in 1984, was the top-rated series during most of its nine seasons and was an inspiration for its viewers.

  23. Brent Z says

    When I was a kid and threw a tantrum my dad would say “Stop crying or I’ll give you something real to cry about.” I almost hope the Republicans take over in November and again in 2012 so you REALLY have something to complain about.