1. crispy says

    It’s sad that something as positive and uplifting as the Chilean miners rescue has about a 48 hour lifespan, but blowhards like Bill O’Reilly are still talking about that silly mosque 2 months later.

    BTW, did ya’ll hear that one of the miner’s mistresses showed up? HILARIOUS!

  2. Paul says

    i would have challenged him to prove that 70 percent of Americans disagree. where the heck does he get off just simply making up statistics ? there is being provocative, and then there is being liar. He also has an incredibly annoying habit of talking loudly over everyone and not letting anyone speak. A total old irritant.

  3. Bill Pinhead says

    Bill o’reilly is a racist against muslims, he has shown that today publically for all to see.. he is an embarrassment to republicans.
    An ignorant man that should not be giving a second thought let alone air time.

    Bill O’Reilly is a waste of skin.

  4. Edd says

    Good point Whoopi, what religion was Timothy McVeigh? Christian, Catholic? Should we not allow any more of those churches to be built anywhere?

  5. Dave says

    A publicity stunt for all sides. These situations are so pointless. O’Reilly’s supporters love him for talking back to the View ladies and the View fans love Whoopi and Joy for walking off the set. No minds are changed.

  6. RW says

    And then he will say something positive about marriage equality and the queens will trip over themselves making excuses for him. Just like Glen Beck, Richard Cohen, etc etc etc.

  7. says

    Walking off the set is ridiculous and unprofessional, even if it’s justifiable. The producers invited O’Reilly onto the show… they knew what they were getting when they did that. Walters, as the only journalist, should have been asking hard-hitting follow-up questions demanding proof of the crazy statements. These chances to show how crazy the talking heads are shouldn’t be wasted like this.

  8. Denise Weber says

    The chicks on the View (except one) are liberal idiots! Socialist wanna be’s…I am not a FAN of Bill’s but I do agree with him. Those that walked out had a childish tantrum – ridiculous!

  9. patrick nyc says

    The reason so many are opposed to the community center’ is that the right wing talking heads, politicians and idiots like O’Reilly have wrongly been calling it a mosque. This is racism at it’s worse and if any other minorities do not get it yet, if they hate muslims, chances are they also hate jews, blacks, gays and anyone else who is not a white christian.

  10. Rocky Lore says

    I find it funny that the gay rights and other liberal groups are defending radical Islam when they know damn well what happens to gays in the Muslim world. Oh by the way, leftist goons, Islam is not a race.

  11. says

    Tons of people in the audience clapped when O’Reily said,”70 % of Americans don’t want that mosque down there…”

    Who is in that audience? Scary.

  12. Andalusian Dog says

    And why is the death of thousands still being used in what is transparently a broader culture war over conservatism versus progress? Everyone just needs to come clean and stop hiding behind the victims’ corpses.

    Conservatives want America to remain/become/go back to (depending on your perspective) a country run by rich white Christian men who publicly identify as straight; progressives want to create a balance of power between all groups, which is largely infeasible in our present post-capitalist system.

    And hence why we voted for change. And hence why we are all discontent when it inches forward.

  13. rjp3 says

    Barbara Walters is a Right Winger – used to sleep with Henry Kissinger.

    She is
    1) An Elitist

    2) Has no problem with Republicanism

    3) The View is a front by design to bring right wing views to women…. the producer is a highly connected Republican operative, Walters knew this going in.

  14. jamal49 says

    @THE MILKMAN You are 100% correct!

    @DENISE WEBER I’m sorry, honey. You’re still an asswipe.

  15. THE QUEEN says









  16. tony x says

    He was booked to spread this HATE and LIE.

    They were TERRORIST that killed people on 9/11. As President W said we were at war with TERRORIST not MUSLIMS you fool.

    We are sliding toward Christianist Fascism in this country — and Denise likes that.

    Any person who did not get up and walk out is guilty of spreading anti-Islam hate. (Which the corporations want so their puppet candidates will be voted into power) Barbara and the other two are evil for sitting there.

  17. Ann says

    I am glad Whoopi and Joy walked off so that the screaming would stop and a decent conversation could take place. I did not see Barbara walk off! Bill was right. 70% do not want that inappropriate mosque no matter how many Muslims consequently died that day as well.

  18. Disgusted American says

    We are sliding toward Christianist Fascism in this country…and I for one, and gonna my dam-dest to get the Hell out of this country….America is devolving at a alarming rate….hate seems to rule the day.

  19. Ann says

    Bill was booked to promote his book. Joy and Whoopi walked off for ratings and an effort to dismiss Bill. If they had not done that, I would have never known it because I do not watch The View because Joy Behar is a co-host. As left as Whoopi is, I still enjoy her views. Joy is a simpleton and idiot which is why she is employed by CNN.

  20. Tranquilo says

    @The Queen: your caps lock key can be turned off by hitting the button on the left of the keyboard.

  21. Rocky Lore says

    Disgusted American and Tony X, the only fascists are the Islamists you make excuses for. Would you want a mosque in YOUR neighborhood? Would you support a mosque near Fort Hood, the London subway bombings, or the Mumbai hotel attacks?

    How long before you attack Bill for supporting that man whose Marine son’s funeral was protested?

  22. Ann says

    @Alan – “Muslims killed us on 9/11″. He’s right. There was not a single terrorist of ANY other faith. McVeigh was put to death and his terrorist attack had nothing to do with any type of religion. Muslims and a mosque at the site of attack IS WRONG!!! Get over it.

  23. Patrick says

    As an American in the 30 percentile that supports the mosque being built (30% my @$$), its disheartening to hear the applause of the audience during O’Reily’s extremist, anti-Muslim rant. The man rarely offers a shred of credible evidence, and, as pointed out by several others, has an obvious bias towards anyone who’s views or personal beliefs differ from his or the FOX News dictators.

    While maybe unprofessional, the walkoff appeared quite appropriate, as O’Reily is man who simply gains steam from opposing view points being tossed into his furnace like coal. It was better for them to leave and face ridicule, than stay and attempt to reason with a man who’s ideal of America is Puritanism Christianity.

    Good point, Whoopie, about Timothy McVeigh. Need I also point out the number of wars, murders, and genocidal attempts throughout history that have the stamp of approval from the Christian religion? (Salem Witch Trials, The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, World War 2, for example).

    And agreed… Why are we STILL focusing on this and not the hopeful story of the Chilean Miners? With the state of our world, why not look at the bright sides of life, instead of dwelling in the mire that is the state of American Society?

  24. Paul in Canada says

    Wow – Bill O still pushing his ‘all Muslims are terrorists’ crap – what a tool!

  25. Josh says

    To the person talking about treatment of gays in Muslim countries…

    Let me remind you that it was Christians in Uganda that were advocating a bill to give the death penalty to gays.

    Radical Christianity and radical Islam leads to killing gays.

    Liberals don’t defend radical Muslims, just the peaceful moderate ones.

    Many conservatives do defend radical Christians.

  26. rjp3 says

    The Queen would have been very happy in Nazi Germany when another entire religion was blamed for things for political gain.

  27. says

    A. This is not a Mosque. It is a community center with a prayer space. If a Jewish Community Center were proposed, would we call it a Temple?

    B. There has been a Mosque one block further north from Park51 that has been functioning both before, during and after the building and fall of the WTC towers.

    C. The visceral reaction to this plan is a total self-fulfilling prophecy. The more vitriol that people like O’Reilly spew just proves how there needs to be more education surrounding Islam and that the true extremists are the people (like the talking heads of Fox News) who claim that all Muslims are terrorists.

    I will give you just enough rope and say that yes – putting the Center in that location was meant to chide us – but I will allow you to hang yourself by claiming that it is unjust because your reaction is exactly WHY attention needs to be brought to the anti-Islam rhetoric that is so freely thrown around in this country. Unless you deny any religious institution the right to build in downtown Manhattan you cannot discriminate against a single denomination.

  28. Tranquilo says

    @Rocky. Fascism has no regard for Constitutional rights like freedom of religion and assembly… something you apparently share.

    Should a mosque be built near the sites you list? There *are* mosques in Mumbai, London (the Tube goes everywhere, duh!), and New York. Intelligent people recognize the difference between moderates and extremists in a religion. For example, the nice little Episcopal church down the street is quite different than the hateful Leviticus-worshiping literalists that monopolize this and so many other debates.

  29. Jack M says

    The problem that people have distinguishing between a religion and the people who do evil and use that religion as a justification continues. Why can’t people separate the two?

  30. Josh says

    There is a Mosque in my neighborhood. I’ve visited it and found the people to be very nice.

    An ex-boyfriend of mine was a Muslim. He was very devout about his religion. The only thing he did against his religious views was me!

    I even brought him to church with me a few times. We respected each other’s religious beliefs.

    He was a very wise and compassionate soul.

  31. Casey says

    Why is this still a story? It doesn’t matter that the majority of Americans don’t want the community center there – the Constitution protects minorities from mob rule (in theory at least). They have the right to build it, no matter what “America thinks.” End of discussion.

  32. LincolnLounger says

    O’Reilly vs. Whoopi/Behar. It’s like choosing between a poke in the eye or a punch in the groin.

    Joy Behar finally encountered somebody she could talk over.

  33. TANK says

    Wasn’t joy behar on south park last night? OReilly is a moronic douchebag, but the fact is that the ground zero mosque is offensive. And no, people aren’t racist or islamophobic for pointing that out.

  34. SteveC says

    Bill O’Reilly is an idiot. He wants us to believe that ‘muslims’ are a homogenous mass of homicidal jihadists. Which is simply not true. I don’t like islam as a religious ideology (the same view I hold of christianity and all other religions). But it is dangerous and irresponsible, to dehumanise all muslims into ‘terrorists’. The story of the community centre/mosque was watched around the world. It portrayed the US as a hateful and divisive place where if you are muslim, you are in danger from your fellow citizens. Regardless of someone’s opinion about islam, if you are an American you are supposed to defend the right to freedom of expression and freedom of association. Does that not also apply to muslims. Do Americans really believe that 1,000,000,000 people are ALL terrorists (1 out of every 6 people in the world?)

  35. Bart says

    Why was it so hard for O’Reilly to understand that when Obama said he didn’t want to talk about the wisdom of building the center (it’s not a mosque…that’s a right wing term for it) that he thought it was stupid? I heard Obama speak on the subject, I got it. And I agree with Bill, wisdom-wise putting the Muslim center in that area (it’s not at ground zero…it’s in an area with strip clubs and liquor stores about six blocks away) is stupid. Bascially because there are so many evil religious fascists (neo-Christians and wackadoodle evangelical fundementalists) in this country now, they outnumber the Muslims. You’re just asking for trouble. In this country today I doubt most neighborhoods would want a Muslim center in them. Welcome to America 2010.

    But guess what, it’s not up for popular vote or opinion. I can’t believe there are many gay men and women defending popular opinion or vote for such things when it’s been used as such a weapon against gay folks for so long (“most people don’t want marriage equality, so therefore…”) Sorry. This is America. And they can build that Muslim center wherever the hell they can afford to build it within the laws of any particular state or city. You don’t like it, move to a more fascist country. Mr. O’Reilly viewpoint of completely fascist. He doesn’t get to pick where this center goes nor does anyone else if the law says something else…and it does.

    Obama doesn’t owe us drinks, dinner and fine conversation. He owes us what he promised when he ran. He owes us leadership in the face of adversity. He owes us to push the agenda he espoused when he was a candidate.

    And as far as the women walking off… it’s television, and this keeps this show in the press. O’Reilly got in a smartass dig and the gloves came off. I believ Behar was insulted and Whoopie simply felt O’Reilly was being a religious bigot and a racist (she was right on both accounts.) Walking off is drama and a ratings grabber.

  36. TANK says

    And yeah…putting the word radical in front of a given religion is just another way to pass the buck. Islam is responsible for 9/11 just as christianity IS responsible for the kill the gays bill in uganda.

  37. says

    O’Reilly is a bully, and a really good one. He’s had practice. When he’s pressed to give facts, he throws out meaningless statistics and then tries to draw in the audience. I have to give him credit, he is quite proficient.

    He’s also a hate monger.

    I don’t blame Behar and Goldberg for walking out, but I wish that they would have stood their ground and fought. By ceding the stage to him, they kinda let him win that round.

    Oh and I also like how Walters sat there and did *NOTHING* to mediate. I don’t think she can anymore.

  38. TANK says

    Fight against what? To deny reality? To deny that the islamic beliefs of the 9/11 hijackers caused them to do what they did? No one with a mind of their own denies that… Are all muslims terrorists? Of course not…but islam is responsible for 9/11; and all muslims share that responsibility just as sure as they belong to and defend the same faith.

  39. TomSkylark says

    Is there some sort of TowleroadWatch site or something that keeps redirecting all the trolls here lately?

  40. Ann says

    BTW Joy, Bill did not apologize as you chided him walking back onto The View set. He clarified his remarks seconds after you walked off the stage (like a child) once he was given the opportunity to speak as the “ranting” had finally left the stage! Joy Behar is so far left that her right arm leans left. She is a one-sided sickening piece of wasted space. Furthermore, her ratings on CNN are also in the toilet.

  41. Ann says

    Look at the picture! Joy Behar putting 2 fingers behind the head of Bill as any good 6-year-old would do! Joy, my GOD!! grow up!

  42. Bobby says

    Good for them. Why put up with trash like O’lielly. I say the only way to deal with a hater is to to give that hate any kind of audience.

    Fuck Bill O’Reilly and fuck any of you that defend that racist son of a bitch.

    And a majority of Americans wanted to keep slavery too, does that make them right? A majority of Americans thinks queers need to be locked up and away from all the “normal” people. Does that make them right?

    You fuckin’ Aunt Toms are the lowest of the homosexuals, ones who would sell your own people out just to be popular or at least considered “normal” by Right Wing Nut Jobs!

  43. woofytexan says

    Sadly, Mr. O’Reilly is correct on the numbers. If you do a search on “percentage of American that do not want Mosque built”, the 1st article is from CNN citing 70% oppose it. The numbers in other articles range from 51% to 80% depending on how you spin the numbers. It’s sad that more people do not realize that it is a cultural center and the mosque is a small part of it. If it had be another Iman without such a controversial background, more conversations could be had to explain the difference in radical Christians, oops, sorry, Muslims (I get them mixed up these days) and true Muslims who abhor and denounce violence committed in the name of Islam.
    The Qu’ran, read in it’s entire context, promotes justice, peace, and freedom. Sound just like The Bible, eh? But there are those Muslims who use specific passages to justify violence much like many Christians in America who quote passages in the Bible to instill and justify hatred against the LGBT community. Does that make all Christians terrorist?

  44. TANK says

    Yes, woofy, because christians hijack planes and pilot them into middle eastern buildings all of the time…and, of course, in the united states homosexuality is a crime punishable by death, and is enforced as such (which it actually is–not debated, but is and is routinely enforced– in saudi arabia and iran, to name just two islamic theocracies where homosexuality is a crime)…you’re a fucking flat earth moron.

  45. RB says

    I am not particularly favorable of this blowhard, Bill O’Reilly. However, I find it interesting that when a left leaning individual is confronted with facts, and he is right when saying 70% of Americans do not want the mosque there, the only thing they can do is name call, shout and run away. I find it shameful that they could not sit there and converse with him! He won, plain and simple.

    I have seen Hasselbeck in more argumentative situations handle herself better and not walk off the set. “Pinhead”, probably, but Joy and Whoopi looked ridiculous.

    You simply cannot argue with the facts whether you agree with them or not.

  46. asdf says

    “Is there some sort of TowleroadWatch site or something that keeps redirecting all the trolls here lately?”

    It’s because this story is trending high on Google right now… brings a lot of retarded noobs here.

    and these Muslim posts are like catnip to Tank. He can’t resist bullying everyone here with his superior views

  47. Bosie says

    The religious right have money…and they use religion to get mroe money and power…NO ONE STANDS to them….LOOK all the killing AND destruction around the world…all in the name of Religion and Power…btu here in the country for the media to compare them to the rest..IT’ll never happen….thats how the Nazis came to power.

  48. Jim says

    A question for The Queen: Why are you SCREAMING at us? How can you criticize others for screaming over one another when you’re insisting that what you have to say is so much more important than what others have to say by hitting CAPS LOCK?? Please stop shouting.

    How about we strive for a bit of civility in all areas? That would be a pleasant change.

  49. Patric says

    Excellent points, PatrickinNYC and Josh and Jack M but, Patrickin NYC, this Patric in NYC who lives a few blocks from the proposed community center and who walks past it every day on my way to work and who, like most of my neighbors (as opposed to meddling outsiders), has absolutely no problem with the proposed development, would go further than you.

    Yes, it’s true that it is a distortion to describe the proposed community center as a “mosque” since its principal functions will not be as a mosque and since in fact, under Muslim teachings, it will not constitute a “mosque” but I couldn’t care less if its sole purpose were as a mosque and if it were to be located only one block, as opposed to a few blocks, from Ground Zero. I find deeply offensive the notion that a quarter of the world’s population owes some obligation to modify their behavior when in the vicinity of Ground Zero because of the actions of certain extremists, regardless of their own lack of complicity in those actions.

    To those who ask whether I’d like a “mosque” built in my neighborhood, allow me to say, as a person who has a generally negative view of most of the world’s major religions (including the one in which I was raised), that I’d personally prefer if there were no churches or synagogues or mosques in New York City or any other city and that there were instead more places in our immediate neighborhood to take my son for a good meal or to find some cute kids’ clothes. I am no more or less offended by a “mosque” than by Catholic church or a Baptist church or an Orthodox Jewish synagogue.

    It is very distressing to see so many people, including minorities, so readily buy into the notion that we should restrict people’s rights (or, more precisely, judge them and hold them to different standards of conduct than we apply to ourselves) purely and simply because of their membership in a group (particularly when that group constitutes a quarter of the world’s population and includes many of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters and many of our staunchest allies, like Muslim member of Congress Keith Ellison from Minnesota), without any regard to any facts about them individually.

    Muslims are not going away (thank God). Many here seem to want to jump on the bandwagon of a cultural war, the effects of which I fear could have greater consequences for those of us living in my neighborhood than for those throwing grenades from some corn field out in Kansas. I for one hope that we can promote and develop greater understanding and communication among moderate people of all faiths and increasingly marginalize the extremists in each.

  50. Rowan says

    The bottom line is that the left need to get their act together. Their are soo many arguments that can trumps bills….and tanks…

    Oh well…

  51. TANK says

    just curious, moonbats, where are the lies and distortions coming from? Is there a single fact that you have the ability to refute? No…so sad, too bad. Unfortunately, when you get into moonbat country, you realize that liberalism slits its own throat, and happily so…and most sane people just aren’t gonna get on board with ya. Also, polling data reveals that most new yorkers (that live in the city) are opposed to the ground zero mosque.

    does that, alone, make it tasteless? Of course not…the fact that islam is responsible for 9/11 does.

  52. Rocky Lore says

    Tranquilo, do you support the freedom of Christians like you do Muslims? I find it funny when liberals want “freedom of religion” for Muslim, but it’s “separation of church and state” for Christians. You sue over crucifixes and Bibles, but advocate mandatory Koran reading and taxpayer-funded footbaths in public schools.

    And Bobby, Islam is not a race. So fuck you for being an idiot. The only trash comes from pro-Islamist scum like you who defended the jihadists who kill over cartoons.

  53. John says

    Seriously, they should’ve shut up and listened to him, he was trying to teach them something. Bill was 100% correct. Too bad it was a heavy flow day for the hens on The View.

  54. woofytexan says

    Tank – No, we do not fly planes into building. We use lies to invade foreign countries that had no involvement in the attacks on our country. Why sacrifice 4 people per plane when hundreds of thousands of soldiers could be used instead?
    We allow churches to continue preaching intolerance and fear of those that are different which adolescents and adults use to justify attacking, injuring, and killing LGBT people.
    And the Earth is a slightly oval shape, not perfectly round. It is flatter at the poles and bulges at the equator.
    Glad I could clear that up for you and help you learn something today.

  55. TomSkylark says

    No, seriously, could Towleroad have some sort of user registration system for comments (maybe switch to Disqus?) in order to weed out some of the more ridiculous commenting decorum? This place is worse than the trolling over at CNN on some days.

    Letting people spout whatever screed they want (and agree with their own ridiculousness with dummy accounts) without any sort of accountability is bringing the level of discourse here down to the degree that there’s very little reason for anyone to participate who doesn’t want simply to volley insults and epithets.

  56. TANK says

    “We”? Are you referring to christians BECAUSE of christianity? So CHRISTIANITY was behind our invasion of iraq? LMAO! No, I really don’t defend christianity, because it’s religion….and I don’t defend religion. However, if you’re drawing an equivalence between the treatment of lgbt people in the united states and, say, iran…you’re a fool…full stop.

    I find this hilarious. Unfortunately, when you try to make sense about Islam (and christianity), you are attacked by an fact bereft ideology on one side, and are joined at the hip by unsavory characters…on the other. It started, initially, by many people impressed by the exotica of cultural anthropology, who relied on the notion that, “it’s only strange to you because you were raised different,” supporting this scientifically vacuous blank slate understanding of humanity, while denying normativity (a normative claim) in discussing cultural norms and practices. Now, it has morphed into a means to justify all sorts of nonsense about the faith that all religions and cultural practices are equally harmful or valuable. Cultural relativity wedded to some amoral relativity…is the fullest realization of the moonbat mindset. but woofy, I know that you are as unresponsive to factual information as any young earth creationist.

  57. TANK says

    tomsyklark=”I don’t like it when people disagree with me, so I call them names and demand that they be censored! WAH WAH WAAAAAH!”

    lol! Go fuck yourself, you effete puddle of snot.

  58. woofytexan says

    I refer to “We” as in the United States, not Christians. I never said the Christianity was was behind the invasion. You made that jump. Your mistake.
    Every religion and cultural practice have their points of failure as well as their benefits. Some are more obvious than others.
    I’d hardly classify myself in the “young earth creationist” realm. Again, your mistake. Something you are good at.

  59. Daniel says

    I’m watching this clip from abroad, in Qatar, where I’m teaching Muslims english, and hearing the call to prayer from my window. our (usa) foreign policy and economy involves dealing with Muslim nations, obviously. Someone’s going to need to learn Arabic to make those encounters useful, and it doesn’t seem like the crowd clapping for O’Reilly even think about that.

    i understand the rancor about the community center, the anti-sharia protests and so forth, but it seems there is a huge gulf between what Americans clapped for today in The View audience, and what it takes to get by in this world. Or at least the world as i know it, among muslims each day, the same way i live among straight people without being one of them. In a parallel way, some straights want to harm “the other”–but most do not.

    the gulf arab muslim nations i’ve lived in/visited have all hosted US and british military bases as well. Seems foolish to have a nationally known figure like O’Reilly say “the muslims killed us on 9/11″ and expect the host nations–or their nationals–to have a keen respect for us after that.

  60. TomSkylark says

    @Tank: I’m not demanding anyone be censored, I’m simply suggesting that folks should be held accountable for what they say. So, I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be nearly so unbearably unpleasant if your words were actually tied to something besides a username. Who knows, maybe you’d actually convince people of your argument if you were forced to act like a human being instead of screaming at folks all the time.

    There’s a difference between censorship and accountability, although I can understand how someone with your level of tact might not appreciate the nuance there. I can totally understand how someone like you might not like the idea of actually having to stand by the crap you spout.

  61. TANK says

    yes, as in the united states…which connected to my point not at all. As I said, you’re a flat earther. But I think I’m talkin’ to a bear….ewwwwww!

  62. TANK says

    Tom, why do you hate america? Why do you hippie douchebags hate this country, and not out of any desire to actually make it better? That’s why olbermann and maddow will never be as popular as oreilly, despite (in maddow’s case) being infinitely more intelligent. These right wing demagogues aren’t intelligent at all…but they’re funny, charismatic, and more importantly, don’t have the baggage of “diversity for its own sake,” PC programming, and deep seated dislike of the u.s.

  63. TANK says

    Okay… I’ve had a few minutes to calm down. I just took my meds and had a brief nap. So I feel rested and relaxed. I just have to say, I stand by all of the comments I made earlier. I have to speak my mind, whether I get kudos or criticism from the people here. But I do want to say that perhaps my language at times has been a bit over the top. I would just urge my many fans and followers at this site to pay heed to the substance of my arguments and to resist the temptation to judge the merits of said arguments by my emotional tenor. Now, I’m sure some of you leftist, America-hating, pampered young queens will want to respond to me with vitriol and ad hominem bile… well, be my guest! You’ll only reveal how your IQs are quite a bit lower than mine. Not bragging here; just telling it like it is.

  64. Tranquilo says


    “Also, polling data reveals that most new yorkers (that live in the city) are opposed to the ground zero mosque.”

    A majority of Californians voted for Prop. 8, which is in the process of being overturned. That’s the beauty of our system when it works: basic rights for minorities are not up for a vote by a fearful, ignorant majorities.

  65. TANK says

    I think people who use words like “kudos” (or, as I heard it pronounced a while back, “kuuuuuuuudoooooooos”–by some stinky vagina), and “brunch,” should be shot. Real people don’t say things like that. I apologize for nothing, I love profanity (FUCK YOU!), and so far, no one’s offered a real argument here as to why I’m wrong. My manner? Oh fuck you and the broom your rode in on.

  66. says

    So what if 70% agree with O’Reilly ?

    Does that mean a majority can take away the rights of the minority ?

    we’ve been here before……..Thanl you Madison.

  67. Bryan J Blumberg says

    What was the religion of the terrorists who blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City? If they were Christian, then I propose that it is inappropriate to build a YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) facility in Oklahoma just like it is apparently inappropriate to build an Islamic community and athletic center in New York.

  68. says

    I think that it is important for people to recognize that it’s not that we don’t know that it was extremists who were Muslims that flew the planes, it’s that O’Reilly and his FOX colleagues, by labeling them simply as ‘Muslims’ in statements like this, without qualifying them as extremists, purposely imply that all Muslims are terrorists.

    The other thing that is a common tactic on FOX that you do not so so often on the other cable news stations, I’m a devout Rachel Maddow lover just for disclosure purposes, which is common among many far right conservatives, is to use the time limits of their segment or interview to throw out figures supposedly cited from surveys and polls without identifying sources, insisting that they could produce those sources off the air. By doing so they are able to shape the dialogue without any credible facts and sway opinions in a passive aggressive yet strategic way that seems to provide a valid counterargument to progressive positions, knowing their arguments wouldn’t stand up to even basic scrutiny if there were time to fully examine them with real facts and actual surveys and polls. You see this all the time on O’Reilly’s show where he will often, not always but often, not cite the sources of information either in what he says or in graphs and graphics presented. Rachel, for example, nearly always if not always is explicit in disclosing her sources, even if they are leftist organizations or news sources, which is one of the reasons she is so amazing and why I absolutely love her.

    Let’s recognize the rhetorical sabotage and fear mongering by these far right activist media personalities for what it is. If they had any interest at all in ‘fair and balanced’ reporting or transparency in their information gathering process they would disclose every time where they got their information so that viewers can be more aware of the quality of their reporting.

  69. TANK says

    My true fans and followers here can recognize my unique style of writing, I’m sure. So please disregard that profanity-laced tirade by some semi-literate baboon trying to impersonate me. Your life must be profoundly empty and pathetic that you feel the need to pose as a frequent commentator on this blog, Mr. or Ms. Tank Wannabe! You really do need to get out of the basement more often… preferably when it is light outside.

  70. MoJo says

    O’Reilly is a Bully who shouts & insults people because he’s inarticulate when off script. What he says isn’t true. It’s right-wing entertainment. I think the hosts showed great restraint.

  71. TANK says

    It’s NIC! NEEC, you crazy son of a syphilis infected tijuana donkey show whore, how goes it? I don’t have fans, douchenozzle.

    Nope, the fact that most NY’ers are opposed to the ground zero mosque doesn’t make it wrong; the fact that islam caused the attacks does. Distinguishing radical from so-called moderate religionistas gives the faith that causes harmful behaviors a pass, and is a defense of the same irrationality that encourages moderates to become extremists (the difference is in one of degree, not kind–and moderates have far more in common with extremists of their own faith than they do with secular humanists). The moderates of any faith are simply useless in combatting extremist harm found in the same faith. Of course not all muslims are terrorists are believe in harming others to inflict their toxic faith…but until enough of these people start fighting back against the extremists (which aren’t as “fringe” as you’d think according to gallup–these harmful barbaric beliefs are a lot more mainstream in global islam than their liberal defenders want to believe/admit), nothing will change, and the extremists will define the conversation; and all muslims share in the responsibility for the actions of extremists since both belong to, defend, and participate in the same faith and source of normativity.

    It’s really the same for christianity in many respects. Until the groups and people like tony perkins are forcefully condemned, ignored, and stop making millions of dollars–by so-called mainstream christians (the majority of them, let’s say)…there’s simply no reason to believe that they’re fringe christians, or are not reflecting and supported by the mainstream of christianity in the united states.

    The same for islam and honor killings.

  72. Tranquilo says


    “You sue over crucifixes and Bibles, but advocate mandatory Koran reading and taxpayer-funded footbaths in public schools.”

    Really, where have you read this? You’re just making shit up. This stupid strawman that liberals would somehow support a Koran being read in public schools but not the Bible simply doesn’t exist. Find me one news article with liberals advocating that.

    If you pull your head out, you’d actually find some consistency:

    No to state sanctioned religion in public schools, Muslim, Christian or other.

    Yes to complete freedom to build your Church or Mosque on whichever piece of private property you want, regardless of the hurt feelings of the scared and the hateful.

    It really isn’t hard.

  73. jexer says

    I’m all for a stronger Islamic presence in the USA.

    Let the Violent Radical Christian element pick on a larger target than us for a change.

  74. SteveC says

    This is the United States. A democracy? The land of the free?

    If the muslim community has the funds and the planning permits to build their community center (or mosque) near GroundZero, then they are absolutely entitled to do so.

    Who gives a shit if 70% of people disagree with them?

    If you use that twisted logic then homosexuality would still be a crime.

    Being muslim is not a crime. Being muslim does not make you a terrorist.

    Judging by the comments on here, if I was a muslim in the US, I’d be VERY woried.

    The muslim population is about 1% of the population.

    The US (judging by the comments on here) sounds like it is becoming ever more similar to Germany in the 1930’s.

    I don’t like islam as an ideology (the same opinion I hold of christianity or judaism or hinduism). But the muslim community is a tiny minority in the US.

    Are you trying to argue that they do not have the right to freedom of association that gay or jewish or black people enjoy?

    Or are you arguing that their beliefs makes them subhuman, and therefore OK to discriminate against?

  75. Bobby says

    Rocky Lore, fuck you and your stupidity. I didn’t say Islam was a race.

    A poll can be made to support anything and everything. People who depend on polls to form opinions obviously haven’t the brains to form them themselves.

  76. TANK says

    This is about it for me as this thread’s getting far too stupid…You’re absolutely right, bobby. People who form their opinions about the attitudes of populations shouldn’t rely on polling data of those populations, but on their preconceived beliefs that have no connection at all to those populations and attitudes, and anecdottal experiences. Why can’t people like you choke to death on soup?

  77. FunMe says

    Oh my gosh, so many TROLLS today!

    Ah, who cares! Gives me a chance to use the PAGE DOWN key … a lot!

    Meanwhile, what a JOY to see Whoopie and Joy walk of the set. It’s about time someone put that FALAFEL SEX ADDICT in his place.
    I love it! Whoopie Joy!

  78. Craig Mingus says

    The thing that gets me is that the Mosque was not an issue when it was approved and front page news in the NY Times last December. Did you hear anything about it or the uproar in protests?

    The uproar only started a couple months ago and I want to know why now and not then?

    This country was founded on Freedom of Religion (seriously look it up in the First Amendment of the Constitution) and how can we as Americans dictate who can and cannot do what based on our likes and dislikes. The location of the Mosque may not be the most ideal place, but that is their religious right to make that decision and live with that decision.

    Everyone has their (very) strong opinion on this and I have lost friends over this discussion, but the bottom-line is that religious extremists took down the World Trade Center and not the entire Muslim religion. It is over nine-years later and we as a country still live in fear of the extremists.

    And lastly we, as Americans, have to uphold the Constitution with protects the various freedoms we blindly take for granted on a daily basis. If we start dictating what can and cannot be done or built then why have a Constitution at all?

  79. mcNnyc says

    BRAVO to RJP3…they are ABSOLuTELY CORRECT. Barbra Walters and the especially the producer of THE VIEW IS a GOP conservative activist who routinely gives Ms. Hassalhead GOP talking points in her EARPIECE.
    BRAVO to standing up to the misogynist bigoted blowhard Bill O !

  80. TANK says

    The level of intellectual discourse at this site has become too boorish for me. You miserable queens with your pathetic little online purse fights are just too much for a man of my quality to put up with. I’m off now… I have a big date tonight with my right hand and the latest “Abercrombie & Fitch” catalog… which I buy for the articles, of course. Those handsome, young, muscular, white, Christian, Republican hotties really get me going!!! So I must bid all of you uncouth hooligans adieu, for now, as I head up to my cozy little room!

  81. brian says

    I am appalled people are opposed to the mosque by ground zero. To show our tolerance, we should let them build. Then right across the street, someone should put a topless bar, called “You Mecca Me Hot”. Next to that should be a gay bar, “The Turban Cowboy”. Next door to the mosque should be a pork rib restaurant, maybe… “ Iraq o’ Rib…s”? Then the Muslims would be allowed to show their tolerance. The View sucks and so does WHOPPI, she looked like an idiot walking off with Joy Behar. Joy looked like a little school girl, let me put rabbit ears behind Bill, real adult like.

  82. VAVA says

    Why are people still talking about this dead issue? Bill-O is creating controversy – surprising *rolls eyes*

  83. rjp3 says


    Posted by: shannon | Oct 15, 2010 2:34:19 AM

    Shannon how do you feel about President George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld decision to build an actual Mosque (place of worship) INSIDE the Pentagon after 9/11?

    They built the first ever Mosque (Islamic Chapel) inside the Pentagon to prove we are not at war with Islam – and that the enemy is not Islam.

    Given that FACT — do you feel like the right wing media has played you???