1. Tonic says

    Totally cute! However, it’s ridiculous that this would be in the adult charts. They need to separate the charts more obviously, but capitalism wins out every time and thus what twelve-year-olds listen to now counts as chart-topping.

  2. White Label says

    To make this actually pertinent to this site, I’ll add something:

    The “teacher” whipping her hair in both the white outfit and the red outfit is transgender dancer Leiomy ( of the America’s Best Dance Crew competition group Vogue Evolution (

    (This was pointed out via ONTD

    That said, this song is annoying.

  3. Randy says

    I couldn’t get through half of it.

    Prediction: in coming months, at least 10 kids will dip their hair in household paint, whip it around, eat it, and end up in the hospital. The other 10000 kids who do this will cause hundreds of dollars of damage to their homes.

  4. BDC says

    Seriously? This is what you think is relevant and newsworthy to a gay audience?

    This obviously self entitled child of nepotism and her lack of talent are a waste of time and energy.

    I loose more and more respect for your content editor when you post such rediculous and irrelevant videos and articles.

    Seriously? geez……LAME Towleroad!!!!

  5. epic says

    really? hating on a 9yo? …its just music…what were you doing at 9? and again if you don’t like it here please leave you won;t be missed the rest of us we get along just fine without your constant dumbfuckery

  6. JP says

    It’s fun if you’re a kid.

    What’s interesting is that it had to be a 3 or 4 day shoot with a few set builds, a pretty big cast, and a bunch of lenses and filters. It had to be a 400-600K exercise. You can bet that they are expecting this to be huge, as there ain’t no way record companies are putting that much money into something in 2010 that they aren’t prepared to flog to death. They will push her until she is huge.

  7. says


    rediculous = ridiculous

    coming from a horrible typer, DUDE! LOL it takes away from ur rant when u have spelling mistakes

    That said, it is andy’s site which has been going for years now so obviously he does something right. go start u’r own site


    Will smith was a corporate creation of a non threatening rapper to sell to white folks, i seriously doubt his daughter is anything more than a corporate creation to sell to kids and white folk of “non threatening” black music

  8. B says

    Im going to jump in here and say I like the song. Its catchy and fun, like most music in EVERY genre that people like, happen to be.

    Although I can’t understand what she says during the verses, but somehow, I don’t actually think it matters. and she has way more energy in her video performance than rhianna and Katy perry combined.

    and to Marc, of course you wouldn’t…

  9. RW says

    All the stupid comments on here do not surprise me at all. This song was not MADE for you bitter cunts. It was made for kids, by a kid. It’s fun and catchy and family friendly. If Madonna had released this, you bitches would be creaming your Depends.
    To paraphrase Prince: Shut the fuck up, already! Damn.

  10. TomSkylark says

    Looking at Sebastian’s comment: No really, we need a commenter system overhaul on Towleroad. There’s a thoughtful critique regarding race and mainstream gay media attention to be had, but this isn’t it.

    Andy, please institute some sort of registration procedure for commenters along the lines of Disqus or other programs. It would keep folks accountable, and reduce the ridiculousness of the commenting sections here.

  11. Andrew F says

    Are you people completely and utterly out of your minds?

    She is NINE YEARS OLD. The video is clearly and blatantly presenting her as a sexual object of desire. I have enough problems when I see 16 year olds dancing like this, but from someone who hasn’t even reached double-digits? I need to find Will and Jada and SMACK them.

    Stop deluding yourselves. This is not “family friendly” or kid-appropriate. And no, I’m not some closed-minded puritan. You know the scene in the film “Mean Girls” where the little sister is dancing to Kelis? That’s what this reminds me of, times a thousand.

  12. adam says

    Andrew F you’re an idiot. I see nothing wrong with this video…just a little girl with cutesy things on her nails and eyelashes and big hair and fun outfits. She’s clearly a girly girl that has talent and likes to dance. Chill out dude.

  13. Asher says

    I didn’t realize she was nine. I’ve been wondering how old she is, becuase she’s TINY in the video. And was that really Laomi? If so I’m glad for her!

    And anyone who has been listening to ANY Urban radio station knows that this song has been going strong on the airwaves.

    Considering that it’s a song by a nine year old, I’m pretty impressed.

  14. kb says

    why the hell is this on here? and why did i watch the whole thing? it’s pretty annoying but i wonder what she REALLY sounds like lol.

    btw i don’t see anything sexual about it but did she mention driving?

  15. Lala says

    It’s relevant, because the teacher whipping her hair like crazy, is transgendered woman Leiomy, from the Vogueing scene. She’s schooling the kids on how to REALLY whip that wig around.

  16. AJ says

    I think it’s cute and catchy, kinda like the next “Lip Gloss”. I see nothing wrong with what she does or says in the video. It’s definitely age-appropriate. People are getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. It makes me a little sick that its such blatant nepotism, but when both of your parents are entertainers what are you gonna do?

  17. crispy says

    “Will smith was a corporate creation of a non threatening rapper to sell to white folks”

    That is just not true at all. Rap did not have a white audience in 1985, nor was Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince created by a corporation. Like most other rap groups at the time, they met and began performing together at house parties.

  18. tiny says

    I’m sure no one would complain, if you were a young singer with famous parents trying to make it in the business. Leave the kid alone. It’s a fun, catchy pop song. End of story.

    It’s kind of representing acceptance too. If you guys didn’t know, that’s Leiomy from Vogue Evolution in the video, dipping and twirling her hair.

  19. Tololon says

    All of you old queens who obviously don’t have hair you can whip back and forth need to stop hating on a 9 year old. The song is ridiculously catchy (they played it at the club the other night), Willow is so talented for her age (most of you were most likely eating your snot at that age), and whether you like it or not, she is a star in the making.

    P.S.- Get the hell out of here with your “nepotism” nonsense! That whole family is beyond talented!

  20. Micah says

    I absolutely LOVE this song!!!!! It’s cute with a catchy hook and decent bass line. So it was made by a 9 year old, it sounds WAY better than any of the garbage currently getting radio play.

    I must say that I’m amazed at the amount of negative comments for this song/video. It seems that if it isn’t GaGa, Ke$ha or the likes, it’s immediately written off – SAD.

  21. says

    That was fun.
    And I say that as a 53 year-old white gay man with thinning hair, not that that matters: fun is fun, joyous strutting is joyous, catchy is catchy.
    [Do minds ever get changed in the Comments section?
    “Whip my Whip my Opinions Around!”]

  22. Gilbaire says

    There is nothing unique or special about this generic piece of non-music. Nepotism is very much in play here just as it was with the young son’s Karate Kid. These kids are incredibly fortunate that they’ve not had to go through the grueling process of paying their dues in order to deserve their chance to be in the spotlight. I hope they are grateful.

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