Attackers in Brutal NYC Gay Bashing Enter Guilty Pleas


Some of you may recall the brutal October 2009 gay bashing of Jack Price in NYC's Queens borough.

Video here.

The two perpetrators have now entered guilty pleas:

Price Daniel Rodriguez, 22, of 502 115th St. in College Point, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of first-degree robbery as a hate crime for the Oct. 8, 2009, robbery of Jack Price, 50, after he exited a neighborhood deli, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

“Today’s guilty plea ensures that the victim of a crime motivated by hate will receive justice,” Brown said. “The defendant is expected to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment that will serve as both a punishment for his actions and a deterrent to those who would commit hate crimes, whether they be motivated by gender, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity.”

In exchange for the plea, Queens Supreme Court Justice Barry Kron promised Rodriguez a sentence of between eight and 12 years in prison and post-release supervision.

Rodriguez’s co-defendant, Daniel Aleman, 27, of 18-04 College Point Blvd. in College Point, pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery as a hate crime Nov. 23. He is expected to be sentenced to eight years in prison and five years’ post-release supervision Dec. 13. Rodriguez is slated to be sentenced Jan. 21.


  1. ratbastard says

    What I don’t think has been widely reported is these two guys also said anti-white hate speech in addition to anti-gay [homophobic] speech.

  2. ratbastard says

    Although I’ve been derisively called ‘white boy’ by ignorant ‘Hispanics’ on several occasions, for what it’s worth.

  3. JOE 2 says

    Any word on why these two are not also being sentenced for aggravated battery as a hate crime? Was there a battery charge that was dropped in exchange for their guilty pleas on the robbery count?

  4. TJ says

    Ratbastard : In fairness Hispanics don’t seem to be more homophobic than whites, at least going by polls. But, also in fairness, it’s legitimate what you say because if the racial roles were reversed in this case you just know liberal gays would be screeching to the high heavens about white racism being equated with homophobia.

  5. TJ says

    Rowan : You’ll have to see the photos of Jack Price when he’s not all darkened and purple from the injuries.

  6. ratbastard says


    In the U.S., ‘Hispanics’ will call anyone non-Hispanic [minus of course blacks and Asians] ‘white’. In southwestern states the term ‘Anglo’ is often used for any white, English-speaking non-Hispanic. California and Texas have minority white Anglo populations.