News: Joe Rogan, Squid Worm, Wikileaks, Polar Bears, Brazil

Road Burlesque vs. Showgirls: The Face-Off.

Rogan RoadUFC commentator Joe Rogan enjoys the F-word "immensely", apologizes for using it: "As for my use of the offensive word 'f**got' please accept my apologies and replace it with 'c**k-sucker.'"

RoadDennis Rodman "serviced" during interview.

RoadWikiLeaks promises new release "7 times" greater than Iraq war logs: "We anticipate that the release could negatively impact U.S. foreign relations. We will brief you once we have a better understanding of what documents the WikiLeaks publication contains."

RoadStudy: Polar Bears to lose out to Grizzlies in battle for land, resources.

RoadIran parliament moves to impeach Ahmadinejad.

RoadUgly Betty actor Michael Brea decapitated mom with samurai sword while reciting Bible verses: "I had just dozed off to go to sleep and then I woke up to somebody screaming," said Bernard Bent, another resident. "It sounded like a lady's voice and after a while I just didn't hear the woman's voice again."

RoadWatch: Black-Eyed Peas debut video for "The Time".

Squidworm RoadScientists discover deep sea 'Squid Worm'.

RoadNicki Minaj says to expect a gay rapper: “I think we just have to be open-minded. You know, we have to do whatwe do, and not worry about what they accept.”

RoadJustic Scalia slams "living constitution" which has led to decriminalized homosexual conduct.

RoadGarrett Hedlund is country strong.

RoadFormer Catholic priest caught hiring a hit man to kill teen who accused him of sexual abuse: "Authorities said John Fiala first offered the job to a neighbor, who blew the whistle and helped police arrange a sting. They said Fiala got as far as negotiating a $5,000 price for the slaying before investigators moved in. The 52-year-old clergyman was arrested Nov. 18 at his suburban Dallas home and jailed on $700,000 bail. In April, he was named in a lawsuit filed by the boy's family, which accused Fiala of molesting the youth, including twice forcing him to have sex at gunpoint."

Maupin_mckellen RoadIan McKellen and Armistead Maupin, together at last.

RoadJared Leto strips to the waist for "Hurricane" video.

RoadNew footage of gay bashings in Sao Paulo. Rio victim speaks: "He was taken to a deserted location, and forced to eat dirt and drink a glass of gasoline. The three men also threatened to rape him with a bar of steel so he could feel 'how good it is to be gay'. The attack lasted for about ten minutes, when Daniel was rescued by a truck driver who was passing by."

RoadFilipino "expert" Stress leads to homosexuality.

RoadJim Carrey says there are no hard feelings over his scolding of David Letterman, after Letterman asked him about playing a gay man: "He honestly said to me that he's been watching me for a long time and that this movie was really special and he thought it was the best thing I've ever done. [Letterman] was super, super, super supportive of it."


  1. Swine says

    I’m more bothered that Joe Rogan looks like shit now than by his typical (for him) asshole remark. It’s always a shame when a former hot guy (well, in his case, vaguely/kinda hot) goes to seed.

  2. Wayne says

    Rogan is what, 60 years old now? And he’s still wearing Affliction t-shirts and a chain on his belt. Classy.

  3. Joe says

    Joe Rogan is an asshole, saying he doesn’t use the word to describe or admonish homosexuals, but to call someone weak and pathetic. I guess he should also start using the n-word to describe people who are lazy, but not to admonish blacks.

    And hasn’t Nicki Minaj heard of Cazwell? haha

  4. mad1026 says

    Am I right in thinking that Justice Scalia wants to return to the 18th Century where blacks are slaves, women are chattel and his ancestors were still in Italy? What a joke the man is; no wonder he wasn’t made Chief Justice. No that Roberts is any better.

  5. MaryM says

    Armistead Maupin and Ian McKellen ‘together at last’?

    Well hardly seeing as they were lovers back in the 1980’s.

  6. says

    @mad1026 AGREED!

    I read the article and apparently Scalia is pissed at the notion of a “living constitution.” He uses this to slam abortion and homosexual “activity,” in that the founding fathers never intended these things to be legal. Now I understand where all these wingnuts want ALL the power to go back to the states so religious zealots can vote on our rights.

    If he is such an “originalist” then as a Catholic, I’m certain he follows ALL of the tenants of the Bible [snark]. Let’s start with being a glutton is a mortal sin.

  7. Marc says

    Re. the Ugly Betty actor who supposedly decapitated his mother.
    I’ve seen this story on many news outlet after reading it here.

    Doesn’t this sound like a hoax? I mean, this guy’s name can’t be found on imdb in neither Ugly Betty nor Step Up 3D.

    Where does that come from?

  8. nycwatch says

    Someone should tell that Nicki Minaj there already is a gay rapper. His name is Cazwell and he’s talented and entertaining.

  9. says

    I could have sworn rogan used to have a ton rumors swirling around him being constantly spotted as a bottom in S/m leather clubs

  10. Aerialgreen says

    Rogan has a permanent foot on his mouth and enjoys more fingers on his ass than your average anal enthusiast (so he said on the late run of the “Man Show”), so this along with the combination of dumb celebrity and self-entitlement pretty much guarantee (IMO) a very possible closet case.

  11. LiamB says

    Marc, the guy wasn’t a regular. He had like a walk on part in one episode. As the show’s staff said, if you blinked, you missed him.

    The same thing happened a while back where some guy had a 3 minute part as a kid in an episode of Power rangers, and the media proclaimed “Power Rangers actor goes to sentenced to death!”

  12. johnny says

    Rogan’s (or anyone’s) use of the word “cock sucker” always fascinates me. Hetero males use the word against men as a huge slam, yet those same men want the women they have sex with to do exactly what the name implies.

    So, worst moniker you can hang on a guy is the best function a woman can demonstrate during sex?

    In an odd way it puts down both gays and women at the same time.

    Should all het males call the women they’re hot for “cock sucker”?

  13. TANK says

    I knew it would be discussed ad nauseam. Joe Rogan is the very personification of a beer belch…a fratboy beer belch. And what are you talkin’ about? He always looked garbage. He is garbage and is as funny as terminal cancer. But hey, if he can make it, bristol palin can, too…and it’s sad that that’s true.

  14. Hank says

    I thought I had no more illusions about the Catholic Church. But I guess that’s not true, because I find myself shocked and horrified by the hit-man story. Does the church bring anything at all other than blind ignorance, hate, pure evil and absolute moral depravity to the world?

  15. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    The TSA should hire priests to do the airport groping. Those guys are already experts at putting their hands down people’s pants, and even when they’re on break they’d be transfixed looking at full-body scans all alone in their little dark booths. They’d probably volunteer to work overtime for free and you wouldn’t be able to get them to go home. Now that’s the kind of dedication we need to keep us free!

  16. George F says

    The Mother-decapitated-with-a-sword story has already been on a movie called MY SON MY SON WHAT HAVE YE DONE?:

    A 2009 flick by Werner HErzog whose storyline goes:” Inspired by a true crime, a man begins to experience mystifying events that lead him to slay his mother with a sword. ”

    So I dont know how truthful this news is..

  17. T Bones says

    Rap will always be junk, but I guess he meant something even better than that Cazwell guy, who is too crummy for words. The best (worst?) was when Cazwell took the Carvel ice cream and cake ad song and changed the lyrics a bit and put hispanic dancers in it and some gay guys acted like it was the work of a Michelangelo.

  18. candideinnc says

    I am glad Rogan is not offended by slurs, because he is a nasty mother f*cking son of a b*tch who can eat sh*t and die…just joking. Don’t take offense you dirty pr*ck. Not to be too PC…

  19. sandman says

    Yawn. Rogan, you’re too old to try and shock us into paying attention to you. You had a small part in some moderately successful TV series years ago, after that – not much. My suggestion? Come out of the closet – finally, and then I might care about you again.

  20. Brad says

    Justice Scalia needs to recuse himself from all further decisions regarding homosexuality and abortion then. If he wants to make his personal views on such matters known then he has shown his judicial prejudice and he should not be making such decisions. If we went by his “originalist” views, I seriously doubt we’d have an Italian Catholic sitting on the supreme court, let alone women, latinos, black people etc. History was not kind to these minorities in the first 150 years of the constitution.

  21. ratbastard says

    Nice touch using that very unflattering photograph of Rogan.

    Rogan comes from Newton,MA, a very nice inner suburb/city that borders Boston. I live 4 miles from it. Picked as the safest city in America several years running. It’s one of Barney Frank’s strongholds and has a well deserved moonbat reputation. Newton has a huge Jewish population. Maybe that’s one reason why he’s comfortable cracking Jewish jokes [he’s Irish-Italian American and raised Catholic].

  22. SeriouslySick says

    Joe Rogan is always so nasty looking. Like he doesn’t bathe or something. Just a grotty greasy faced prick with a idea that he is “talented” and “Hollywood”, which is inexplicable. Imagine letting a turd like him anywhere near your self respect. That’s the joke he’s really telling.

  23. CoMo'mo says

    Re: the attack on a gay man in Brazil. He was rescued by a trucker who was passing by. If recent news stories are true, he’s a lucky man, because there’s a good chance many passers-by would have whipped out their phones or Gooseberries or some device to take pictures to post on Arsebook or Twatter instead of intervening.