College of DuPage Publishes Opinion Piece from Extremist Anti-Gay Hate Group


The College of Dupage, based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, is one of the larger community colleges in the nation with 31,000 students. A reader whose boyfriend attends the college forwarded us this hideous opinion piece published in the October 29 edition of its student newspaper, The Courier.

The piece was authored by the extremist group Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment.

The paper's editor can be reached at 


  1. mike/ says

    Andy – having grown up around here, you know that the very quiet and very, very conservative community of Wheaton is part of COD’s area; the connections with all the winger religious groups is nicely avoided; that the organization is from Downer’s Grove isn’t really that far off.

    that COD printed this letter may be protected by the 1st Amendment, but it does not match COT’s student code;

    the line being used over and over these days, “You have the right to your own opinions but not to your own truths” is especially true these days…; let’s see what COT does next.

  2. EO says

    LOLz whatever. It’s just a bunch of blah-blah-blah rantings of a lunatic. And, as with many (if not all) of these whackjob “groups”, you can be assured that “Heterosexuals Organized” (plural) is most likely one (singular) very angry, lonely and bitter person with a computer and perhaps a fancy-schmancy letterhead. “Let’s progress” indeed.

    I’ll never understand why anti-gay zealots are so consumed with gay issues, but at least it’s not me wasting my time writing crap like that letter. I hope whomever wrote that has a wonderful, hate-filled life.

  3. Austin says

    I always go into these kind of things hoping for at least some clever sophistry. Poor me, hoping to find a reasonable argument for an unreasonable thesis.

  4. rjp3 says

    EO wrote: “I’ll never understand why anti-gay zealots are so consumed with gay issues”


    It is that simple.
    Their self-worth is based on being better than others – not as good as others.

    MOST people are only functionally sane at best. It is hard to accept but YOU REALLY DO live in a world of mostly mad men and woman.

    Monsters are REAL.

  5. rjp3 says

    As for complaining to the editor – it is BETTER to have these people expose themselves.

    The paper did run a supportive “End DADT” editorial comic with the piece.

  6. DN says

    Hey Austin, right after that, 1997 called and they want their shitty web-design-for-dial-up back!

    It has no graphics, save a shoddy animated gif, it’s text-heavy, and has no appeal whatsoever. The great news about these HOME idiots is that nobody under 50 would put up with reading such a hideous site.

  7. Dan Osipovitch says

    I wrote to the editor lauding his efforts to protect the First Amendment rights of the individual who wrote this piece.

    If anything, hate speech such as this strengthens our cause. People who argue with such unsupported logic only make themselves look like fools. Pieces like this highlight bigotry without any work on our part.

    Do not take this out on the editor who published the piece. If so, you’re only harming what we’ve been working to build for so long.

  8. BobN says

    You’d think a college paper would at least want its opinion pieces to be written by students, faculty, or staff of the university, not just some bigot from the outside, especially one who’s virtually unknown.

  9. JOEBLOE says

    I loved the fact that they decided to run THAT particular political cartoon with the piece. That was a BIG f**k you. There IS balance there, for a student paper. I think they run editorials like that just to make the kids aware of all the crap they’re going to face when they graduate…….and there’s plenty to go around.

  10. Matthew Gore says

    I wrote the following letter to their editor, the college president and board, and copied the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times’ letters-to-the-editor:

    Dear President Breuder, Chairman Wessel, Vice Chairman Carlin, Secretary Svoboda, Board Members Sandy Kim, Allison O’Donnell, Kim Savage, Joseph Wozniak, Editor Shanker and Others at College of DuPage:

    In response to:

    As somebody who attended C.O.D. as part of my college experience, I have to admit that I was shocked and saddened by your college newspaper’s choice to run an opinion piece from a member of a fringe, anti-homosexual group that seems to build its talking points from members’ fears and 4th grade understanding of human anatomy. A quick internet search for Wayne Lela will reveal in a variety of news articles and postings that show he is not only on the wrong side of scientific consensus, but on the wrong side of common sense in the United States.

    I think it’s comical that this letter comes as a response to pros/cons for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Not only do plenty of openly gay & lesbian soldiers serve successfully and without incident in other military bodies around the world, it has been proven in studies that for most people in the military, sexuality is a non-issue. I think more servicemen and women are worried about whether or not their fellow solider would fight and die next to them in a time of crisis and less about what a person chooses to do in their private life. All gays and lesbians want is the ability to serve openly without fear of military discharge to protect freedoms like the 1st amendment, which Mr. Lela uses to spread misinformation and toxic language. Language that if D.A.D.T was repealed, many gays and lesbians would go to war and die to protect. This is not the government telling anyone what to believe or what is right or wrong, it is simply about treating everyone the same in the eyes of the law who is a citizen and who has a vested interest in serving our country.

    A person’s personal beliefs on morality are their own. I think personally it’s immoral for Wayne Lela to travel the country to spew hate under the pretense of morality or religion. I think it’s immoral to use religion to subjugate women or justify violence. I think it’s immoral to use the Bible against gay people, because we’re certainly not using anymore it to justify slavery, the treatment of women as property, the divine commandments to kill the women and children of our enemies in battle, or the abominations of shellfish or mixing fabrics. These are all parts of the Bible that sensible people have moved beyond as a mark of the cultural times in which the Bible was written. I believe in time, people will also find no issue with loving, committed gay relationships because as the Bible says, God created everything and it was good.

    To borrow a phrase from Wayne’s article, the “hard truth” is that being a homosexual is as natural as being a heterosexual. It is mirrored in nature, it has roots in genetics, it runs in families (see studies on gay siblings), and the common factor between all of us (gay or straight) is that we are all human, and deserving of rights. There is a reason that in the 1970’s, homosexuality was no longer classified as a disorder by the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association. Because it’s not. It’s not new, it has been around as long as people have been. Rational, scientific and non-ignorant people who know and interact with homosexuals on a daily basis can tell that we’re just like anyone else. I think that’s the biggest scandal of all, and it is true with all the different people of the world: we’re more alike than different.

    Also the biggest flaw in Wayne’s logic is trying to infer or make some causal relationship between homosexuality and the collapse of Greek or Roman society. Perhaps if they’d known back then that all the people that they were trying to conquer or fight were just like them, maybe they would have fostered a society of tolerance, acceptance and education that would have made their civilizations last longer. Most of the wars started in the world at that time were based on the “morality” and “spiritual authority” of each civilization’s god figure that convinced them they had the right to murder and pillage in the name of their religion.

    Lastly, I think it’s poor timing and compassionless to run this during a time where so many families have lost their children to suicide. The negative and uninformed messages that you chose to run in your newspaper are exactly the kinds of communication that children internalize and over time, can make them feel hopeless.

    I truly hope you publish an educated and level-headed response to Mr. Lela’s article. If nothing else, a retraction or statement from the college that shows the institution does not endorse this kind of thinly-veiled hate speech and printed it only to spark conversation.

    Thanks for your time,
    Matthew Gore

  11. Ian P. says

    WTF? I sent a letter to the editor. Seems in Wayne’s World there is no right to privacy and the government can regulate what you can do in the privacy of your own bedroom. Oh and someone tell Wayne that the American Psychological Assoc determined homosexuality was not a disorder a looong time ago. It seems Wayne wants to force himself into my bedroom, and i dont appreciate that.

  12. Aaron says

    It’s an opinion piece that doesn’t deserve national attention. The military’s “Stars and Stripes” paper has tons of articles like these. Check them out at As an Army officer, I read these opinions often and have just learned to ignore ignorant, stupid people on a “quest” to do whatever they are trying to accomplish…

  13. Lynn David says

    H.O.M.E. or “Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment” is an SPLC defined anti-gay hate group.
    NARTH has a rather convivial article about the organization, “Bringing Accurate Information to College Campuses.” And as it is subtitled, “A NARTH member describes his bold attempt to reach university students,” evidently certain members of NARTH are also members of H.O.M.E.

    Should not then the SPLC also list NARTH on its list?

  14. irisgirl says

    I actually live across the street from this school—perhaps this explains the waves of nausea I’ve been feeling for the past few days.

    I obviously need to get a bigger PPFLAG rainbow banner to hang from my balcony!

  15. James says

    I took classes there. I saw this group debate their point on campus over and over. Anyone who sees this group in person sees how weak and powerless this group is. College of DuPage often lets groups demonstrate at the school. I also recall a very fundamentalist Islamic group in the hallways preaching their religious beliefs. There were separate tables where men could talk with Islamic men and women could talk to Islamic women.

  16. Peggy Brown says

    I am a happy hetersexual who has family and friends that are both hetersexual and homosexual. I do not see why people just cannot mind their own business, accept people for what they are loving, kind, hardworking people that give back to society. What difference should it make what sexual orientation a person is, it has nothing to do with the type of person they are and it does not make them a good or bad person. I do not discuss my bedroom activities nor do I want to hear another’s sexual escapades – that is private. We should all learn to mind our own business, keep our own side of the street clean and leave other good citizens alone. Everyone needs to respect the fact that everyone has an opinion and belief system and we need to learn to respectively agree to disagree. There is no right or wrong here just a difference of beliefs. No one has the right to tell another person how and what to believe in. No one.

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