1. says

    Bradley Manning.

    What a jackass.

    Stupid sonovabitch is going to set back LGBT rights for the next 5 years…every right wing asshat is going to say, “See?! The fags DON’T belong in the military! They’re not to be trusted!”

    There’s no whore, like a fame whore.

  2. seb says

    The result of USA Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell army policy ?

    A man who hates his country so much that he released a quarter of million of cables to Wikileaks because he wants his country to suffer as much as he did.

    Don’t outcast someone without expecting consequences!

  3. Damien says


    The security was put in place by George Bush’s team. The Bush Administration decided to centralize distribution of these documents to make it easier for different agencies to review materials.

    Obama inherited a screwed up security protocol from Bush. Check your facts.

  4. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Why is Julian Assange even still breathing? There are times that people need to be made an example of…and that includes those in Manning’s chain-of-command.

  5. kodiak says

    I like the lead “more on Manning’s troubled gay past…”

    Who doesn’t have a troubled gay past in this country? (If you’re gay, that is) Look at the “It gets better” campaign. The bullying. The suicides. He’s been in solitary for 22 months. That’s almost 2 years.

    The bullying continues under the guise of national security.

  6. candideinnc says

    Damien–You may be right, but Obama has had two years to make adjustments. He has to bear the consequences of this appalling failure just as Bush should bear the failure of 9/11.

  7. says

    @ Michael Strangeways

    Dont be stupid.

    Your right to die in the Army or your right to wear a wedding gown is not important as my right to truth and justice.

    If anything, Bradley is a hero proving that gays have morals and balls bigger than your dad.

  8. Wren says

    Kudos to the website that released these documents. I wish all classified documents from all world countries were released: full transparency of all governments at all levels. This would level the playing field between world leaders (who are all whores to the corporate infrastructure anyway) and the masses. I am grateful that this occurred and hope it happens more frequently and in larger doses!

  9. Raf says

    One way to see this is that bullying, at either a personal or geopolitical scale, can lead to a build of of resentment and desperation that is ultimately destabilizing and dangerous.

  10. JakeLondon says

    Governments should be held accountable for what they do. The only reason these leaks are embarrassing for America and the other countries involved is because they are doing things they shouldn’t be.

  11. anon says

    The main concern seems to be the tacit support of Israel by Arab regimes in their quest to contain Iran has been revealed. I suppose our passivity in the face of corruption in Italy and Russia also looks bad. However, the rest is hardly surprising.

  12. Henry Holland says

    Bobo, I’m neither a Neo-con or “one who eats their own” when I agree with MS: every right wing asshat is going to say, “See?! The fags DON’T belong in the military! They’re not to be trusted!” It’s exactly the thing the Right Wing Noise Machine could freak out about 24/7, which could help derail DADT for years.

    “If anything, Bradley is a hero proving that gays have morals and balls bigger than your dad”

    Oh, I can hear the stirring brass music now, and the visual of the flag waving in the breeze! Except….Bradley Manning by the accounts Andy posted didn’t do the Wikileaks hack for moral reasons, but was a kinda of sad, lost nerd who leaked the docs because he wanted to be known amongst his hacker buddies and the social group he had around him.

  13. nick_archer says

    I may have missed something, but what is the purpose of Wikileaks? Why are they doing this and what do they hope to accomplish? I’m not being sarcastic or dense, I really want to know.

  14. ratbastard says

    Big effing deal. The U.S. government spies! WOW! What a friggin revelation. ALL governments and many other non-government institutions ‘spy’, if you want to call it that. Much of ‘spying’ reported is little more than passing on gossip and giving honest, un-PC reports on individuals, politics, etc.,

    There was a story a while back about a U.S. general down in D.C. with a sensitive job who liked picking up teen age male hustlers. A British intelligence service [SIS?] got one particular young man on their payroll to spy and pass on info about this general. EVERYBODY does it, even to friends.


  15. ratbastard says

    Brad Manning? Hell hath no fury like a gay boy scorned. That’s the TRUE story behind his deeds. He’s an angry young man, angry with his personal life.

  16. Enough says

    This clown needs to be executed for treason. I’m sorry that some of you think that we live in a friendly world where our enemies are itching to give us gift baskets and sit down for tea, but that isn’t the reality we live in.

    This kid released MILITARY documents and now DIPLOMATIC cables. So I guess he opposes both hard power AND soft power- what is his suggested alternative? If you don’t want war then you have to have strong effective diplomatic tools at your disposal, and Manning’s treasonous acts are putting those tools in danger. A world with enemies isn’t the result of some American deficiency or problematic western framework, it’s a reality of national existence- and it has been this way for every society in every period of history.

    Thank God you people praising Manning as a “hero” aren’t in positions of power. I don’t know how someone is a hero by putting our soldiers and diplomats in (more) danger— these soldiers and diplomats are the heroes, not the bitter one who is exchanging their lives for a little attention.

    I sure wish we lived in the world some of you people think we do- where nothing needs to be done confidentially and every conversation can be held on CSPAN, but to be frank, that’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. It sure is easy to be an armchair President.

  17. Paul R says

    @Enough is right. If you had any idea how sensitive some of this information is (even Wikileaks has pulled back out of fear—“only” a quarter-million documents have been released, when they have nearly half a million, and the papers aren’t printing the truly dangerous info), you’d not be so blase. Do you have no idea that this info is going to be extremely embarrassing to paranoid foreign governments? And none is really embarrassing to the US, so we just look like duplicitous assholes?

    Yes, most countries spy. But this isn’t the Pentagon papers, which focused on a single war—it’s everything the US has done for years. Releasing all of that is incredibly dangerous.

    We’ve all said things we don’t want repeated. Calling it transparency is BS. So many people posting seem to have zero understanding of diplomacy, internationally or even on a blog.

  18. ratbastard says

    I agree it’s a VERY bad thing all around, and no question obviously others are not going to want to negotiate or trust. Also no question individuals are going to be arrested, tortured and executed from info detected from these leaks.

    Assange is just a psychologically fucked up dude more than anything else, it’s got little to nothing to do with ‘moral outrage’ and so-on.

    Manning is a punk, I wasn’t trying to excuse what he did…just countering others who give him virtue he doesn’t deserve.

    Most whistleblowers and people who leak info like this [aside from DELIBERATE leaks and disinformation, spys, etc.,] do so because they’re deeply unhappy individuals and/or have a vendetta from being passed over for promotion, fired, etc., But you always get some tools and gullible true believers also.

  19. Bobo says

    @Enough&PaulR…name one documented instance..just one where any of this leaked information put any troop in jeopardy or anyone was killed because of them! You CAN’T! Because it NEVER happened!!

  20. Bobo says

    Good come back, rat! Shows both your level of intelligence, and the fact that your an ass-picking troglodyte. Now stay out of the deep end, and go back to the kiddie pool with the other third graders!

  21. Henry Holland says

    Bobo, yeah, I based my comments on the one article, I searched Glenn Greenwald’s site and a few others and am better informed about Bradley Manning, thanks for the heads up.

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