Discharges Under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Have Stopped

The AP's Lisa Leff reports:

"Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith told The Associated Press that no discharges have been approved since Oct. 21. Smith did not know if the absence of recent discharges was related to the new separation procedures. The Pentagon has not compiled monthly discharge figures for any other months this year, she said."

More at the WaPo


  1. McCoysMarketNY says

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  2. ratbastard says

    What about folks discharged say over the past 6 months or past year? They’re just numbers, collateral damage. The System wants you to just go away somewhere and die or whatever.

  3. LiamB says

    Oh My God!! Start paying attention! Seriously.
    Andy. Does not. Control. The ads.
    He can’t stop them. He doesn’t have a say over which ones are displayed. This is constantly stated, and has been for years now whenever some moron bitches about the ads.

  4. John Normile says

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  5. ty says

    I like the video ads, if you don’t like them just press MUTE ! No discharges is good, now lets re-instate those who were wrongfully fired.

  6. says

    With respect, PLEASE phrase your headlines to reflect the FACTS. There is a GIGANTIC difference between there being no discharges in a SINGLE month and their STOPPING.

    Gates himself said the change was NOT intended to “stop” discharges, and SLDN released a statement saying they have several clients in the process of being discharged.

    Thank you.