Obama, Reid Commit to ‘DADT’ Repeal Vote This Year

It's coming after the Thanksgiving recess, the Wonk Room reports:

Reid "Key Senate leadership and Administration officials this evening met with representatives of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN), and the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF). The officials told the groups that Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama are committed to moving forward on repeal by bringing the National Defense Authorization Act – the bill to which “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal is attached – to the floor in the lame duck session after the Thanksgiving recess. Further the Majority Leader and the President made clear their opposition to removing the DADT provision from the NDAA. Information on the exact timing and procedural conditions will be announced by the Majority Leader’s office."

Timing, of course, is key:

"The question, of course, is whether the Senate will have enough time to consider the measure in an open amendment process, something that typically requires two weeks of debate. Therefore, if Reid brings the measure to the floor on Monday, November 29th, the Senate could finish debate and vote on the bill by December 13th and then begin conferencing the measure with the aim of passing it before Christmas."


  1. JM says

    Requaring a 2/3 majority may prove a massive challange, not to mention that the Military’s study is not due till December, And then there’s the old man, John McCain.
    Yet, I remain hopeful. That said, I’m not putting all my eggs of the Senate. (I hope I’m wromg)
    Already there’s lots of talk of removing DADT from the Defense Authorization Act, and that seems the best way for the right wing nuts to derail DADT. If they aren’t succusfull, then “perhaps” there’s a chance.
    As for myself, I’m looking for the Courts to rule on this (is Obama trying to lose us by having the A.G. interfere? That stunt has turned me totally off Obama) I know the new make up of the Senate won’t be much help either. However, a more interesting thing MUST be noted: Since Clinton signed DADT into law, how many times have you heard Obama say this is a matter that muct be repealed by the Congress?
    So, it beggs to offer the larger question; Where is Obama placing his bets? It seems like he is playing the gay community like a fiddle.

  2. says

    Candidly, I am to the point of not believing anything coming out of the White House and senior Congressional Democrats on LGBT issues – we in the LGBT community have been lied to simply too often to take any statements as truthful until the promised action actually occurs. Thus, while I applaud Harry Reid’s supposed commitment to bring DADT repeal to a vote in the Senate before the end of the current session, I will believe it when I see it happen. I’d be even more pleased to see the Liar-in-Chief actually get off his ass and do some advocacy and arm twisting to get a vote and to block any filibuster attempt by John McSenile. The latest CNN poll (see page 4) reveals that 72% of Americans support repeal, so once again, I do not understand why the Democrats lack the balls to go all out for repeal. It ought to be a no brainer. Given these numbers ONLY the craziest of the GOP base oppose repeal.

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